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Motorola V220

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  • tanya

i think that the motorola v220 has good features yet i think i should at least have infared or even bluetooth. ive got the phone and i find it boring not being able to send and recieve things with my friends!!!!!!!!!

  • bob

the phone's features are excellent, i know...however no-one really comments about the external screen...I find it to be one of the coolest things about the phone.

Whenever something happens, eg. calendar event, missed calls etc., it pops up on the screen, right? Well, using the side buttons (press the ok button first, then scroll), you can actually access this information without opening your phone, eg. a calendar reminder, or a list of calls you missed.
Quite fascinating really! Try it yourself!

  • Mischa-Kaytie

This phone has gotta be the best. It is slim and fits well in pockets, and im sure it fits in good in girls bags. Good quality sound, colour and photos. Did i mention ringtones_ not only does this phone come with many great ones... you can create your own, download, and recieve them.

Anywayz gotta go

  • Ashlee

what is with everyone putting such a bad name to this phone. I love it, it is super cute, good colour, i have dropped mine millions of times and it is still as if it is brand new. The photos are awsome aswell. It has good features included especially for the price. Think of more expensive phones they dont even have as good a quality.

Please stop complaining

  • Ben

When ever i buy a ringtone/wallpaper it goes to browser message and i cant set it as my ringtone/ wallpaper how do i get it. Do i have to get the internet on my phone to get them.

  • merry

I do not know how to program the phone to show who is calling. Even thought I have phone numbers in my address phone book, when a call comes in it still says "unidentified caller".

How do i leave a voice mail message so that if i can't answer phone they can call me at another number?


  • Adam Williams

Tnis phone is amazing.It is as simple as that you canget and do everything with it If your looking 4 a great phone with good features ata great cost then this is the phone for you

  • Tine

I bought this phone last year in August and it just started giving me problems. I had a warranty but it was over a couple months ago. The front screen would work but when I open it up I would just see my background screen but no menu and when I get an incoming call it would not let me pick it up. Also occasionally when my phone did work, if i picked up an incoming call I would just hear static.....

  • Nataric

If u looking a phone that will last u for a few months (2-4) the v220 is the phone for you

  • Franco

Anyone knows how to delete bloked stuff?

  • Bob

To Mike,
You can change the contrast of the display in the settings. I prefer it on 4 (1 above default), the default is a bit weak coloured.

To Sarah,
You need not only the USB connector, but the software as well - it's called MobilePhoneTools, and you should've got it with the phone. If you didn't, you should be able to buy the CD individually somewhere, at a shop or online.

  • larry

a nice little phone but i cannot get a driver to use on my windows xp pc any clues please

  • marley

This particular phone has given me so much greif since ive gotten it, ive had to take it in for service twice now. The battery cover wont stay on and the screen powers off alot... and i don't drop it. i'd give it a 3 for quality... but the look isnt bad.

  • Sarah

I love this phone. And like cmon guys for the price you pay for it the cameras not that bad. I think its aweosme cuz ive dropped it soo many times and it hasnt effected anything other than the crappy battery cover has fallen off. The cameras not that bad, especially considering its not meant to take award winning pics. how the heck do you get your picture fromt eh phone to the computer!!! i have the usb cord but my computer doesnt recognize it as new hardware!!! please help!!!!

  • roisin, ireland

hi guys...motorola have just launched this phone in pink yay!! and i was thinking of buying it..but i really want to know how many text messages it can hold at one time...inbox and outbox. Does anybody know??? would love to know the answer. I'd sooo appreciate ur comments!

  • Mike

my main gripe with this phone is its internal display has crappy contrast, making the camera virtually unusable. if you really love cameraphones, get a phone with something better than a CSTN display screen.

otherwise, I LOVE that it uses a mini USB jack for data transfers (didn't need to buy a cable), so I make my own ringtones in mp3 and the little speaker on the back sounds great.

  • bob

v220 can't record video unfortunately. however, it can play videos you transfer from pc or receive from friends via mms.
to transfer pics you need the MobilePhoneTools CD, which in Australia came with the phone. You might be able to buy it separately in retail stores, or on Ebay?

PS to those who use 'screen broke twice in a year' as a complaint of the phone's weakness, why don't you just TRY keeping the thing safe?!! unless of course you were referring to the external screen, which would be a valid comment.

  • carrie

this phone has a video on it, does anyone know how i record videos? also how do i get ree software to put pics on pc?? plz hlp

  • sez

i have had this phone for nearly a year and twice the screen has broken. first the caerma broke in december(i got it in october) then the screen went black in march, i sent it off to be fixed and EVERYTHING got wiped off my phone n i think it got an upgrade. i got it back and it has recently done the same. this happened to my friend as well i advise anyone looking to buy this phone :DONT!! its not worth the money

  • Ameela

I accidently deleted my games from my phone (motorola v 220). Can they be reinstalled, if so how? Please help.