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  • Les

I am currently in dispute with Motorola over a broken front screen on my V3. They will not fix it under warranty as they say it is "customer damage" and I will have to pay £75 to have it repaired. Like others on here, I did not drop or mistreat the phone, it simply broke under normal use.

Reading the comments below, it seems that quite a few of you are similarly dissatisfied with this model and many of you have also found it to be fragile. Considering the price of this phone, it really should be able to withstand normal day-to-day use and perform in a satisfactory manner.

For this reason, I am preparing a case against Motorola claiming that the phone is not "fit for the purpose for which it is intended" as required by law. This is based upon its fragility mainly, but also the poor performance and reliability. I am also writing to the "watchdog" consumer TV program to see if we can get a satisfactory response from Motorola. I have had preliminary talks with Watchdog by telephone and they are interested in hearing about the problems people have encountered, particularly with the V3, which has been a big part of the current high profile "Hello-Moto" campaign.

If any of you wish to join my quest for Motorola to be answerable for the poor design of the V3, please email me giving details of you complaint and I will pass all your comments on to Watchdog.

The idea is that if we all get together and bring these matters to light, they cannot fob us all off individually, we can fight as a group of dissatisfied consumers.

My email address is

  • Gemma

I work at a phone dealer and 90% of the phones that come in for repairs are motorola phones, whether they be v3's v620's or e398's, this for me shows that motorola is not a reliable manufacturer. most of the faults seem to be software faults but there are also a lot of physically damaged phones. if you ask me, motorola so far have not come up with a very good design.

  • Sabre

I have the Razr for 6 weeks now. Take a look at what happened :

1. System freeze – system freezes frequently though in a random manner
2. Keyboard light dead – very often the screen is on but keyboard lights are off.
3. Java applications freezing
4. Phone goes dead – only camera on screen – no buttons respond. System has to be reset by removing battery
5. Talk time 45 minutes max
6. Standby time 24-36 hours max
7. Hinge squeaking
8. Bluetooth headset - ‘weak signal’ warning and cutoff within 1-2 mins of usage
9. Speed keys do not work – even though phone book shows it assigned to a key, pressing the key gets a message the key is empty
10. Phone switches off and restarts frequently.
11. If a series of calls are received, often after completing a call and the next call comes in, the phone does not ring or vibrate – only the screen lights up.
A cursory scan shopws a good number of users with these issues. If you are looking just for a fashion accessory ok... if you want a working unit or value for money or hate being made a fool of, then the Razr is best left in someone else's hand. Cant say crap or rotten... its a prototype being sold as a finished product.

  • azza

motorola should recall all these handsets stop producing them ban people from showing images of this handset in any kind.... then all the ones that have been recalled should be melted down and recycled to make a knife to kill the person who designed this then moto should pretend this handset never existed and bring out something good maybe go back a step to the v547 and then work their way up from there and eventually once again become one of the most interesting handset producers in the world (currently samsung)

  • Rickq

the fone is jus thin and that is all its got!!!the function is too crap!it looks good but it is jus not the fone 4 me!the memory is too small no extendable.but also to expensive!

  • JG


i agree with u. the phone is thin but too wide and covers too much ground. Not only this, u will have to 'very well tempered' so that u don throw the damn phone on the floor and stamp on it when it pisses u off.

  • Rek

It's price is same to nokia 9500, while it's ability is nothing in compare with it.
It is not even a smart phone.
I thing that the price should be half of the current price, then I might think of gitting one:-)

  • Corfie

The V3 maybe thin but the width is 2 big the the look futuristic but I don't like it

  • aron

Anyone knows if I buy this phone in Malaysia, can I use it with the service providers in the USA? ie. cingular wireless, AT&T, verizon and etc.

  • bear

Is there any way that V3 can read the language like chinese if the phone was bought outside asia?? or it can only read the language it given inside the phone?

  • Derek

Terrence, we actually make the same point, although phrased differently.

The basis of my post was aimed at those on here who are dismissing people who have had problems with their V3's as "idiots", or suggest that they are not using the V3 correctly. This clearly is not the case.

I fully agree with others on here that some of the features are poorly designed. Only being able to search through the phone book by the first letter is particularly annoying, especially on a phone that boasts a 2000 entries capability. Every other phone seems to allow searching by the first 2 or 3 (or more) letters, so if I wanted to call "Cindy" I could tap in "CIN" and it would go there, rather than having to scroll through all the "C" entries. In fact, the whole number management within the phonebook is very poor on the V3. For example, when I got the phone, I transferred all the numbers from my sim to the phone but as the numbers were then on the phone AND the sim, each number appears TWICE in the phone book, as there is no way of telling the V3 to look at only the sim or the phone. You then cannot delete the numbers on the sim on one go to avoid the problem; you have to delete them individually. You can of course file your most used numbers under the "personal" heading and tell the phone only to look at those. That is or course until you turn the phone off and on again when it defaults to showing ALL numbers! This is bad design and very frustrating!

