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  • Damjan

This excellent phone. I can't find anything that isn't OK. If someone needs better camera and video...go and buy digital camera, not phone. v3x has a great screen, the best i've ever seen. it has 64 Mb of internal memory+trans flash memory card. it is 3g phone. So it has everything that anyone need. it is not too heavy...and that would be it..

  • Anonymous­-en.shtml Go there and you will see a review for the V3X. It includes beautifull pictures...WOW

  • amazing

I'm perfectly satisfied with this V3x. However, the price difference here is so big. Just can't get it. Basically this is really a good mobile worth to have.

  • Disappointing user

I think nokia and sony ericsson is a much better phone in term of performance, features and user friendliness.

I got this phone but very dissappointing with the old video 3gp not Mpeg 4, camera so so.

  • Edu Domingos

I got one and I think that the V3x phone is a powerfull tool for the normal things to do with a phone and of course with the camera with 2.0 mpixel, the 3g and so on. Just one negative point for me...the doesn't holds those hours (not even close)...

  • Anonymous

If thge motorola v3x is better than more than the motorola v33 it should have everything and more than the v33 feature wise. no infared?

  • Anonymous

A very good phone. Its design is outstanding.
No compalints but appriciate if someone can give some good websites where I have facilities to download some software i.e. golf game. I have a golf fever at the moment and a nice golf game for my phone could save my life.


  • Klaive

I just got my V3x off of ebay for $361.50. It arrived from the U.K. today (I live in Reno, NV.) I slid the SIM chip out of my Motorola v220, spent about 10 minutes working up the courage to insert it into the (incredibly snug) slot that was provided for it on the back of the V3x.

I inserted the battery, charged the phone and took a nap. When I woke up, it was all charged and worked just fine. I did some text messaging and placed some calls and they were crystal clear. The screen was vivid and beautiful and I was able to use my computer to import my previous ringtones and wallpapers.

Despite what I hear about the V3x being so big, I thought the size was perfect and the quality of the phone was exquisite. I have been using it all day and night, off and on and I still have three bars.

The camera and video are very impressive and even record sound. :D

My only complaint is that I can't browse the web because it's configured for the UK and says, "Network Not Found." But it's not that important to me really and I assume it's just a configuration issue.

In short, I love my V3x and feel that it was worth twice what I paid for it. I have a V3i on the way next week. When I get it, I'll compare the two as best I can.

  • yuko

hey... hi there.. i'm not really a fan on Motorola until recently, i got kana hook on this phone.. i was like, the specs seem to be powerful.. so, guy out there... should i really get this phone??

  • scumm

For everyone who's about to post your opinion and say something rubbish about the v3x's display or say that its the same as v3, take a look at this....­3x/pic024.jpg

That is a side by side comparation of the v3x and the v3. (note: The V3x is the one on the left. duh!)

  • Ike

I got my V3x today. Well so far not that impressed with overall build quality. I cannot get into some of the sub menues as they are in Greek - I have changed the language to English but there are still some of the options which are defaulted to Greek. this is a Vodafone branded phone and is unlocked. It came with Greek manuals which was no train smash as I downloaded the english version. Can anyone assist me with guide on where i can download a flash upgrade for this phone or how this can be done.

  • Anonymous

does anyone know why the v3x comes with two chargers in the box? It doesnt come included with a bluetooth head set or anything, and both chargers are identical.

  • Ya'll still cant see


Of course thats utter rubbish. The call time is logged without a doubt... just goes to show the bias on this site... how can someone possibly give that kind of wrong info and the moderators still allow the post to's so weird and disturbing.

The call list will show you received calls(answered and unanswered)...also dialled (connected and not connected) calls... with date and time stamp. Only issue is if one number calls you 2, 10, 50 or whatever number of will only show you the most recent... not each individual one....also i've got 60 received and 60 dialled right now so it does hold quite a bit... not 10 like other Motorola's.

Also... this issue of having to buy ringtones is false... transfered MP3 and Wav tones i had on my laptop to the phone by simply copying from my Docs on my laptop and pasting in the Music folder of the phone...using the MPT 4.0 software that comes with the phone...i mean mate how easy is that???.. copy and paste... no long unneccesary process.

Dude... try it out...u got a 7 or 14 day return policy with mostcompanies so use intensively every possible way and make up your own mind.

