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  • MNM

why there is no memory slot?

  • Anandh

New nokia lumia 730 comming soon and killing all mobiles..!

  • anshu

ankita, 04 Sep 2014hey frnds. . . .really moto g 2 is coming in market. if yes... moretoday midninght Flipkart

  • AnonD-239965

Facing problem with the WiFi function of MOTO G, Android version 4.4.4 .Very poor signal strength is available even if the device is close to the router..
Seeking troubleshoot for the mentioned problem.

  • arun

AnonD-295876, 03 Sep 2014My self and my dozen of friends using Moto G it's a good ph... moreim going to buy moto many hrs charge will stand &hw 3g,wifi network.plzz tell me frnd

  • kuku

Its absolutely a wonderful should go for it...i don't think you would ever may want to buy two though.

  • Miku

Hello dear,
when am using wifi it is connected to the nearby device,which I want but still internet is not running.
Am unable to findout the reason behind this.
so cud u pls help me?

  • Vishal

ankita, 04 Sep 2014hey frnds. . . .really moto g 2 is coming in market. if yes... morehey Ankita moto g 2 IS coming on 4 sept .

  • Arvind sharma

this mob. is looking so beauty so then i like

  • Anonymous

same opinion for the price .... perfect

  • ankita

hey frnds. . . .really moto g 2 is coming in market. if yes ? then plz tell me when it is launching ?

  • BK


  • Anonymous

Sohail, 01 Sep 2014We can use Skype in moto-g and also video calling in this p... moreYa Skype is possible

  • pan

A new buyer, 02 Sep 2014I bought Moto G yesterday with so much excitations... but t... morethere is a option for fix this on advanced wifi settings

  • AnonD-90345

prince, 02 Sep 2014i have bought a new moto g but galary us not working. whene... moreY don't u ppl check out the specifications properly? It clearly says there s no SD card slot.

  • NIck

amjith, 03 Sep 2014I don't think that this corning gorilla glass 3 is that muc... moreKingKOng Glass will help fo sure

  • Newt

Anurag , 03 Sep 2014I have purchased MOTO G from these people and they are not ... moreSame problem here. I only had the Moto G three months, it locked up. Sent it back to Motorola. They have been promising a replacement for over three weeks now. Every time I call I get the same BS. And I waste several hours on hold and trying to communicate with broken English support. Motorola's Customer Service Sucks. Moto G is good if you need a cheap, disposable phone. Do NOT expect Motorola to stand behind their products.

  • Ram's

Someone pls tel how can I access HD video sound on Moto- G

  • pranjal

Guys battery problem is there

  • amjith

I don't think that this corning gorilla glass 3 is that much scratch proof.....i got so many scratches on my phone,and some of them are deep scratches.... :-(