Motorola V220

Motorola V220

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  • lucy

everyone is saying this phone is either really good or really bad so i dontknow what to buy!@@

  • Anonymous

Cris: I don't think it would last 4 to 5 days medium to normal use. It would probably last 2 to 3 days

  • Anonymous

Cris: Yes, it does last for 4-5 hours medium to normal use. Well, at least, it does to me.

  • cris

could someone please let me know how's the battrey of v220 - does it last for at least 4-5 days of medium-normal use?

  • infoSeeker

Thanks for the helpful answers!

  • answers

correction...yes, you can store more than one number for an entry. Just select "MORE" when filling in a new entry.

  • answers

1. Yes, the organizer is in the form of a calendar. On the phone it's actually called the "datebook"
2. Yes, you can attach as many memos as you wish on the same day, and you can choose whether or not to have a reminder.
(HELPFUL TIP: when you get an event while the phone is closed, if you press the smart key on the side, the message will pop up on the external screen. Quite handy!)
3. I'm not too sure. The sim can hold AT LEAST 500 I think (anyone, please correct me if i'm wrong)
4. The Fields of entry are pretty dumb. Basically, it's one number per entry, full stop. I have heard you can attach more somehow. I haven't had troubles with this bother to be honest :)

  • infoSeeker

Hi there.
I am interesting in buying this phone. However, I am unable to find some technical information which is rather important for me. Could anyone of you folks owning this mobile help me?
1. does the Organizer include a calender.
2. If so, can you assign several memos to one day - and specify whether or not you want a reminder?
3. How many entries can you make in the address book...
4. ...and how many fields does each entry include (Name, privateTel, officeTel, mobile, Fax etc.)?

Thanks very much


it a nice phone and very convenient to use. am facing a problem with the set,i was able to find the password for the reset and it seems everything changed that is the colour changed and am confused of how to get the previous colour back.kindly help me on that and i will be very greatfull.

  • laura

this is the worst phone ever..the camera is garbage......waste of money

  • nick

bull! the usb cord is not $179! the phone plus cd and usb is!

  • erin

a USB cord is $179 really :O

  • mitchi

I take it ur from aust(I am 2). Besides Tandys and Dicksmith u can get it from allphones. At all of them now it is selling for $179au. What a bargin!

  • erin

you can buy them from shops such as dick smith and tandy i dont know any where else

  • Irina

Where can I find an USB port for Motorola V220.Thanks in advanced.

  • dc

I had the phone for two weeks. It works great. However, the intro music that used to come on when the phone is turned on is suddenly gone. I tried everthing but nothing worked. Please help.

  • Kenzo

Hey!i brought this phone for 130 E....i like it but i wan't to know if it possible to mount a card slot on it cuz the memory is to little for mp3's.if some1 know's pls contact me at!

  • Davidson

I would like to erase the videos and tones I don't want, but I'm not alowed. Is there any chance of doing It?
Thanks in advance.

  • Karim

Hi, I've just bought this phone for 50 on O2. It has Videos as well as MP3 and a gd enough camera, +mini USB port and JAVA 2.0.
Probably the best in it's price range.

  • d

i bought the phone a few months ago and its been great but i havent yet worked out how to get mp3 ringtones.(it doesnt say anything about it in the manuals) i need to know where i get the songs from and how i get them on my phone.
answers will be greatly appreciated.