New mid-range Dimensity 700 and 800 chipsets may use an older 10/12nm process

Peter, 25 January 2021

MediaTek unveiled its first 6nm chipsets, the Dimensity 1200 and 1100, for high end phones. Next-generation chips for mid-rangers are on the way too, reports DigiTimes, which will slot into the Dimensity 800 and 700 lines.

These will use a more mature node from TSMC, 10nm or 12nm. The focus with these chips will be on power efficiency, sub-6 5G connectivity plus multimedia and gaming performance.

New mid-range Dimensity 700 and 800 chipsets may use an older 10/12 nm process

We’ll see how that pans out as even the base Dimensity 700 is fabbed on TSMC’s 7 nm node (N7). MediaTek uses TSMC’s 12 nm node for the likes of the Helio G-series, including the budget offerings like Helio G35 and G25.

Anyway, MediaTek is expected to introduce the new Dimensity 700 chip first, at some point in the April-June quarter. The new Dimensity 800 chip will be shown off at the MWC 2021, which is currently scheduled to take place June 28-July 1 (of course, these dates can change depending on how the situation in Europe develops).

Last year there were rumors of a Dimensity 600 that was slated to come out in Q3. However, it never materialized and nothing has been heard of a 600-series chip since.



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  • AnonD-844232
  • 26 Jan 2021
  • m5u

Mediatek will be big soon

Thanks alot , learned something

  • Anonymous
  • 26 Jan 2021
  • 08B

It shows nm is a little a marketing naming... The truth is in MTr/mm2 The more MTr/mm2 (millions of transistors per square millimeter) you get, the thiner your process is (what the nm should be), the better efficiency you will get. Samsung&#...

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