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  • Anonymous

how it the two video calling work? do you have to pay extra for this kind of service??

  • Moto Happy Enough


I also have this V3X - it's lovely looking. Short Battery life I can live with. As I charge it everyday.

But I have problems with contacts. Not able to see who a missed call was and some contacts seem to corrupt when I add new details ie just a home tel or mob number (never more than that).

I am with Vodafone and didn't get any software - which is a pain. Anyone else here with Vodafone uk and didn't get software?

I can't get excellent pictures off the phone!! Help!

Otherwise a lovely phone.

  • Lyall

V3x users! does anyone know how to get rid of the menu bar from the left hand side of the screen?????

  • Lami

With all honesty, i had this phone for 3 days, packed it and shipped it back for full refund, and got myself the V3i. Much nicer, smaller and more satisfactory that the tacky looking V3x. I don't even know what all the fuss about 3G phones when out providers don't support this option in most NA areas, def. not mine.

OH and watch out for NOKIA 6131!

  • Anonymous

Had the phone over two wks and am surprised i havnt had many probs with this model as i hav with other moto models.
Only probs with this fone is 1)the cheap wobbly buttons on the sides 2) when u charge the fone the profile automatically turns to 'loud' 3) Cannot change the theme (probably more to do with '3' network settings). 4) batt lasts only 2 days max.

Apart from this the fone is excellent and hav no regrets choosing this over the w800i (wots with that annoying tiny joystick!)

  • Gangsta Moto

.. gotta add one more thing.

Don't know what "VX could be be" is on about but the V3X i have came with the software i.e. MPT 4.0... if he's did not then his service providers must be cheap and instead opted out of it making their customers think it's motorola's fault. Here on Orange in the UK we get the full package. There is support... we even already got the BC70 battery thats 1030mah so no battery issues anymore.

Also... he's takling about the next phone being better like thats a bad thing... it's the future so should be better. As if the Sony Ericcson he's on about would not get replaced by a better handset... which he himself has put down there... then again he's asking for some Motorola stuff... why cant he just get rid of the phone???

So guys are just so biased it's irritating.

  • Gangsta Moto

Euroraver... do not listen to "V3X could be much be" or whatever th]at persons name is.

Do not avoid moto unless you decide to after checking it out for yourself.

This phone is banging... just cos the call center agent "V3x could have been be" called up is clueless about the phone and would not sort his problems out does not mean you would get the same issues.

The fact that my Nokia cellphone messed up and all the characters went haywaire etc does not mean i should go about preaching negative things bout nokia cos others have had good experiences with them.

The phone got mad Star Trek features that no other phones have... have a go and decide for yourself.

  • Mike

I works with all sim cards if the phone is unlocked.

  • Anonymous

this fone only takes 3g usim cards

  • Anonymous

v3x doesnt have voice memo sorry

  • Dimitar

I have it!its nice phone,very small and i like it.have everything i need

  • Anonymous

Kindly would anyone here can advise if this V3x has voice memo (sound record) function or not?

  • Anonymous

Does this phone work with a normal SIM card, or it works only with 3G cards?

Thank you.

  • pie_cutie

Planning on buying this phone..Seen it in deep purple, but as cutie asked; Does it come in pink? ;o)

  • V3X could be much be

euroraver. avoid Moto.
I wish I had stuck with w800i - full support from SE and Nokia.
No software with Moto and while the V3X has some good points - the follow on phone will be better. Doesn't help me with this one.
I spoke to Moto about problems with V3X and they dodged the bug issue and said this website wasn't any good.
My advise go for SW W810i :)

Any other V3X users - where can I get software to download pics etc?

  • Mark

Am trying to set up email settings and am having a bit of trouble! Has anyone else set up their email, and if so, HELP!

Thanks in advance!

  • Anonymous

superb phone!

  • cutie23

I really want to buy this phone, but am having a hard time. Does this phone also come in white, off-white, or anything similar to those colors?

  • Mimi

Does this amazing cell-phone come in Pink? I am a very busy New York woman and i need something sexy, yet stylish and 'work' able. I NEED IT IN PINK! FAST

  • Anonymous

The biggest difference between V3x and V3i is the UMTS in x model.