  • alex0302

Can someone here please answer my question????? i've been thinking in purchasing this phone, not a big fan of motorola.. but i do like the features in this one. Two of my main concernes are the following.
1. Is it true that the phone doesn't display the time for its missed calls??? this is extremely needed for me do to my job, i'm always on call.
2.Is it true that you have to buy the ringtones, or is there a way you can overwrite that?

I love samsung and I was waiting for the samsung z560... I'm in the cellphone industry therefore i'm extremely picky when it comes to phones..


  • Still cant see me...

There is a lot of bias on this site and i feel the moderators are partly to blame... they leave most "against the v3x" posts but remove the "defending v3x" posts... whats up with that?

Anyhow... lets try and not be biased for once guys.

Top 9 moans and groans by those who hate the V3x:

1) The camera is useless in their opinion.
2) The make and feel is cheap and plasticky.
3) The Software is rubbish in their opinion.
4) The battery is absolutely dreadful in their opinion.
5) No audio recording.
6) Crashes all the time in their opinion.
7) Slow bluetooth... rubbish bluetooth etc...
Motorola wants us to buy them blah, blah, blah...
8)does not work with apple apps, isync
9)Rubbish display

However, in reality:

1) We all have seen the screenshots comparing the v3x with other top phones... and the fact is the v3x is in the top 5. It aint the best but is definitely not rubbish. As a matter of fact it is a very good camera for a phone... if all u want to do is take picture...guy's...just get a camera. I've compared it one on one with the Nokia N70, SE W800 and k750i... flogs the N70 and is on par with the w800... k750i is better but only just... lets not forget that the k750 was advertised as a camera too...even built like one so what do u expect? The fact is the v3x camera is very good... just not the best.

2) 99% of phones out there are plastic... motorola started the aluminium and mettalic stuff back with the v60. one complains that other phones are plastic... w800, k750, Lg phones, samsung phones...the lot. Try dropping them then drop a motorola and u'd find what durability means. The bias is soooooo obvious it's embarrassing.

3)& 6) The software works beautifully... I can sincerely say i have not had one problem with it... it has never crashed on me or anything of the sort so i cant understand where u guys get ur own problems from... almost make u think a lot is just exagerrated or created without ever happening just to put this phone down.

4) My battery lasts me 2.5 - 3days on 2.5G... 2 days on 3G... or nonstop cos i can charge every night... is that so bad?... thats quite normal considering it uses 3G. z1010 gave me 12 hours..8am - 8pm... without mush use cos in work all day... already beeping low when getting home. And once off can never come on unlike Moto...leave 10 minutes then try to turn on and it will.

5) No audio recording... agreed but it's just a feature most grown ups consider childish... the phone is for mature people. If u dont like it get a Samsung... that has bright colours and weird tones u may like too.

7) Bluetooth has worked fine for me from day one... find what u wanna copy or move... then pick the option u want to use..message, bluetooth etc... will find all devices 1st time and transfer speedily. Took me just 10 secs to transfer a file of 2.5MB to a W800. aint that quick enough? Another very biased argument cos any user will agree that the bluetooth works perfectly... only issue is finding devices which if done properly...find what u want to move/copy first... is brilliant.

8) Does not work with Apple/Isync... to tell the truth...who cares... the rest of the world uses Activesync and Microsoft Outlook... so makes sense to cater for the majority... no offence mate but the fact is if you have an Apple PC then u probably made the wrong choice of PC u bought...not phone cos u'd find that is how it is mostly with apple products...they are not compatible with the mainstream...not the mainstream not being compatible with them. Take two seconds to think about that and u'd real;ise it's only being biased that will stop u from seeing this..i work in the pc/spftware world so know this.

9) Rubbish display. that a straight lie... compare it side by side with any other phone... it is a very good display... one of the best without a doubt.

Lastly... those at 3GSM that gave it the best 3G phone award for 2006... took all things into consideration reliability, durability, easy of use, compatibility with most systems, portability etc... i can proudly, truthfully and very confidently state that i have the best 3G phone for 2006... and thats a fact. I got the 3GSM awards to prove it...and thats after being up against the SE's, Nokia's, Samsungs, LG's etc... that u all shout about.

I gotta say it guy's... I've got the V3x from Orange in the UK and it is the best 3G phone in the world.

