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Motorola W230

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  • Anonymous

Dear Moto Maniacs!!! here is the link where you can download W230 Moto drivers for USB cable and drivers for PC Charging...have fun

  • asad

can somebody tell me, could we save our text messages in the memorycard... because the phone memory is too less only 500 sms...


skeet_skeet, 17 Dec 2008And yes you can play the mp3 whenever. It has a Hide option.Hi buddy

how r u . hope u will be fine .
pls tell me where mp3 tunes in my w230 mobile.
pls reply on my id.

  • jane

motorola w230 mobile game downloading

  • Aftab

marvin, 21 Dec 2008hi.. I just want to ask something about motorola w230.. i... moreHi,

Please go to following link of And download the driver for your device. Unzip with WinRar in you computer.
When you connect your data cable it will ask you for the driver. Locate your driver and install.
Memory card will work with PC.

  • anonymous

Well i liked this phone because it has basic features and affordable price

  • ravi prakash pandey

ringtones are toooooooo bad

  • ravi prakash pandey

sound is not good but also not bad, funtions are difficult to use.....

  • marvin

Ask Me, 30 Oct 2008Hi, Solutions and Answers:- 1. Charge ur phone straig... morehi..
I just want to ask something about motorola w230..
i tried so many times to transfer music in my w230 but the computer cannot recognized the usb port.. i have already a memory card in my phone it is 1GB. And until now, my w230 has no music.!
Please help me how to transfer music in my cp from pc.
I hope for your kindliness..
u can email ur answer in
becoz i can't remember the site i've visited when day past. hope for your consideration.

  • skeet_skeet

And yes you can play the mp3 whenever. It has a Hide option.

  • skeet_skeet

Well after 5 months of using this phone. The battery life is good. I dont know why many people complain of the battery life. The Sound quality of the mp3 is good but no base. And the volume is low even if your song is 192kbps and more. The 2.7mm jack that this cellphone have you cannot use 2.5mm to 3.5mm jack so you cannot use your favorite in-ear headphones. So i have modified my earphone headset already to a smokin buds earphone.
If your buying this phone and you like your music with good quality don't buy this or you will surely regret it.
But if your buying this as an extra phone then its ok.

  • takio

can u text while you listening music???? plzz reply asap!! i'm so inteteresting about this phone

  • Anonymous123

It can directly attaached to PC using USB data cable
I have experienced very low battery timming while listning music or playing game
But very low price of memory expension fones having fm and colors and more options

  • ryan

hi since it has usb port, can i charge this phone via usb of my pc? thanks!

  • Cah Edan

Muddassir, 15 Nov 2008Listen guys do not buy this phone. I have been using it for... moreYou can go for nokia N81. It's a new game platform of nokia. It has New N-Gage System, n it has gaming key, then u can play the games horizontally, in landscape mode.

  • aamir

pls let us know how to set speed dial

  • JITU

This phone is really a music mania.I like the battery
back-up and sound quality of speaker in all sense the cheap and the best music buddy.

  • OC

Bala, 04 Dec 2008memory card not support , how to support pls adviceCheck the post by 'Acti'

  • ver

Bala, 04 Dec 2008memory card not support , how to support pls advicedowload proper driver (philog... I think) and make sure your battery is fully charge.

  • DANI

hi guys dani is here i have motorola w230 i was using this set from last 3 months rate kay hisab sy y set bht accha hay bt is ki battery life jitne likhe hay intne nahi hay aur music player m jb back karo to song off ho jata hay background play ka option nahi hay bs y set msg m liye accha hay alway trust nokia battery.battery m nokia sound m sony erricson aur camera m samsung is very nice..........