iPhone 6s rumored to sport 2GB of RAM, Apple SIM too

04 March, 2015
Apple's next generation smartphones will bump up the memory capacity, a new report claims.

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  • AnonD-341196

Anonymous, 05 Mar 2015Sigh.... They run good bench marks and graphics because ... moreApparently you have no idea what off-screen benchmarks are.

  • Anonymous

cjs, 05 Mar 2015The Apple Sim idea is nice in theory but rubbish in practic... moreI actually feel bad for the people with apple sim. It's an unlocked sim on an unlocked device. But cell phone companies are greedy like apple and lock the sim when you activate it.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Mar 2015Sigh... 1. You do not need to have over 4GB to leverage ... moreSigh....

They run good bench marks and graphics because they use decent GPU on low resolution display. And for ipad use higher clocked gpu.
And cpu runs well because it's armv8 larger cores running on a barebones glorified app launcher.

Apple do not give a damn about being the highest spec'ed phone. They only want the best for their wallets, the results that counts. Any high tech features or hardware with positive returns will be removed for the benefit of the their wallet.

  • Anonymous

minds, 05 Mar 2015right 6gb is not enough, current lollipop memory leak bug w... moreAs opposed to all the lag on 4-5s, and crash on all of them in what way?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-356282, 05 Mar 2015Have you seen the latest Galaxy S6? EUR700. Are Android ... moreHave you seen the Galaxy S6???

There is a reason a Galaxy costs money

-Brand new armv8, 8 core, World's first 14nm SoC. And it's the best phone SoC around. Intels might compute a little faster and X1 draws more power.
-Brand new optimized QHD Super Amoled that beats out the Note 4 for the title of World's best mobile display. And you do realize Amoled is the most expensive screen tech around. In fact these Amoled displays are probably the most expensive component out of all components in any phone.
-All new introduced UFS II storage memory up to 128GB that uses SSD technology
-Aluminum 50% stronger then that of most other metal clad phones.
-And you think it's cheap making or using/altering a 16MP sensor?
-Built in multi standard wireless charging. As well as newer developed extra fast charging?
-Dual pane Gorilla Glass 4 slabs. And you think it's a cheap and simple done and over process for the Edge version???????
-And lastly Touchwiz. Do you realize it costs way more time and RnD to work in and develop all those features and maintain them? And then updating as well to which they are about the best Android OEM in updates. Even the Note 2 is tasting Lollipop shortly. Which makes it a high chance the S3 will.

There is a lot more money and technology in the Galaxy compared to the iPhone. And Samsung is very strong in advertising too. Whether you agree with it or not, like it or not,or how useful/good you think it is, is not the point. The point is the cost and time into is a lot higher....And generally the iPhone still costs more because it has an apple logo on it.
And that's just the biggest example. Not the only example. Many other Androids have more expensive parts too.

Which is why iOS only has 11% global sales, but 80% global profit.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Mar 2015Well well. 1GB Ram / dual core and 8MP mid range android... moreLOL! So you argument is that supposedly that lags on Android...And never on iOS. Again with he exaggerated in both directions lie to make a fake point.
And what about the extremely large lead in app crash that iOS has?

And then you go as far as to say don't mention multi tasking? Only talk about 1 app???? LOLOLOLOLOL
So because multi tasking is one of the biggest purposes of ram in the first place and something iPhone lacks in with numbers and performance you want to say it doesn't count.
Just like when apple users say specs don't matter but look at my speed test score....But if an Android wins it's oh well it has higher specs and it doesn't matter because benchmarks don't matter.....Seriously?

  • AnonD-59657

rumours suggest Apple will release iPhone6+Max that has 6.5" display.

  • Anonymous

darkraver, 05 Mar 2015And my statement holds.... No use reasoning with apple use... moreNot only will I say we agree on something finally I have to give you credit for describing that so well.

And I agree. Between how many years it's been since they made updates, needing to keep the sales flow generated by the larger higher resolution displays, fierce competition, and hurtful digs and call outs.

Apple has no choice but to update some of their offering. And I agree it will be around a 12 or 13mp snapper with 4k offering. And probably finally record in stereo.
2GB ram, slightly larger battery, probably Samsung's UFS II memory, and probably a better SoC.

And it will always be a couple years behind and always made just so their glorified app launcher will runs smooth on less hardware and sh33p will love it and defend it.

Thank god, in my country more and more companies are ditching iphones and samsungs in favour of xperias....best cost/benefit phones out there

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Mar 2015Fooools. Apple is top of the world in terms of mobile te... moreSo you have to exaggerate specs to make your false claims? Lol.
Saying Android is nothing but lags shows you have experienced the lags and crashes in your iOS device and are looking for an outlet to bash on.
And you are right. They are not like others. Because others offer real technology instead of scams.

