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  • Anonymous

I have 2 questions regarding the Micro SD slot:

1. According to this page, the Moto X Play is able to use a card of up to 256 GB but with my seller, the maximum is 200 GB. Is there other version besides the one with 16/32 internal memory or the information provided was wrong?

2. If the maximum is 256, i would like to know if anyone has purchased one and from which brand. On Amazon there is only a single 256 card and is from Samsung. I would like to use a Sandisk if possible.

Thank you.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-297901, 26 Jul 2016Today suddenly upper speaker of my Moto X play(ear speaker) stop... moreHi iam also facing the same problem my upper speaker isn't working like i can't hear the opposite persons voice but if i keep on loudspeaker there is no problem.. so now what should i do plz help..

  • kricha

Does Moto X play support Two sims ?

  • Anonymous

smarty , 01 Aug 2016Which one I bought g4 or g4+ or x play plc help Moto X play must

  • Naren

I love my moto x play.. i would definitely recommend it over moto g4 plus because i had some problems with g4 as it has ghost touch issue and camera lagging issue after 3 mins of usage. so i returned it and bought moto x play for 15.5k... You will get real feel of moto phone only on X play ... At this price the phone is bang for a buck.

  • shalin3010

friends i had purchased my x play on september 2015. till now i have not getting any issue. the phone performence is best in its class. i lov the camera. the android version is now 6.0.1 and its running buttery smooth. no need for any type of memory cleaner. the battery is overall good. i have purchase a aukey (qualcomm certified 2.0) quick charger from USA and its works super. my phone has charged from 0 to 100 in 1 and half hours. the phone is heated up when the network have fluctuations. so if you have in a fine network area you will have not going to face any issue. the display is best in class. finally i lov my x play and thaks to motorola.

  • a2j2

Anonymous, 29 Jul 2016My moto x play discharge battery by 1 % for every 2 hours withou... moreI got the same problem too.... But it drains even faster while playing the games.

  • A2J2

Sach, 01 Aug 2016Motor play is support OTG or not?Dude.. It supports

  • om

smarty , 01 Aug 2016Which one I bought g4 or g4+ or x play plc help Moto x play

  • smarty

Which one I bought g4 or g4+ or x play plc help

  • Sach

Motor play is support OTG or not?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Jul 2016I am confuse with display quality of moto x style . Now i am usi... moreIs the performance is good enough ? and did u faced any problems with this mob ???

  • tinu

ajith , 31 Jul 2016iam confused. which is the best for buy in moto x play or moro g4 plusX play is better...

  • ajith

iam confused. which is the best for buy in moto x play or moro g4 plus

  • Gotta a dig brick

Sach, 31 Jul 2016It is OTG compatible or not please respond anybodyYes. Have the phone and is very good. Better than the old iphone 6s that i broke

  • Sach

It is OTG compatible or not please respond anybody

  • Prem(love)

Anonymous, 30 Jul 2016noWhat nooo???

  • Dileep

AnonD-566195, 30 Jul 2016Hi friends, I have purchased moto x play in Nov-2015, after 2 m... moreGo to costumer court,definitely you will get compensation

  • Anonymous

Addy, 28 Jul 2016Is xplay having finger print sensor?no

  • Anonymous

after reading this opinions i hardly dare to buy this phone and believe me there is no problem in this phone,battery life is two days,no heating issue and works fine... :)