Now what?....Haha!!!!!!!!!!


this phone has the second highest return rate of all phones, first being it's little brother the V3, Motorola's reputation is rapidly sliding down hill due to their high return rate. This is not a rumour, accurate figures clearly state "stay away from Moto" . No one would buy their phones if the staff selling them all over the world weren't directly compensated for each sale, the staff don't care what you buy they just want they freebies.

  • Anonymous

This phone sucks. I've had two now, first one went back to supplier because it wouldn't start up correctly, second one is about to go back because the #5 on keypad seems stuck down all the time so once again it won't start up. Or rather it will, but then it is useless unless you are calling someone on 55555555!!! And the software sucks too.

If you want a fashion item then get this phone, but if you want a phone that works all the time get a Nokia!

  • Gangsta Moto

If i may just drop some totally unbiased wordz for the wise here guy's... can i kick it?... yes i can.

They all moan the phone is plastic... 99% of all other makes of phones out there are plastic... they dont complain bout them do they? Try dropping a motorola... any Motorola then try dropping a Samsung, Nokia, Sony Ericcson etc... then check what happens. We all know only the Motorola will stay's and SE split in so many ways u need and octopus to pick all the pieces up. Samsungs and Lg's are really just toys with bright colours for kids.

They moan the camera is crap, crap, crap, bullshhhh, plastic lens etc... Well I can safely say most of us have seen all the comparison shots of pictures taken by the V3x and compared against other phones...while some might be better...others are worse and by all standards..the V3x camera is up there with the best if not + or - 5points... the camera is good...not the best but definitely good and all the bitching and negative talk in here cannot take that away.

They moan about the battery... we all know that all 3g phones have that issue so it's not a motorola thing... i used a SE Z1010 and it's was worse... yet they praise SE. My V3x battery last me 2.5 - 3days... on 2.5G. on 3G it last me 2days... plus i can charge while asleep so whats the problem? My Z1010 lasted me 7am - 7pm... 12hours... while at work so phone hardly ever used... returned it for a regular V3.

Someone said it's slow, always crashes etc.... for the life of me I can truthfully say...and this is on my moms... mine has never crashed... and by no means is the v3x slow... it is really fast...wanna know a slow phone that crashes...try the Nokia N70.

Then finally to put the nail in the coffin... the phone won the 3GSM best 3G phone for 2006... then they came up with some conspiracy theory that they only judged on looks or it was down to Motorola publicity or something silly... I mean they take an American product... it wins in Europe that has Ericcson, Sony Ericcson, nokia, BenQ, Sendo etc... u got the Japanese with all the Samsungs, Mitsubishi's, Sony's, Panasonic's, LG's etc... yet motorola won... i mean guys come on... why is it so hard to believe that the judges will ensure that their awards show maintains the highest standards and they must have taken all possible mobile phone functions, looks, software reliability, features, durability, portability etc... that matter to todays mobile phone user into consideration... and the V3x same out tops.

Guy's give it a rest...if u dont like the v3x then fine... get a Samsung, Nokia, SE or whatever... thats what competition is for... so u the customer have more than one choice.

However if you just want to lash out and make others feel they have a bad phone and blah, blah, blah... mate... u came to the wrong place.

I can safely, proudly and very big headedly say my phone is the best 3G phone out there today... and thats a fact!... just check which phone the 3GSm best 3G phone for 2006 went to.

Can you homie?... DIDN'T THINK SO!

  • Adam

I have had the v3x for a little while now i love it a couple of little things that annoy me but nothing major just things like it doesnt tell you a time for any missed calls and the ringing volume isnt all that loud. The picture quality is amazing videos are great and being able to crop sections of songs for r.tones is great i recommend the v3x to those thinking of buying it. ps battery life isnt nearly as bad as some of these wingers are making out geez just charge your phone when u sleep big deal!

  • Joe E

I saw and tried the Motorola V3x in Malaysia on Saturday. If you compare it with V3i, I can say that they are a world apart. The V3i is far better in many aspects. The V3x looks cheap, the plastic casing is like a Toy and does not have the feel of a 3G phone. The screen was bright but looks smaller than the V3 and V3i. I can not call it a RAZR model. It more looks like any other phone on the market but a RAZR. so In recomend other 3G brands and if you wants the style only and only try the V3i.