It's a success because they are good at what they are doing and human beings as a whole tend to love to be herded
Match made in heaven? buggy outdated software more limited than pre smart phone flip phones? And the World lead in app crashes? I guess so.

The iphone 6 is smaller than others in bezel? It's obvious you know that's false and said it on purpose.

  • AnonD-356282

Vipul, 05 Mar 2015God! This "debate" is endless and reeks of unnece... moreNo one sneers at people buying a cheaper phone, it's what an individual can afford and is comfortable with.

Of course people justify their purchase, it's human nature and it happens on both sides equally. Buyers remorse however is probably rarer on iPhone than it would be on Android...

  • AnonD-356282

Linas, 05 Mar 2015Ohh Yes... For example battery life in iPhones has &quo... moreBattery life, in reality, is so dependent on what services you use, what network you're on, etc. I find it useless to argue about it.

As for hardware + software. You may not like it, but I have to yet read any official reviews that would agree with you.

Apple may not be a tech manufacturer, but heck they can make some good software. iOS is much more refined than Android will ever be - and I use both.

But in the end, it's all about personal preference, and the ecosystem one is most comfortable with.

  • AnonD-356282

Whachamacanit, 05 Mar 2015But its chipset and cpu. Is it built for gaming?Whilst I would argue that every game released on the App Store would have been tested and verified on iPhone 6 to be fully functional, I can't answer your question.

I don't play games on my phone.

Unlike Android, game developers only need to focus on a small set of hardware, so I'd be surprised to find any game on iPhone that wouldn't run satisfactory.

  • AnonD-356282

darkraver, 05 Mar 2015What hardware functionality and features android flagships ... moreThe experience is what people are after, not necessarily the hardware. iPhone functions perfectly well as a phone, people wouldn't know or care what's under the hood. Whether it's 550ppi or 400ppi, a normal user really doesn't care.

Unless you're a hardcore gamer and framerates matter, there's absolutely no need for high-powered hardware if iOS simply doesn't require it.

You wouldn't buy a gaming computer for $5000 if all you do is browse the web and do the occasional Photoshop/

  • Joey

Linas, 05 Mar 2015 1. That is main advantage 2. This just proves my point... moreyou really have no idea what your talking about

  • Vipul

God! This "debate" is endless and reeks of unnecessary identification and alignment with Corporate entities, as if Apple and Samsung are their family members or significant others.

The Android users seem to be either jealous that they could not afford an Apple device or smug that they managed to get as good a device as Apple for a lesser price

The Apple users seem to be either sneering those making a 'cheaper' choice or eager to defend and justify their investment.

Note: I am an android user myself

  • Linas

Duel, 05 Mar 2015"In anyway, benchmarks have little value in real life ... moreOhh Yes...

For example battery life in iPhones has "proven performance". While on SGS5 I have 2,5 day of proper life + extreme battery saving mode with kept my phone alive for days on 10% of battery life.. iPhone barely does 1,5 day. Additionally, you need to take in consideration that SGS5 has bigger scree, better camera and much more functions running at the same time..

Additionally, one proven "feature" of iPhone 6 and + is that it bends... very important when you do business.. so it "adapts" to your body shape. And this is not just empty words from a hater.. I have to use iphone 6 as my work phone and it is bent already "slightly" and I do not dig graves.. it bent while sitting on the table in office.

So all you said is utter non-sense. Apple is just a band which appeals technologically illiterate people and both it's hardware and software is shit.

No surprise company I am working at ordered 40,000 SGS5mini + Samsung KNOW as new corporate phone, because KNOX has proven as best corporate security solution... unluckily I was on pilot using iPhone 6, why my lucky colleague used SG Alpha.

  • Duel

Linas, 05 Mar 2015 1. That is main advantage 2. This just proves my point... more"In anyway, benchmarks have little value in real life performance and they do not prove any points you made."

Exactly thats why people buy iPhone because the performance in real life usage is best in business. Thats why also android users currently buying those bigger iPhones because they also finally get that great performance.

  • Appleman

to be honest 1 or 2 gig of ram. the software is optimized unlike Android. And runs sweet. I love my Iphone 6 much faster than my Galaxy S5. lagdroid.

  • cjs

The Apple Sim idea is nice in theory but rubbish in practice. Very few people buy an iPhone sim-free and at full retail price - most people get them as a 'free' or subsidised handset from the network provider - can't really see the providers offering cheap/free iPhones without having a network lock on them....