Motorola RAZR V3

Motorola RAZR V3

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  • Jagen

i work in the link and i think its a cool phone espically in black

  • stef

Hi everyone,
Please write back if you can. I'm very interested in the v3 but for all the money that you pay for the it really worth it. Also, is the phone really hard to use or is it easy to use?
Thanks :)

  • Dany O.

A black V3
Guys,what do you think about the beauty of the black V3 ? Exept the fact that it is a limited edition, do you find that the black colour gives extra beauty to the V3 ? I like the colour of my V3. At the begining of this year, I have payed 580 Euro for it. It is amazing how good it is.The bluetooth headset ( bought separatly ) works just perfect. The bluetooth connection between my V3 and other Motorolas it really works. I have a lot of MP3 mousic in it,now. I also have video clips. THe camera makes nice pictures. For the phones dimensions I am surprised of its many quality features. It was a good choice to buy it. I am sure you can buy one new now, for less Euros than what I've payed for, which is good. :-) Dany O.

  • Bakar

The razr is the best phone i have ever used! Infact it is also the lightest,and the hottest phone i have ever used. Thanks motorola, you made my live easy!

  • Ha Ha

The black V3 is already on sale here in Hong kong. The black version costs an extra US$38.00 than the normal one.
The ear-piece mic. is definately too quiet in noisy surroundings that it is almost impossible to hear what the other party on line is saying!!!!!!!!!!!!
By the way, Nokia 8800 is lovely.

  • Anonymous

V1150 and 8800 isn't even out yet by the way. I think both won't come until at least Q3 2005

  • Kamikaze

You say that yet the V1150 has more features and look way better, who wants a phone with 3 Hours of Talk-Time! 600 mAh Battery, lol.

Im sick of you spamming that message about the 8800 in all the message boards for each Motorola phone.

It only 800x600 pixels for camera, V1150 with 1600x1200 pixels. Also the memory is upgradable to 512 MBs, sure beats the 64 MB your stuck with. V1150 actually looks good, the 8800 doesn't look stylish.

320 x 240 pixels Display Vs 208 x 208 pixels.
The list can continue but that's all I have to say.

  • Gareth

Really suprised about all these comments about the V3.
I've had the phone around 5 months and nothing has gone wrong with it. It works perfectly fine and has been reliable.
Granted the battery life is poor and the bluetooth connectivity is a bit of a mess, but I think it's a well constructed piece of kit.

At the end of the day if you went the best looking phone on the market that can simply make and recieve calls, the V3 is the right phone. If you want more, you need something different.

  • kenny

hmmm..does 8800 has a better sound quality than v3?i've seen a pic of the black v3..its really nice..which would u guys prefer?the black v3 or 8800?gonna get either one of these phone..hope u guys wil give me more opinions of which one to choose..besides the black v3 is limited..

  • Anonymous


There is no comparison. This V3 is a crappy phone & the Nokia 8800 is in a class of it's own.


  • kenny

guys..what u guys think?black v3 or the 8800?which is better?and which will produce a better sound quality?

  • Win Win

I am also waiting for this 8800 to come out so I can finally get rid of my lousy V3, Cheers.

  • Anonymous

how can Nokia8800 will beat v3? no way! look at the battery and weight v3 is the winner. i have to get one now.

  • Sam

Have owned this phone for 5 months now and not one problem yet, and is a excellent phone. However, dispite motorolas efforts with their new stylish phones including the v6, nokias new 8800 beats them all! Sorry motorola - will be swapping to nokia!

  • diego10

i just got this phone and so far so good, although all the negative rep i have seen on this message board has made me worry about my phone breakin down, luckily it hasnt. On top of that i got a good deal, only paid $450 CAN for it, and it was brought from the U.S. Just like with all other phones, if u take care of it, the phone will take care of u... neone who likes this phone jus buy it... its worth it

  • Anonymous

does anyone have the black 'oscars' version?

  • Matthew Wilkinson

I'm in the UK. Great Phone guys. just one thing though - why didnt you let it support the JSR 82 Java API? then we could have developed software that used the bluetooth module. I was so disappointed when i found out. It's the only reason why i'm going back to nokia ASAP.

please re-release it's flex Operating System or another sleak professional phone that does support it, we beg of you!

  • Pavl

very good design.for the specification of this is very expensive.d500 is better

  • max

There are much better phones in its price range

  • And

I had the v3 for about 4 days before swapping it for the v635 (same price for an upgrade on my o2 contract).The 635 has everything the v3 has and more - including a much better camera plus video and bluetooth headset included in the box (from an o2 shop). Although it has the same quirky software as the v3, it just feels like a much sturdier phone - and it looks good even though it is a bit bulky!