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  • arlene glass

hi i was wondering if anyone could help me i have just bought this phone and im loving it, however i am finding that i need to charge the battery everynight as it has ran out of charge, even if i am not making calls that day. i have a friend who has the same problem with is v3x. is it just us or is it a common fault, thanks very much.

  • WSAXG60

hi can anyone help me i have this phone and i am loving it but im finding the battery is only lasting one day, this is without making any calls. i have a friend who has this phone and this is happening to him. is this a common fault or is it just my phone, thanks

  • Brenda

Hi, i just bought this phone and i have 2 problems.

First, it's the picture quality. When i transfer 320x240 pictures through the memory card, the phone isn't able to read them. But when i transfer through the software, it auto compresses and the quality is very very low.

Second, the video. does it only play 3gp videos? cos i d/l a trial version converter and it shows the version on the screen, and 3gp videos are very poor in quality.

Really appreciated if someone can help me with these problems. Thank you.


  • M

Thanks everyone who wrote about the V3x fairly. I really like this phone and I love the phonebook features too - 1000 X 20 fields is wonderful !

  • JoePF

To Cannondale:
you can add a 128kbps song to your V3x by not using the MPT program and using your V3x as a storage device(must have a microSD installed in the phone)
First: Go to Menu>>Settings>>Connection>>USB Settings>>select Memory card.
When you've donde this connect your phone via USB to your computer, now your computer will recognize the V3x as a storage device, Open My PC or whatever and you'll find that there's a new storage device, now open the store device and then mobile>>audio and then copy and paste the song you want there and it will be copied with the ORIGINAL kbps.

  • nik

just bought one - was using a CV550 spv nu edition windows phone - it was about as reliable as a chocolate firegaurd on mars - i have always (6years) been a nokia ruled entity - thought i would try the new v3x and it rocks - saw the orional razors and thought ok but this is neat - so far :-)
reliability in time will tell an i never used motorola b4 but its build quality seems good

  • nigie

he there does anyone know any web site links where i can get tones wallpapers and thems for this phone very good phone
email me

  • Cannondale

I just bought V3x and when I transfer mp3 file on phone it has low quallity (32 kbps) How I can improve songs quallity to 128 kbps?
Thank you!

P.S:I am sorry beacose my english is lil'bit bad!

  • susie

I've had the V3x for over 3 months now and it is the best phone I've had. I see people complaining about the phone case being "plastic" It depends on where you get your phone from people!! Mine is from orange and has the shark skin casing as I call it, you can also get a black casing as well. Vodafone seems to be the one selling the nasty "plastic" casing and they don't offer the other ones! The camera takes brilliant pictures and videos. The software you get with the phone as well is great! It's so easy to put mp3's onto it. I also got a 128MB memory card with it as well. People are also complaining how big the phone is, personally I dont think there is much difference between the V3x and the V3.

Well that's me had my grumble, take from it what you want!

  • canUhelp?

Dear Bland
So, supposing money were no object, what phone out of all the phones out there WOULD you buy? I'm interested to hear your reply.

  • CanUhelp?

Don't be horrified about the posts. In general, most people seem to like this phone. I've had three Nokias, one XDA and two Sony Ericssons in the past three years and I must say this is by far the most stylish phone of the lot. In my humble view, my ratings are out of 10:
- Looks 9
- Feel 9
-Screen pixelation/brightness 9.5
- Features 8.5 (would be better if it had a few more things on it for my liking)
- Camera 8.5
- User-friendliness 9.5
So there you go. If you get the V3x, just enjoy it!
Best wishes

  • M

I have been horrified reading some of the posts here !

I would value a fair review of the V3x by someone who is using it.The scaremongering going on here is unfair to everyone and to Motorola who make good phones gennerally.

Being rude and offensive just invalidates your post ,IMO.

Can someome just write a sensible fair post about this phone as I am about to put down my money for it in the next few days .

  • CanUhelp?

Dear G'Up or Whatever your name is
THANKS a million for that! You've solved my problem. What a star! No sooner had I deleted that contact then everything worked again.
Thanks mate!

  • Gangsta Moto

To canuhelp,

Mate... try going thru all contacts and find the one which knocks u back to ur homescreen... that contact is corrupt. Delete it and all should be fine. Once deleted you can try entering it (or them) again.

G'z up ... Ho'z down!

  • CanUhelp?

Can anyone help me? I love my V3x and have only had it about a week. All fine until yesterday. When I press the green redial button to see who I've called and to redial them, it makes a nice noise but no numbers/call records are displayed. Similarly, if I go into the menu and then try to access the 'Call Records' via the icon, again, no call records are displayed. Am I being thick and have I overlooked something in the manual? Or is it really bust?
In general, I've never had a clamshell phone but I think I'm hooked on this one. Always had Nokias and Sony Ericssons (SE) and although SEs may be more 'girly' and quirky, this vivid screen takes some beating.
By the way, as a Mac user, I can't load the software tools onto my Mac. I really wanted a currency converter on my phone for trips abroad. Any idea how I can get one on there without being able to use the Motorola Phone Tools disk?
Thanks everyone

  • Jason

To James:

The Motorola V3x originally does not come with USB Cable or Motorola Phone Tools CD software. Some sellers do offer these items along with the phone while some sellers do not. It is just part of their business.

  • Anonymous

Please don't complain about the battery life. The package comes with 2 batteries and a independent battery charger, so what's the problem.

We must understand that no phone is perfect.
I think motorola have been improving all these years but of course other brands also improving.

In my years of using handphones, if you want to have a good clamshell phone. Motorola should be the choice but candybar phone, maybe nokia or sonyericsson.

  • James

Very sweet phone, but I dont have the USB cd for drivers. ANy help plz?

  • xiaoxin

when i read through all the comment given.
i will stay with my o2 mini...
All the things here sound so stupid.
o2 mini have too much function then all these
talking about fight
about function..... can not compare
about performance.... its like child play.

please get a pda phone....
the normal phone time is over!!!

  • sandyausie

i jus got a one moto v3x from 3 n its nto as good as my old e398 but still its cam is really good n good thing it has window media player still far better then nokia 62800 n sexy design quite satisfied with this but battery sucks like all oter old moto cells