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Motorola Moto M

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  • Anonymous
  • pRB
  • 13 May 2020

Adnan, 01 Apr 2020Really bro it is a worst phone in all over world battery ba... moreIan using this now 4 year no found any complaints until now

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    • Rj
    • U{A
    • 17 Apr 2020

    The worst phone I have ever used

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      • Adnan
      • gM}
      • 01 Apr 2020

      Umesh, 13 Mar 2020One of the worst cell phone ever of Moto/Lenovo....Really bro it is a worst phone in all over world battery backup very bad and also phone heating hanging camera is poor

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        • Umesh
        • tA{
        • 13 Mar 2020

        One of the worst cell phone ever of Moto/Lenovo....

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          • majid
          • ITJ
          • 03 Feb 2020

          i bought as used phone for this, i feel it as very reasonable and a nice phone. good for looks and usage. no pbls in it yet. batery also good for a normal user.,4 stars out of 5.

            • S
            • Sidd
            • rJq
            • 17 Jan 2020

            Very worst mobile, bought in Oman ,for a price range of near 90omr in 2017, worst battery back up , no service centers , change battery twice but still not working properly, now the phone is scrap
            Again, went to nokia brand

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              • Anonymous
              • rJE
              • 10 Jan 2020

              Very bad phone Battery discharge in 15 minutes

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                • Jarvis
                • vEc
                • 02 Jan 2020

                Is There any NFC on this mobile

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                  • VENGATESAN C
                  • uu@
                  • 27 Dec 2019

                  Mayuri, 17 Jun 2019Moto m is having really poor Battey life it live only for ... morevery poor quality

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                    • Anonymous
                    • rJq
                    • 06 Dec 2019

                    I bought it Moto m xt1663 in March 2017 that time it works good then it battery working was very poor and very very worst in June 2018 it discharge the power quickly still I have a same problem in my device so please don't buy moto m was waste of cost...THE BATTERY LIFE WAS VERY VERY VERY WORST.....

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                      • Ashish Sharma
                      • DkK
                      • 22 Jul 2019

                      My mobile is notification light problem created

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                        • Mayuri
                        • f{e
                        • 17 Jun 2019

                        Moto m is having really poor Battey life it live only for 15 mins after some days. I'm not going to buy any Moto or lenovo phones again😒 really disappointed even Moto/Lenovo calaries are not helping with new battery. This is worst service.

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                          • GAURAV
                          • U26
                          • 06 May 2019

                          Have a no issue with motorola g , however bought this phone in December 2016 @ cost of 15K however the phone was a failure from day one , the battery dies every 2 or 3 hours now ( in 2019 ) , looking for an alternate phone now.

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                            • Aaron
                            • rKY
                            • 27 Apr 2019

                            Naza, 16 Apr 2019I will not buy any phone from Lenovo or Motorola..Moto m is... moreDon't tell me you bought this effect up phone in 2019

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                              • Naza
                              • tu6
                              • 16 Apr 2019

                              I will not buy any phone from Lenovo or Motorola..Moto m is worst phone ever. Battery can last only for 15 minutes..waste of money

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                                • Jazz
                                • Dkv
                                • 29 Mar 2019

                                I purchased this phone for around 18k which is much more than its worth. It is like Indian cricket team good on paper but fails while performing.It is the worst phone I have ever used. Its battery is worst . It hangs with even normal apps and games set aside heavier ones. It doesn't connect with smart TVs. Moto is the worst in term of updates. I recommend never buy a Moto phone

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                                  • SakratulMaut
                                  • 8py
                                  • 10 Mar 2019

                                  Guys..Lenovo n moto manufacturers,readers n users, anybody.. could u tell here how to IMPROVE Optimum Quality for disappointing camera Results...which seems lack of sharp and crystal clarity (after ZOOM in at PC screen) many noises also. Which best Camera apps to tips suggestions for camera settings or any other ways n methods, Etc,ETC.
                                  I already unistall Google camera v2.7 coz many noises still appear after ZOOM in at PCscreen n sharp quality seems not improving :'-((

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                                    • Valz
                                    • 6w3
                                    • 06 Mar 2019

                                    Anonymous, 25 Jan 2019It's too fragile ,my flashlight has stopped working also th... moreyo right so damn fragile. nvr drop it at anytime. smtimes blacks out at 30%, or at 60% goes off shows 2%, on restarting it goes back to 60%.

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                                      • moto reader
                                      • tDQ
                                      • 30 Jan 2019

                                      Now, when i charge this phone with cable data 2.4, this phone not charge.. But, when i use cable data 2.0, phone can charge.. last day i bue cable data GOLF woth 2.4 or 3.0 (im really forget), my phone not charge.. i think this connector charge is problem, any one who knows?

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • gwC
                                        • 25 Jan 2019

                                        It's too fragile ,my flashlight has stopped working also the vibration mode ,the display is coming out,and when someone calls me the phone suddenly switches off even though battery is full.