Motorola W230

Motorola W230

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  • matmat

is it true that the battery life is short??

  • vinoth kumar

sound quality is really has no disadvantage.worth for cost.really nice.

  • vkg

ric, 19 Aug 2008Hey john, It was a nice and detailed review. thanks. Could u p... moreBattery talktime is around 2.5 to 3 hours, with about 3-4 sms during the day. Somewhat disappointing considering claim by company of 9 hours, also with 910 mAH battery and small screen. The speed dial system is also unfriendly. The user manual is not supplied in the box, had to download it from website. It gives a higer SAR value than getting started guide provided in the box.There is no option of making Playlist in the Music Player, though the User manual downloaded from site mentions it. Motorola should upgrade the manual and also provide it in box. Having been a Nokia and Sony Ericsson user, I think I should have stuck to them.

  • kid

can i customize the themes?


i dont know why at the time i downloading music it fall and display a message as "http//bad gate away 504" i need your help in this

  • yaj-R

harish, 22 Aug 2008im using this is niceit can download games? hw much you bought it!?

  • harish

im using this is nice

  • nayan

Danny, 17 Aug 2008i got this phone yesterday , very nice but i m having a problem ... morecan i charge battery with data cable in my pc?

  • jackied

Maurice, 06 Jun 2008Can the motorola W230 be used as a modem to connect to your lapt... moreI send an email to motorola the other day i regards to that question and here is their response...

Dear Ed,

Thank you for your e-mail dated 20 August 2008.

The Motorola W230 does not support use as a modem for internet connectivity. You are able to use the handset to connect to WAP(Wireless Application Protocol) and browse WAP sites using the pre loaded WAP browser on the handset which requires GPRS connection

Should you need further assistance, please feel free to e-mail us again. Alternatively you can also contact our Customer Service number at 1800 1651 0415 (reachable within Philippines).

Yours sincerely
Motorola Customer Service

"Motorola Software Update offers an easy, convenient and free way to update your phone's software through your PC. Visit to learn more.".

****i hope that answers our question....
hope you have a good day...

  • Slayer665

Can you lock the messages alone?

  • andile

i want to buy this phone but i need to know ifyou can download music videos from pc and can you play them from Andile durban

  • ric

John, 15 Aug 2008I wanted a phone without camera (not allowed in my college) I... moreHey john,
It was a nice and detailed review. thanks.
Could u please tell about the battery of the phone? I heard it needed to be charged every other day.

  • roy

is there another earphone work for this phone? i want to upgrade my earphone because the free earphone sucks!..and when i try a 3.5mm to 2.5mm audio adapter only the right earphone works...

  • Lhen

I think it's a great phone. Really simple and easy to use. The radio is good and I have no complaints about the sound quality. The screen is also nice. The only thing I hate about it is the battery life, I use the Vibrate and Ring ring style and it consumes battery a lot and to think that I'm not using the music player feature a lot but I have to charge it everyday. I was expecting the battery to last much longer since it's a music phone but it isn't but so far, that's the only complaint I got.

  • Lhen

Anonymous, 01 Jan 19702,490 po sya dito sa 'tin. I bought it sa Motorola shop mismo sa Glorietta. Unfortunately, they don't sell it with a USB and a memory card... AND lock sya sa Smart.

  • Harz

psyckrette, 21 Jul 2008i have this fone,,about a month now,,my problem is the standby t... morehi...
just try to OFF the screen saver and your analog or digital clock saver...
and obsereve the result just try...

  • harz

hitsugaya_toushiro, 26 Jul 2008I bought the moto w230 a week ago. At first, i was quite impress... moretry this tips on how to consume your battery up to three days.
Try to OFF your screen saver and your analog clock or digital on standby mode.
just try....

  • ganz

jack, 07 Aug 2008this phone is good but the problem is i cant connect it to the c... morehi i think this motorola w230 is lock on smart as for now. because when i buy this unit they told me that this phne is lock for smart, but you can open line this mobile you have to go to a technician in greenhills. oki doki

  • Danny

hitsugaya_toushiro, 26 Jul 2008I bought the moto w230 a week ago. At first, i was quite impress... moreare you sure because im having hard time in listening to the person on the other side but that person can here me fine and you are saying opposite

  • Danny

i got this phone yesterday , very nice but i m having a problem in communication, the person on opposite side can hear me fine but i cant hear that person , how to improve this , moto also said that they have included a crystal talk technology what is it ??????? plz somebody help me