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Motorola Moto G

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  • hemant

shilpa, 05 Sep 2014i purchased moto g 2 months back but from the day 1 notific... morePls check sending failed message

  • Anonymous

Does this work with at&t 3g

  • Anonymous

shilpa, 05 Sep 2014i purchased moto g 2 months back but from the day 1 notific... moremoto g has only single light..thats white.

  • Mikegasman

Recently got the moto G on Vodaphone. Very pleased so far. I am not a high user and will not store games. large volume photos, or MP3 files so the memory at 8gb shouldn't worry me. The battery life is good compared with my previous HTC lasting more than two days when light use. Never had battery life so good. The processor is good compared with previous. Vodaphone supplied the wrong sim so I had a a chance to get use to the phone and transfer thins before going live with the sim which turned out to be useful.For a mid phone it is quite good and so far pleased with the choice.

  • satya

Mobile specifications are good but need to be increase RAM capacity.
Is it water resistance mobile?

  • FroX

No Removable battery..?....rally?

  • Black eye

Not so good....NO REMOVALE memory slot....

  • ram

would u please tell me how the quality of it's music?
can this mob... reaches the sony?

  • Neeraj

Dear Friends, I want to purchase Moto G with 8Gb, plz suggest me this or other smartphone in this range. thanks.

Please reply

  • AjithVishnu

Hey guys I have been using moto g since last month the fone is actually perfect but has got fey
Few small problems

Camera is great in moderate daylight but lacks in a sunny surrounding
The Bluetooth always shows only paired devices until changes are not made
Playstore is slow on 2g net
Video lovers can look for other options video is not up to the mark in this phone


Stylish and sleek design
Strong build it fell thrice but no damage till now
Front camera is awesome
I m a continuous gamer and net surfer it hangs oo for more than 1 day on single charge
Backup is good
Awesome gaming I have 9-10 GB full of games like fifa14,asphalt8,real football 12,NFS and many more but now it didn't hang even once till now awesome gaming m impressed
Browsing and download is very very fast on 3g net
Music systems r Good
Call clarity is good
My opinions

You can go for this fone sure no other company provides these features at this price range
U can close ur eyes and go for it
It has its own set of features which other company can't copy
Verdict and rating

The fone is worth buying I will give it nine stars on ten stars

Camera can be improved
I hope all the Shortcomings r solved

  • Anonymous

plz tell me about image quality of this phone

  • ricburger

Got this through the new Cricket. This is hands down the best phone I've ever owned.

  • AnonD-30343

So I see the 2nd gen version is "upgradable to Android L". I hope it's just not updated here.

  • Nizam

This is the best phone even this feature and price range

  • shilpa

i purchased moto g 2 months back but from the day 1 notification light is always white even though i changed to show diff notification lights for msg and group msg in whats app.. can any body help me..

  • AnonD-302595

new version is coming soon :) which will have the SD card slot :) btw i m using 1st version MOTO G :) its the best :)

  • Rish

Anonymous, 05 Sep 2014it has already been listed in the flipkart website as coming soonthe phone u seen on flipkart is Moto G2 next gen..

  • Anonymous

ankita, 04 Sep 2014hey frnds. . . .really moto g 2 is coming in market. if yes... moreit has already been listed in the flipkart website as coming soon

  • MNM

why there is no memory slot?

  • Anandh

New nokia lumia 730 comming soon and killing all mobiles..!