Motorola V220

Motorola V220

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  • Sreeni

Hi, This Mobile is worth for the price.Camera is Ok not so Bad.. i like this Ringtones.. Totally Gud one..

  • jacob hill

I need help....My phone will send pictures and text message, but it won't recieve any pictures that my friends send me.Someone please send me a email and tell me whats wrong.

  • katie

i no this phone has a USB port.. but i want 2 no if it will let u put ur photos on to ur computer....i really need a cheep lil flip phone which will let me do if anybodys knnows cud u plz let me now ASAP
luv kt x x x x (uk)

  • ventdeea

I have the phone it's great but i can't play games because i don't have installed MIDlet aplications.please help me pleeeeeeeeeeese

  • ventdeea

I would like to buy this phone,but i'm not so sure that is good.I don't want to regret my decision.if someone wants to say,enything good or bad about this phone please send me a email.

  • luxcor

thank's roland ... try it because "moto mobile phone tools" is very good ...

  • luxcor

can anyone help me to get the moto v 220 usb cable driver ... for response please feel free to use my e-mail address ...

thank you in advance,

  • erin

i was wondering how u get rid of the vigin mobile thing and the date because i wanna c my picture

  • Tina Bennett

Please could someone help me as to where i can download the software for the motorola v220

  • Jelena

how many texts does this phone hold in the inbox? please, can you answer me

  • kate

how many texts does this phone hold in the inbox?

  • bekkie

didn't you get the software with the phone cause my phone came with a disk?
anyway i got this phone because i still liked it and its been okay so far dispite the fact the phone the phone only works with the simcard it came with and that messed me around alot.

  • jess

hey...ive been thinking about getting this phone and my friend has it and she doesnt hav any porbs but if i could get sum1 else to tell me if it is worth it or not i would be greaful..thanx

  • TIm

THIS PHONE IS CRAP!!!!! I am on my second one. The microphone is junk. The screen goes white and then i have to open and close it. When I get incoming calls, I can hear them but they can not hear me so I have to take out the batterey. I called Cingular and they told me that i needed to turn the phone off for at least 30 seconds every nite and it would fix the problem. Guess what it doesn't..SO I bought another phone....

  • Emmy

Hey this phone rocks!
But dose any one know where i can downloade the software?

  • bill

to bekkie,

on the contrary, many people seem to find that the phone is quite a toughie in terms of dropping and breaking and the lot...

  • V220

This phone though neat has an microphone problem. Ever so often the microphone in the earpiece stops working, and one only hear if the speaker function is enabled.

  • bekkie

After reading a lot of these comments about phones breaking ect. I was wondering if I am better off going for a Samgem MYC4-2? I am only a 16 and am looking to upgrade from a old useless nokia 3315. I don't need anything facy just a cute camera filp phone. Any ideas what I should do?

  • alex

glad to see a few enthusiasts for the won't be disappointed!

Let me clear up some things for people wanting to buy the phone: it HAS voice dial (max. 5 people, actually). it DOES NOT have voice memo or voice command.

HOWEVER, if you are desperate to get something recorded on your phone there IS a way: using the mms feature WITHOUT sending the message. here's how it works:

Go to MESSAGES => NEW MESSAGE => NEW MULTIMEDIA MESSAGE. Press INSERT, go to VOICE RECORD. Record what you want, remembering to press AND HOLD DOWN the voice button (the one on the right side). When done, release voice button, and press DONE. Tick any person on your phone list: you won't be sending it anyway. Check at least one, then press DONE. When you get to the screen with the lines to fill in (msg;subject;attachments etc), DO NOT press the center or right SEND button. Press the MENU button (the funny moto one), and select SAVE AS DRAFT. Now your record is saved.

I know it's tedious and quite trivial, but if you're desperate, then it works. ONE CATCH: you can only record 20 seconds per message. if it's longer you'll need to continue it on another new message :-)

PS If anyone knows a faster way can they please tell me on this site? ;-)