Motorola Moto G Dual SIM (3rd gen)

Motorola Moto G Dual SIM (3rd gen)

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  • gmb
  • 12 Jun 2017

Nikhil nikki, 10 Jun 2017I have a moto G3 mobile but I don't have second sim moreMoto G3 has two versions dual sim and single sim

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    • gmb
    • 12 Jun 2017

    I'm using this phone since 2yrs Moto G3 dual sim India version. Recently I have encountered problem regarding memory card. Memory card automatically gets disconnected from phone every time it is plugged in for charging. I have to open back cover and have to reinsert the card for using it. This is irritating and could not find any solution for it. Let me know any solution/ if any one is facing same the issue.

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      • Nikhil nikki
      • YTY
      • 10 Jun 2017

      I have a moto G3 mobile but I don't have second sim there two models from Moto G3 are not.i was confused 😕 with this problem.can any one clarify me

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        • AnonD-673463
        • JvR
        • 31 May 2017

        I have it for more than a year, crossing the US border was no big deal in the 4g, enough battery for a work day and more (downloading videos, whatsup, Facebook). Not even a single crash system, yes is not an expensive phone and it does the its job like it should be done, fast accurate and clean to use android, if I have to buy a new one definitely it will be another like this.

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          • Niranjan bidap
          • uw5
          • 25 May 2017

          There will be no updates for G3 only marshmallow

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            • Anonymous
            • vx{
            • 23 May 2017

            please update andriod 7.0 as soon as possible

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              • Frustrated Moto User
              • HsE
              • 22 May 2017

              I have been using this device for a long time.In past i was using 2G network it used to work fine but since i got JIO MAN THIS PHONE IS CRAZY.Jio works fine in open places but as you go into close room networks disappears.I put the same sim in other phones and tested the same situation,it gone well.This phone has got some serious issues with reception.Anybody faced such problem?

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                • kumar
                • uu}
                • 04 May 2017

                whether i can buy g3 or g4plus (seconds )or i can go for g5 plus(new one) g4+ and g5+ are same spec which one i can buy any suggestion and like moto x play how about this phone any user of moto x play (seconds may go for new one) tell me its me

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                  • Lalit
                  • vx{
                  • 26 Apr 2017

                  Anonymous, 18 Apr 2017Really I'm waiting for ityeah its not ture

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                    • dhils
                    • yp1
                    • 21 Apr 2017

                    Second sim slot doesn't support Volte

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                      • Anonymous
                      • 7k7
                      • 18 Apr 2017

                      Anonymous, 24 Feb 2017Android N7 is update available Moto g3Really I'm waiting for it

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                        • Nayak
                        • TSL
                        • 04 Apr 2017

                        fate, 29 Mar 2017Waste of 13k rupees, it takes charging time upto 7 hours an... morePerform hard reset with your device and your problem will be sorted out...

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                          • fate
                          • D07
                          • 29 Mar 2017

                          Waste of 13k rupees, it takes charging time upto 7 hours and battery drains in less than 2 hours, speaker not working and hangs a lot ,almost dead mobile,can be used as paperweight ,feels sad everyday for bought this mobile.😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

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                            • Lalit
                            • vx{
                            • 29 Mar 2017

                            Anonymous, 21 Feb 2017Slot 2 is 2G only. You want to use slot 1 for 4G.both solt are 4g solt

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                              • TECH SUBU
                              • vG0
                              • 09 Mar 2017

                              very good phone

                                I have issues in the SD card... automatically disconnected from my mobile after restarting the mobile, it shows in the file manager.. after sometime automatically disconnected... any issues??

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • XNC
                                  • 24 Feb 2017

                                  Android N7 is update available Moto g3

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                                    • madhan
                                    • ijM
                                    • 22 Feb 2017

                                    AnonD-641424, 04 Feb 2017A month after warranty expired, phone went crazy. The scree... morebro once do factory data reset and i think u are using some of the 3rd party apps please uninstall the some of the apps

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • yX2
                                      • 21 Feb 2017

                                      Waseem, 14 Feb 2017Moto g3 users ...use jio sim in sim slot 2 to use video cal... moreSlot 2 is 2G only. You want to use slot 1 for 4G.

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                                        • piquis
                                        • Lu%
                                        • 17 Feb 2017

                                        The contacts aplication erase some of my contacts and change them in WhatsApp