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  • htnbgd

when are we getting moto g lollipop update??

  • Lollipop

Lollipop , Where are you ?

  • pravkk

When we will get lollipop

  • famzi

I got the motorola moto g retail version in the UK and still no sign of an update to lollipop. And if I'm not mistaken I'm sure motorola said the moto g 1st gen would get 5.0 before the new year.

  • Anonymous

barun, 02 Jan 2015Motorola, are u serious???? the prblm which im about to post is ... more@ barun

Let me see if I have got this right?
Someone buys this phone without doing his homework first on the specifications. The Moto G is a budget phone; it was never meant to compete with the more expensive, higher spec phones that are available. When the buyer discovers that it can't do what he wants he then throws his toys out of the pram and calls the phone useless. The problem is with the buyer for being foolish in the first place; not with the phone.

  • mobile kida

Its jusT awesome. Using it for past 6 months. No lags no hangs. Missing lolipop only

  • barun

Motorola, are u serious???? the prblm which im about to post is one of the major dissapoinment for moto users.. Wat a shame.. u guys sud ve named the phone as "Moto G the ultimate unitasking or Back ground-apps killer phone". that wud ve been lot more consent. seriously, in this days wch phone is unable to run multiple apps..? in this g stands strong. haha. me being one of the moto g customer, am feeling really annoyed as evrytime i run more than one aps, the other gets reloaded. what other phones are having such craps?? i dont thnk so. and most importantly, why there isnt any rectifications or solution to this HUGE ISSUE.???? Beware Motorola!! running along like this further, you'r gonna lose a lot of customer in long run. Thanks... Eagerly waiting for some rectifications n fixed the issues.

  • kumar k

Very bad service...i have bought the moto g 2g one week ago, and it make unnecessary sound while talking ...

  • AnonD-343929

motorola moto g (2014 ) vs samsung s3 neo
Which is better?

  • syed

i dont know y people's are saying something and all
never recommed to others before using it and after all its very good device in buget range and its value for money

  • Summi

Friends Don't buy Moto Devices and become fools.Because Motorola only given update of Android L to US and Brazil.They are thinking Indians are fools to not to realize.More over Moto became Chinese Company It was taken over by Lenovo.a Chinese company

  • Android_Dev

Free, Simple Ringer Widget Specially for MOTO G:­m.rauf.shutup

Toggle From Silent to Normal with A CLICK!!

  • gottig

Mayur, 31 Dec 2014Moto g 1st gen or samsung galaxy core prime... guys plz suggest methe motog better specs and IPS

  • rednicky

does this support reliance cdma sim???

  • Anonymous

MK, 30 Dec 2014When will get v5.0(lollipop) update for my moto g?can anyone help?It's rumoured that the Lollipop update has been halted but I don't know if that is true or not. If it has then this is probably why:­emory_leak_bug_fix_is_on_the_way-news-10622.php

Stick with KK, it's the last stable version of Android!

  • siva

an, 29 Dec 2014Why I haven't home option at settings if u have any launcher other than inbuilt one it will show home option .

  • bingbong

Mayur, 31 Dec 2014Moto g 1st gen or samsung galaxy core prime... guys plz suggest meMate I would go Motorola

  • miki

my moto g first generation still did not get lollipop. im using digi telecom malaysia

  • Mayur

Moto g 1st gen or samsung galaxy core prime... guys plz suggest me

  • AnonD-180792

swapna, 31 Dec 2014Hi, i am using moto-g 1st gen. i am facing some issues with mo... moreIf you changed port your number then it will shown roaming only coz some networks like that "Aircel" second thing turn on "Data Roaming connection" it will help you