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Motorola RAZR V3

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  • Flick

This phone makes and receives calls and is very stylish and that is the end of the good news!

The bad news is that it is un-relliable fragile - my outer screen broke and I didn't drop it (all of you who are saying how great this phone is because you own one will soon change you mind when the screen breaks and you have to pay £100 to fix it) The functions are not good, the phone book recall is rubbish, my V3 turns itself off and drops calls frequently, the camera is poor but I am not too bothered as I bought it to use as a phone, but if you want a good camera forget the V3.

Utter rubbish as a phone, but a lovely fashion statement.


  • Tarek

i bought this phone and all i can say that it's realy good phone,not feature packed but still well featured and the looks are definitely the best out there!

  • ronald

anyone here knows when the special edition v3 (black) is gonna be released?is it gonna be released officially anyway?

  • andy

V3 users,

pls tell me whether v3 meets these requirements

1. Good reception (good clarity, No disconnection while speaking for long hours - I had motorola c350 long time back and i was so worse in this category that i didn't use motorola afterfards.)
2. Mp3 ringtones (gud or bad?)
3. Bluetooth shud work (Easy or difficult - no probs. I shud be able to transfer images to and fro pc)

I had a great interest in this fone but after going thru discussion iam having serious rethinking.

  • JG1982

Too fidely!! The flip mechanism doesn't feel strong at all and one day i might just snap it in half by accident. the phone although thin is not as small as it seems. and i am bloody spitting blood trying to get the phone to work! I am going to refund this and get the Samsung D500. Fashion statement my a*s!

  • Vali

I have this phone for over 1 month now. i admit, i bought this fone for the looks of it. but, i'm really surprised by it's functionality.
The good:
Good reception
Good bluetooth
good speaker fone
good screen
good battery life

the bad:
none so far

Who says the bluetooth doaesn't work is lying. It works perfect with Nokia, Motorola and even my laptop.
If you want to fly buy a BMW if you want to drive buy a Mercedes. The V3 is a Mercedes...

  • Anonymous

way too expensive for just a VGA, no memory slot, etc. just looks guys... nothing special. handest getting hot, i've had lots of returns that's why i know there's alot of defective ones out there. lucky for you if you don't have problems with yours. i have to troubleshoot them, and the internal cpu is fried most of the time.

  • AC

Guys guys, i sense a lot of jealousy in here, ppl are talkin about what they do not even know or have! Be better than that, please, i pity u! I have a V3 RAZR, and its mf'in hot! in the sense that it blows otha phones back 2 tha stone age! Ive never been this happy, and ive had nokia's, samsungs, ericssons, siemens, u name it...
Lets kill sum rumours, no overheating, no flaws in screen or keypad, bluetooth is smooth and come on look at it!! Thinnest phone evr, its not that hard to figure it out, but if ur a no-brainer u dont even deserve the V3. There u have it, this phone is PIMP!

  • James

The V3 is an excellent phone. I have always used sony ericsson and have switched for this phone. The bluetooth works great, you must not be syncing your unit properly as i have had no problems syncing with sharps, ericcsons and nokias. The phone has never once gotten hot whilst i have been using it and the aircraft grade aluminium wouldnt get hot anyway. This phone is the best that motorola has made.

  • FastJack2

weeeeeh ... whats wrong with you guys ?
this is definitely the best phone i ever got !
no problem with bluetooth ... successfully connected to various phones mady by samsung, nokia and motorola ... and its getting hot ? mine isnt .... i played around with it yesterday for a couple of hours and its stayin ice-cold ... so only rumors i think ....

thumbs up @ motorola


  • Anonymous

I've heard from customer that extended use of the V3. It will get hot and the display will stop to fuction. some of the unit died completely, some came back to life after cooling off. becareful!

  • hans

the motorola v3 bluetooth doesnt work properly.
i cant even connect two v3s and they are from the same company and even same model..
i also cant connect to other motorola fones via bluetooth.. so bluetooth option in the fone is next to none existant. bcoz it doesnt even work properly

  • Robert

To : Jeff (Aus),

You are smart & clever in making your decision......this phone is really CRAP, it makes my angry with it all the time! I don't care how good it look anymore; it's just a piece of metal junk!

It's good to find that you don't listen to bullshit from people like Gavin (below)!

I have nothing against any make or model or an owner, I found just that this V3 is so rubbish & it's happen to be from Motorola.

  • mhon

How come there's no backlight in the key pad area? Does anybody know?

  • Jeff (Aus)

I was pretty keen to get this phone. After reading this discussion forum, theres no way I'm gonna get it now.

  • Gavin


I would like to agree with Robert. Mitch, its obvious that you have never had this phone and therefore, have never had a real phone in your life if you have never had the V3. I have 2 V3's because I bought one and my brother bought me one for my birthday one week after I bought mine. He didn't know I bought it but anyway, I have 2, and I couldnt be happier with either one. Obviously, all your friends are clumsy and dropped it a hell of a lot and that's why it resets and locks itself. Before you make such comments about a phone you don't own, maybe you should get one and then tell us what you think of it.

  • James (USA)

I am also a sucker who got ripped off by Motorola that is selling us RUBBISH mobile phones ! ! !

  • Rodrigo

This phone really SUCKS !! It's the worst crap I have ever seen.. pretend to be sexy but it's nothing more than a dumb crap

  • Anonymous

This phone is damn rubbish :-

The ear piece volume is so damn quiet in noisy area that I am unable to hear what the other party on the line is saying!!!!!!!!!

This phone is too wide!!!!!!!!

This phone is too slow!!!!!!!!( It's not a symbian phone )

The only good thing is the clear handsfree speaker & easy to use calculator!!!!!!!!

I am a very angry & disappointed owner......I swear I will never buy another MOTOROLA phone!!!!!!!!!!!

MOTOROLA PHONE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • To hans

You have been robbed. Get your money back!!