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  • Gangsta Moto

To tell the truth i dont believe that t-mobile guy... checked everywhere on the web but nothing mentioned about it... checked CNN like some guy said but that came up with nothing too.

Maybe it's some carriers recalling it cos they f'd up the software with all their tweaks. Aint heard nothing from Motorola.. in fact i'll call them now...

Just spoke to them and the V3x has definitely been recalled in the UK... anyone on here can call for themselves to find out. Motorola's number is: 08709010555.

In my opinion that brings a close to the subject... proof that it's the carriers that have defective handsets due to their software edits. Anyone who has done software editing.. will know how it can make a software unstable when non standard software is added to the system.

  • M

Hi Gangsta Moto

I value your opinion and you are completely are justified to it and so am I .

I agree with you about the N70 being slow and chunky , and all that . Why do you think I no longer have it? Each phone has its own faults. I have also said that the Nokia N70 has an awful 2 MP camera and vidoe capability compared to the w900i autofocused pictures.
All reviews are subjective. I am only giving my opinion and they are not meant to be taken personally against Motorola or any other manufacturer.It is thru reviews and opinions that customers give, that improvements are made - so see it as contructive criticism . I actually quite like Motorola - actually I like all the major mobile manufacturers with no preference over another.

And by the way - I am not a guy but a well informed female !
It is not a european thing as I have a very strong US connection !

  • bland

is it true that the v3x is bein recalled??in uk?

  • Gangsta Moto

To Colsycraig,

YES... the v3x does come with a USB cable + MPT 4.0 software + transflash card and adaptor... as long as you get it from Orange UK... not sure bout the other carriers but suspect they kept things cheap.

  • Richie

Over all, i would say that the Motorola V3x is an outstanding handset. That delivers extreme usage, and the best calls. BUT...

Then i would be a spokesperson for Motorola speaking with a forked tongue.

The RAZR has been recalled from the shelves, because of the many flaws in which come standard with the phone.

I am a representative for t-mobile, and the customer support centre will verify that the Motorola RAZR is the most common returned phone.

Stick to Nokia, or Sony.


  • Nick

I got a new phone for xmas (Sony Ericsson K508i) but now i want to be on a plan with 3, is it worth spending $15 a month, just for this phone? i love the look of it, but here are cheaper phones that could be better. Cheers. Nick (Australia)


Not too keen on this model and there have been reports of lots of software faults already!!! Motorola need to concentrate on reliability now they have the looks sorted and the V3x does not come with a usb cable.

  • colsycraig

can anyone tell me did their handset come with usb cable, can you change voice commands thanks

  • charlie brown

cut out all the slaagin off rubbish, i want to know some useful info. i understand some ppl seem a bit too passionate about how they feel about mobiles. I'm a motorola fan myself, but the comment page recently seem more like a slaggin-off forum.
just seen the white version on the review. it looks the nuts. anyone have any idea on where could u get it and when does it come out?!

  • Anonymous

juz went to the v3i page and read the readers' opinions. Had noticed that kevin has posted the exactly same comment on the v3i site ... the exact same extreme negative words.

  • Gangsta Moto

To Johnny,

Check out this site: ... it's a motorola modding site and u'd get all the info there.

Enabling call filter (called Call Restrictions when enabled)... is by flashing/flexing the V3 with the stock/original motorola software. The flashing changes the software from phone carrier's i.e Orange to the original motorola set up. Also the flexing deals with the hardware part of it. U'd need tools such as PST_7.1.1, P2Kman, P2K menu editor, XV132...etc which u can download from the internet. Go to the Download section of the site..u may need to register.. u will be able to download all the P2k tools there for free. PST 7.1.1 is hard to find but can be.. i found it by mistake on this site or one of the two not sure which way round the name goes. In the search field on the page type in PST and it would show u all files with that name...

Rock on dogg!

  • pit

yoo people.. just wanna know.. can you actually watch tv from this phone? does it support it like the nokia 6280?

  • lee

I have had my V3x since Saturday (today being Thursday!!) I have had to replace the handset once already due to it not charging and the phone is going back again this saturday because the screen turns itself on and off, the keypad lights flicker and, the calls disconnect midway through a call(with a full signal)
now dont get me wrong i really like this phone a lot but the problems are really bad! now i hear there is going to be a full recall in the states due to the same problems im having! oh and the battery doesnt even last a day if you actually use the phone. in future im going to stay well away from motorola!

  • Johny

To Gangsta Moto: please explain how to install the call filter option on V3x

  • Gangsta Moto

To the guy who agrees with Kevin,

Dont get it twisted mate... no one really cares if you guys dislike the v3x and it's mom for whatever reason u may have... it's just the fact that u guys make it a point to put a phone down like it took your girl/man from you or something is what is soooo sooo weird.

I've neva seen so many petty moans and groans all in one place and guess what it's all about... a mobile phone. It's actually embarassing that all the negative people on here..u included pick the worst pissible wordz to describe the phone and that just confirms ur bias.

U say the phones camera is AWFUL...what a word to use... but mate... i've also used the V3i, z1010 and N70 and i can very well say that in my opinion... they are not better than the v3x in any way. N70 is slow, freezes, chunky, heavy and just plain looks boring with a keypad made for baby fingers. z1010 was just plain useless witha battery that only lasted 12 hours... v3i on the otherhand lasts me 2.5 - 3days on 3G(with BAND set to UMTS then GSM/GPRS and TYPE set to manual). Some people say the v3x freezes but mine never has so what u got to say to that? The v3i is just a regular V3 black/silver with features that have now been enabled. I flash/flexed my v3 black to enable video, call filter, delivery reports etc...

The other phones have so many flaws u all claim the vex has but u overlook them to just knock Motorola and I know thats generally a European thing.

  • M

I agree with Kevin who posted twice not so long ago.
Firstly there are too many Motorola 'fanboys' here who cannot accept other peoples' opinions if they are bad ones. Why are you all bashing each other here, over a phone ?!

Honestly- I bought the V3x last Sunday having read rave reviews about it and I did not take the bad reviews too seriously because all reviews are subject to the reviewer's preferences.
This is my review ,based on my experience only .

I returned my V3x on Tuesday because the phone is not up to standard IMO. I loved the spacious wonderful phonebook and the screen resolution ........however, the UI was not great ,camera and video recorder were awful .

Now I have owned the W900i, N70,V3i,Samsung D600, SE 910i - so I hope I know alittle bit about phone specifications and comparisons.

I really wanted the V3x abd really wanted it to bed the great hamdset ,every one has spoken about - unfortunately , for me- it was not .
I really feel this phone was rushed to be released because the whole phone gives the feeling being half finished.

Video quality is dreadful .

This is an honest opinon , I am not trying to bash anyone or Motorola.

  • Anonymous

it looks like the camera takes picture in portrait(1200x1600)by default, which seems odd to me. is there any way to change it to landscape(1600x1200)? or u'd hav to turn the phone horizontally to take the picture???

  • Anonymous

yah, this phone, isn't as great as it seems to be. like, its pretty big, and since this phone is super advanced, its pretty hard to use at first. the cameras good though and its good to look at.

  • Tom

Please DO NOT listen to the cretins posting their thoughts on this site. This phone is SUPERIOR IN ALL RESPECTS to the W900i. It is quite possibly the best phone I've ever used, and it certainly DOES NOT look horrible or fat. Fantastic phone!

  • Pam Vos

I purchased this phone from ebay and it was sent from Italy. It does not have a service type of WAP only HTTP and have therefore not been able to connect to the internet. Please help!!!! I use cingular as a service provider but neither cingular nor motorola have been able to provide a solution.