There are lost of other things on this phone I don't like. Pairing with another Bluetooth device is unnecessarily complicated. Once connected it works fine, but it does make you jump through hoops compared to the simplicity of other phones I have used.

Maybe the problem on here is that some V3 owners have not had many other makes of phone to make a comparison and just accept the V3's awkwardness as normal. As somebody who has had many different phones from Nokia, Sharp, Sony, Erricson and Samsung, I can tell you I will not be buying another Motorola.

I would wholeheartedly agree that the V3 is the best looking phone on the market. Sadly I sincerely believe that if it was not such a stunning looking phone, it would not have the support it has.

As somebody who has owned two TVR sports cars from new, I can tell you they are great cars to look at, but you would not want to own one for day-to-day use because they are fussy to drive and seem to spend more time in the garage being fixed than on the road. I will never buy another, I will stick to BMW as they offer better equipment and greater reliability for less money.

The V3 is the TVR of the phone world and similarly, I am beginning to regret buying it.

  • dirk

hi people , please tell me , can this phone take video or only video clips , because i want to go and buy one.

  • thashethin

nice structure but needs infra-red integration with memory cards will be a perfect ace in the world of phones

  • ronald

2 terence
3200$usd?the price would definitely drop for limited is it?cause i have no news about the release of the black v3 here in southeast asia..

  • Terrence

Derek, you’ve made a sensible observation from all the posts here. However, there is a basic flaw in your reasoning—just because there are complaints about this phone, it does not necessarily mean that it is bad or fragile. It simply means that (like all other phones out there) there are, unfortunately, some sour lemons; which is why this phone is backed by a warranty just like any other. A cursory browse through some of the other forums on this site will readily bear this out.

As is with any other fine device, a little care goes a long way in ensuring satisfactory performance. Unfortunately, I have seen (or heard) people slam their flip phones shut so hard that you could hear the “pop” from across the room! Do we still wonder why these fine phones break?

For the record, I am one of many satisfied owners of the V3. Furthermore, I’ve owned only Motorola mobile phones ever since they introduced the Star Tac, and I’ve never had any issues with Motorola (except maybe for the hefty price tags.) And, yes, my next upgrade will certainly be another Motorola (the V1150?)

  • MoTo

2 Ronald
the black version is got out already..,it will cost u $3,200 USD

  • Derek

I have read through the reviews below carefully and I would like to make a point.

Some people on here are saying the V3 doesn't have any faults based upon the fact that THEIR one works perfectly, But I suggest that if YOUR V3 had "overheated" "broken" "dropped calls" or any one of the many other problems that people have reported on here and YOU were being told you had to pay up for a repair, you would be agreeing with everyone else!

What I am saying is that just because YOUR one works fine,it doesn't mean all V3's do! Unless you are suggesting that eveyone else on here is lying? If you are, ask yourself what they have to gain?

It seems to me that there are some serious issues with this phone otherwise this controversy would not exist. We would all just be raving about it and patting ourselves on the back for making a great purchase, but that does not seem to be the case.

For the record, I have owned a V3 for two months and mine works fine. Although I would agree that there are some very poorly designed features, I just use it to make and receive calls so if the camera is poor as has been suggested, I don't care.

I am very concerned however about the many reported faults and the suggested fragility. I will just have to be very carefull with mine and hope it continues to work till my next upgrade is due!

  • Dean

Motorola deny that the V3 is fragile, despite what has been said on here and what my local dealer tells me.

Let me take you back to a Motorola phone called the "Star-Tac". I worked in a phone shop back then and there was a big problem with the case cracking under normal use. Motorola would not repair them under warranty as they denied there was a problem.

Anybody see a pattern emerging here?

I smell a rat - with a capital "M"

  • David

The CPU in my V3 went wrong after two days and the shop replaced it. The new phone worked for a week the started turning itself off (the CPU AGAIN). It was replaced again and is now working, but I don't like it, the menues are fiddly to use and are poorly designed. I have lost faith in Motorola producs. I certainly would not recommend the V3 based upon my experience.

  • Karen

I bought a V3 a month ago. My screen broke last week. Carphone Warehouse want £75 to fix it as they say screen breakage is not covered by warranty. It was in my handbag when it got broken and like others on here have stated, mine was not dropped either. I belive it is just too delicate and the thin lid does not protect it properly.

Battery life is only good if you don't make or receive calls, don't play games, or search through the menu's or switch the phone off. Talk time is 2hrs MAX from a full charge.

This was my first and last Motorola phone.

It is mutton dressed as lamb.