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  • SE

Sony Ericsson are the best now don't you know?NOKIA are quality,but you pay lot's of money for little functions.SE changed this standarts...(for example k500i-camera,mp3,3D Games and IR Port in one phone on very low price)KEEP ON WALKING SE!!!

  • TE

I Like it.

  • blayzeit

I just bought this phone...Biggest problem is that the software is a bit slow, also there is NO OPTION to use only the PHONES memory for contacts, u HAVE TO use the sim card contacts, it should allow us to choose which numbers we would like to display. Only way around this is to copy all sim card contact info to the phone and then put the sim card in another phone and delete all the numbers from your SIM! RIDICULOUS! Otherwise the phone LOOKS beautiful. ; )

  • Hanni

I was pretty keen to get this phone. After reading this discussion forum, theres no way I'm gonna get it now........... I NEED A FONE THAT WORKS MAN NOT A GOOD LOOKING TOY>>>LOLZ

  • larry

from the moment i saw this phone, i LOVED it, but when i opened it up to use. it's just like any other motorola phone out there.i'm glad i didn't have to pay for it.

  • asim

Motorola v3 Razor...eeehh..Sorry I am so annoyed with this phone so much so that anyday now I may just stamp on it...ok I need to calm down..but wat a let down I should have trusted good old nokia why did I want to try something different...Such an expensive phone and wat am I able to do with it apart from making phone cals..erm oh yes use the alarm...thats it....It comes no where near my previous humble nokia 7250i..I really miss it especially its battery life and the radio...Razor a complete waste of money...My advise to anyone please please do not make the same mistake as just looks nice that is all...I am having problems pairing it with my pc...battery is crap, no where near the life of my beloved 7250i..battery meter is wrong..battery low warning is too short...phonebook rubbish...hands free kit where near as crisp as u know wat...buttons don't work half the time...need i go on

  • JabRa

Does V3 have external SMS Memory? or Just the SIM Cards Memory used for SMS?

and V3'bluetooth is it 10mt or 100mt??? I heard someone talkin about its 100mt is it true?

  • Samuel

Great idea by Motorola. Put a sub-standard phone with poor features in a flashy case and make lots of money. Trouble is, most people will only stand for being conned once. I was duped into getting this phone by its appearance, but as I have learned to my cost, appearances can be deceptive. My next phone will not be a Motorola.

  • Eli

Wow reading all your comments are like making me worried that I bought this phone. I mean yea there are some things that I agree on like how the you can only scroll through the names in the phone book by the first letter, that theres no video recording and expansion slot, but no phone is perfect. So far I had my phone for like over a month and I have not come across any problems. I dropped it once already but nothing cracked just got a little dent on the side but no big deal. I have owned other phones outside Motorola and yea alot have better navigation systems but I really love how Moto designs their phones and with their technology im used to it. I mean it makes and recieve calls and is awesomely beautiful. Good enough for me. Overall I have yet to come across anything major.

  • pumping

i own this phone for a wekk now and all i can say that it is the worest phone ever! just crap,trash,garabge and rubbish!

my advice to anyone who is thinking of buying one is DON'T!!!!!!!!

  • Fergus

I bought my wife a V3 for her birthday. I paid £450 at Carphone Warehouse for a sim-free one as she was not due an upgrade. She hated it once she used it, despite her raving about it based upon its looks. Hers kept switching itself off also. We sold it on Ebay for £230 as we left it too long to take it back (we kept it for 4 weeks thinking she might grow to like it, but she just grew to have it more). I lost £220 and then had to pay out to get her a new phone, a Samsung D500 which she is happy with. As she put it, the ideal phone would be a V3 with Samsung technolgy inside, then you would have looks and performance. The V3 is just for show, utter rubbish as a phone.

