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Motorola W230

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Jul 2008U need to install some software n u get it from motorola website... morehere is the direct link where you can download the motorola drivers­driversNplugins.asp?country=sgp&language=ena

  • Anonymous

Jay-T, 29 Jul 2008yes, you can minimize the music playing, you can sms, BUT when y... moreYes because the game uses the sound device as well and there is now way on th W230 to bypass that

  • jack

helo..ive read the feedbacks of this phone and i think its ok for most of the users but i have a it ok to put passwords in messages??

  • Anonymous

How much is the memory card for w230? 128mb or 1g. And how much is the usb? I bought this cute phone but the package does not include usb. Thanks!

  • Anonymous

diyen , 28 Jul 2008i can not connect my cellphone to my computer using usb connecto... moreU need to install some software n u get it from motorola website, Im also searchin for the same.

  • Jay-T

eL, 24 Jul 2008YEs you can text while listening, can even play games while list... moreyes, you can minimize the music playing, you can sms, BUT when you open a game, the music will stop!

  • diyen

i can not connect my cellphone to my computer using usb connector..why is that??please help me..

  • Asad Aslam

I have been using this phone for about a month now and I can tell all those who wonder whether to buy this phone or not that 'It is the best value for money phone with excellent functionality and average features in the market today'.

Memory Expandable upto 2GB and you can create infinite number of Folders within the Music Folder but you are not allowed to create folders in Pictures folder (this is what it lacks in)

It can store upto 500 full length messages and 500 phonebook entries has very good messaging and phonebook options. And it can store upto 20/20 dialed and recieved calls not 10/10 as written (Missed calls included within recieved as on all Motorola phones but missed ones are indicated by an icon).

It is a very nice phone for messaging, readable font with medium size and nice features, but it doesn't have the ability to create contact lists (like in Nokia) If you want to send message to many people at once you'll have to check mark them one by one with upto 16 people at a time (not more than 16).

As far as Music is concerned it has everything a budget Music phone should have. Very good sound quality, nice headphones, no equalizer, Now playing playlist, ability to store all song information like Artist, Album, Year, Genre, Rating, Track number etc. Stereo FM Radio is also good, you can store upto 9 channels for 1 click execution (1-9) RDS feature automatically detects channel names and info like genre etc. You can also record FM for future playback.

I use Windows Vista and there is no problem at all in copying music in and from the SD card. Just plug the phone into the computer with USB cable, select 'OK' on the phone when it asks 'Connect Phone as a storage device', you'll be taken to the external memory. (In vista it doesn't require me even to install any drivers.

Calendar feature is the one that should be mentioned. It has all the feature an expensive phone's calendar has.

Overall this phone should be rated 9 out of 10 because of its Pretty looks and extreme features in low price.

If you are looking for a phone with extreme capabilities of Music and Messaging for a low price, immediately buy this phone!

  • hitsugaya_toushiro

I bought the moto w230 a week ago. At first, i was quite impressed with it's price.. Bought it for just P2490 in Robinsons Place Manila with a free sim card. hehe This moto is specifically made for people who simply love's music without the complexity of tags and album cover preview etc

quite nice for an entry level phone,
i tried connecting it to an adapter
intended for 5610 express musc:it works
but for voice calls, i quess
the crystal talk technology is just a one way communication advantage, i could hear the caller clearly, the person on the
other line was having a hard time hearing me
for music, the music of my p990i is just one notch higher.

pretty basic but good.
just an advice, if wish to appreciate the screen try applying a cartoon or an anime
type of wallpaper, its not intended to show
clear photos of "real people" sobe contended with innanimate objects hehehe

-interface and keypad
nothing have changed.
i had the moto rokr e1 and v3i before
this one has almost the same interface
the music keys works fine. except for the
numeric keypads, sometime its unresponsive

-battery life
oh men!thisphone sucks at this, with a battery life of merely 24hours in standby mode. Motorola misrepresented the info once again tsk tsk. im disappointed with the w230's battery life, bad moto hehehe.

my opinion"
if ur into music with a tight budget, and does not mind charging everyday, this one's for you

if your a "talky,texty" type of person, try
other brands.. hehehe

for the price, size and music playing capabilities, i ll give it 8/9 stars

for the battery life 4/10 stars.

  • eL

psyckrette, 21 Jul 2008i have this fone,,about a month now,,my problem is the standby t... moreuse the phone til it alerts you that the battery is low, but dont let it drain completely, then recharge the phones battery for 12Hrs straight, try again.... Good Luck

  • eL

voc, 07 Jul 2008can i ask??can you texting while you listening???YEs you can text while listening, can even play games while listening.... just minimize the player so you'll gain access to your phone's menu, and whatever is on your menu, you can do,while playing music

  • eL sErpIEntE

Does anyone know what to do to make MPT (Motorola Phone Tools) detect this phone? The software is up to date, but cant detect the phone, also im having problems with the USB, whenever other USB devices are plugged in to my PC the phone stops chraging and the PC displays pop up that the USB device is not recognized, looks like this phone doesnt want any USB devices plugged in to the PC while it is charging... tried a desktop and a laptop, and even reformatted my computer running on WinXP.. Even had the phone replaced because of this. Any ideas?

  • jays

battery not last long less than 24hour only..not too loud voice..
sometimes the voice jammed..need to take out the battery to make the voice back to normal..there's no screen saver..but it's good..gambate motorola..

  • jane doe

how to download mp3 on a w230? must have the knowledge about the internet. Download patch tapos mga driver updates. download ang pang usb...yung driver for a 32 bit usb for winXP. after all have been installed on your problem...but the transfering of mp3 files in your memory is a bit slow...but it's fine. just emotorola phone tools can't detect the model even if you update your old MPT software...hehehehehe. for newbie users, this phone is for you...for hobby goers...better buy higher models of motorola.

  • lady sprite

If you're not familiar with the downloading process of updated patch for windows, you can't use the usb to your computer. download the file USB serial Emulation Driver under windows 2k/XP then download the file usb driver 32 so you can use your computer as a charger when connected as a storage media or just by using motorola phone tools. happy downloading...the files can be found at all is there...just have the patience to browse... :)

  • kamanukan

jas, 23 Jul 2008how do you do it? how do you download a MP3 to the unit?you can download mp3 in your phone using the USB cable and the software that comes with it. install the driver and software in your computer, connect the USB then wla...the computer will detect your phone as e removable drive. easy as 1 2 3 in downloading can copy paste. even my 10 year old daughter knows how...i bought W230 for her to listen music. she loves it.

  • Mukund

This is noce model for only music, not 4 talky person, b'coz battery is not long back up. F.M. radio quality is also not good as we want. There is sometime probblem in hearing voice of otherhand side.

other wise its good phone............

  • jas

jongkoy, 21 Jul 2008the phone is cool for those who are music lovers "only"....slick... morehow do you do it?
how do you download a MP3 to the unit?

  • Anonymous

the battery don't last long not more than 24hrs it is already battery low.

  • jongkoy

the phone is cool for those who are music lovers "only"....slick small...handy and most of all has an expandable microSD memory up to 2Gb...i already installed 158 mp3 songs. Long battery capacity...what else...hhhhmmm....and its very affordable...i bought it for P1,900 in Junrex SM huh! if you want to hear it in a loud speaker, you could also connect it using the adapter (2.5 bb jack to 3.5 bb plug)...its you have already a handy phone and ipod in one hehehehe cool :D