  • JP

I am very dissappointed with this phone. The functions and operating software are very poorly designed. It makes and receives calls fine and I like the alarm feature, but that is as far as it goes. The rest of it is rubbish. I had already decided after a month that I wanted to get rid of it, but now the screen has gone faulty and I have to wait for it to be repaired, but when it comes back I will sell it. Boo to Motorola. What is the point of the beautiful styling and a all the advertising? You won me over then then lost my custom forever as I feel totally ripped off. I will nevr trust Motorola again.

  • azza

just tell watchdog this, u had a lot to say about o2 and the k700i causing us to withdraw the handset for a while how about forcing motorola to withdraw sale of this until it actually works all the problems i have recieved about this phone an employee of o2 is unbilievable at least 2 calls a day is someone complaining about the v3 and its screen

  • Les

v3 action group - "watchdog"

please read the post below for details

  • Les

I am currently in dispute with Motorola over a broken front screen on my V3. They will not fix it under warranty as they say it is "customer damage" and I will have to pay £75 to have it repaired. Like others on here, I did not drop or mistreat the phone, it simply broke under normal use.

Reading the comments below, it seems that quite a few of you are similarly dissatisfied with this model and many of you have also found it to be fragile. Considering the price of this phone, it really should be able to withstand normal day-to-day use and perform in a satisfactory manner.

For this reason, I am preparing a case against Motorola claiming that the phone is not "fit for the purpose for which it is intended" as required by law. This is based upon its fragility mainly, but also the poor performance and reliability. I am also writing to the "watchdog" consumer TV program to see if we can get a satisfactory response from Motorola. I have had preliminary talks with Watchdog by telephone and they are interested in hearing about the problems people have encountered, particularly with the V3, which has been a big part of the current high profile "Hello-Moto" campaign.

If any of you wish to join my quest for Motorola to be answerable for the poor design of the V3, please email me giving details of you complaint and I will pass all your comments on to Watchdog.

The idea is that if we all get together and bring these matters to light, they cannot fob us all off individually, we can fight as a group of dissatisfied consumers.

My email address is

  • Gemma

I work at a phone dealer and 90% of the phones that come in for repairs are motorola phones, whether they be v3's v620's or e398's, this for me shows that motorola is not a reliable manufacturer. most of the faults seem to be software faults but there are also a lot of physically damaged phones. if you ask me, motorola so far have not come up with a very good design.

  • Sabre

I have the Razr for 6 weeks now. Take a look at what happened :

1. System freeze – system freezes frequently though in a random manner
2. Keyboard light dead – very often the screen is on but keyboard lights are off.
3. Java applications freezing
4. Phone goes dead – only camera on screen – no buttons respond. System has to be reset by removing battery
5. Talk time 45 minutes max
6. Standby time 24-36 hours max
7. Hinge squeaking
8. Bluetooth headset - ‘weak signal’ warning and cutoff within 1-2 mins of usage
9. Speed keys do not work – even though phone book shows it assigned to a key, pressing the key gets a message the key is empty
10. Phone switches off and restarts frequently.
11. If a series of calls are received, often after completing a call and the next call comes in, the phone does not ring or vibrate – only the screen lights up.
A cursory scan shopws a good number of users with these issues. If you are looking just for a fashion accessory ok... if you want a working unit or value for money or hate being made a fool of, then the Razr is best left in someone else's hand. Cant say crap or rotten... its a prototype being sold as a finished product.

  • azza

motorola should recall all these handsets stop producing them ban people from showing images of this handset in any kind.... then all the ones that have been recalled should be melted down and recycled to make a knife to kill the person who designed this then moto should pretend this handset never existed and bring out something good maybe go back a step to the v547 and then work their way up from there and eventually once again become one of the most interesting handset producers in the world (currently samsung)

  • Rickq

the fone is jus thin and that is all its got!!!the function is too crap!it looks good but it is jus not the fone 4 me!the memory is too small no extendable.but also to expensive!

  • JG


i agree with u. the phone is thin but too wide and covers too much ground. Not only this, u will have to 'very well tempered' so that u don throw the damn phone on the floor and stamp on it when it pisses u off.