iPhone 6s rumored to sport 2GB of RAM, Apple SIM too

04 March, 2015
Apple's next generation smartphones will bump up the memory capacity, a new report claims.

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  • AnonD-1825

Anonymous, 05 Mar 2015It doesn't, ios simply freezes background apps. That actually ... more"good luck in waiting a youtube video to load all the while you're doing sth else (I.e. you can't because ios mechanism are stuck in 2008"

And clearly you have no idea what you are talking about, youtube loads in background and you can even play audio from youtube video in background, can start the video audio from lockscreen again without going to youtube etc.

By the way how slow net connection you have? :D i dont need to wait youtube to load it start playing right away...

  • AnonD-368556

Linas, 05 Mar 2015I would be about to agree with you, but iphone is not good for t... moreTrue. Apple products are quite expensive compared to the majority of android products. I've used both extensively and have actually had less problems with apple devices than android devices. The specs aren't as high but they run just as smoothly. My problem with the recent Samsung releases constantly upgrading RAM etc. Increasing the price, but will most likely lessen battery life. Of course they can put a bigger battery in and increase other specs etc. Again increasing the price. I think the prices of the new S6 edge are a bit ridiculous. I think theres alot of unnecessary apps on android devices, I had the Sony Z3. And it had two apps of everything. Google photos and then its own gallery etc. Two music players and so on..That's why I liked the Nexus 5. It was more straight forward with having stock Android on. It was only let down by the camera. And I think if I was to get another android it would be a Nexus device. Samsung seems to be the most popular of android devices but I just don't like them. I don't like touchwiz and that back button is definitely on the wrong side. Maybe i'm just a simple man with simple needs. The iphone is simple to use and straight forward. I never really used much customisation on my android devices. Widgets, different keyboards etc. As I said before I believe it's just personal preference. Apple fans will never be won over by an android user blasting how much better they are. And vice versa.

  • Anonymous


Not a matter of being able to afford an iphone, but the worth for the money. A lot of people now realise that for thesame amount of money, you can get more specifications on a phone when going for android. the example is a note 4, which roughly packs thesame specs as an iphone 6+. Actually, more!
And it is cheaper (at least in my country). People realise you also pay for the IOS user-friendly product, but also want to be able to download items from other resources.
And ofcourse the looks of the phone also help drive up the price.

So it is a matter of taste.

  • Linas

AnonD-368556, 05 Mar 2015Everyone arguing over which is better. It's pathetic. All apple ... moreI would be about to agree with you, but iphone is not good for the price it sells.

I am not saying it is bad phone overall, but for it's price it is crap. It is not even what you can call high end or flagship, while at the same time cost same or sometimes even more than high-end offerings from other companies you mentioned.

  • AnonD-312360

Anonymous, 05 Mar 2015Well well. 1GB Ram / dual core and 8MP mid range android phon... moreMy dear fruit fan, please consider the cost also of that 1gb dual core android before considering its lag issues compared with your glorified fruit product.

  • AnonD-368556

Everyone arguing over which is better. It's pathetic. All apple devices, Sony, HTC, Samsung are all good devices. It's personal preference and what you want from a phone. Am I the only one sick of going on to an article just to see the comments spammed by fanboys, with no real interesting input. And I thought the whole console fanboys never ending debate was bad. Jesus.

  • AnonD-312360

In the ios vs android debate... I guess it is useless to argue on the ecosystem in general as that is a choice on a far more fundamental level. Rather one should only consider the end user feature and practicality benefits.

  • AnonD-312360

Anonymous, 05 Mar 2015Sigh... 1. You do not need to have over 4GB to leverage on 64... more"retina display the more efficient display " ... not quite..

Anonymous, 05 Mar 2015"No one sneers at people buying a cheaper phone"...You... moreI've been on Gsmarena when you were probably still a kid. All I ever see is people saying that others are jealous of apple because they can't afford one. No one ever has said anything bad about people buying cheap phones.

Anonymous, 05 Mar 2015Really??? So you disagree because it's a factual point and make ... moreIt's OK, like I said, pointless arguing with you.

  • Linas

Well.. we know the facts -iphone hardware is crap and aged at least 2-3 years by now and software is not as glorious as some of iFans would like it to be.
Android flagships are superior, by hardware, features and design and while cost the same pas-as-you-go, they are MUCH cheaper on contract - which is what majority of users would get.

The one thing which is total mystery for me is - how apple to manage to brainwash so many people in believing that "less is more, because it has apple logo on it".

AnonD-1825, 04 Mar 2015Yes it did, give me a phone an i give you proof Even iPhone 5... moreiPhone 5S has better performance than most phones?

LOL, that made my day. The iPhone 5S can't even compete with the Nexus 4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LY-KuPhC0Y0&­index=17

Oh, what about the Galaxy Note 4 vs the iPhone 6 Plus?

Galaxy Note 4 are faster: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVkaY-F6Zhs

So whatever you are smoking, i wouldn't recommend you to continue smoking it.

  • sane person.

Dot-WiFi, 05 Mar 2015even rotate the screen on notegap 4 have lag ... what ? u think ... moreHave u gone crazy buddy. At least don't make false claims. Leave note 4 even note 2 did not lag while screen rotation...

I m not bashing apple its their company issue, how advance their specs are. And I am not bashing google or android for how unoptimized their software is.

I am using note 3 bought at 31000₹ appx 500dollars and it is serving me just awsum. I m a hardcore gamer. I like beefy phones.

Apple fones are for them who have got money to spend. Care a lot about daily usage and want no software glitches. Yes android does have some software glitches.

And android is for them who want better value for their money or would like to treat phones as some supercomputers. (I do my SETI processing on it)

Both are for different people. So peace!

  • AnonD-341196

Anonymous, 05 Mar 2015"No one sneers at people buying a cheaper phone"...You... moreIf you live in a place where people have never seen an iphone in real life before, that might happen.

In most places however a phone is a phone. Nothing more nothing less.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-356282, 05 Mar 2015No one sneers at people buying a cheaper phone, it's what an ind... more"No one sneers at people buying a cheaper phone"...You don't get on here much or talk to many people who love iphone do you?

"happens on both sides equally".....LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

AnonD-356282, 05 Mar 2015Battery life, in reality, is so dependent on what services you u... moreReally??? So you disagree because it's a factual point and make up excuses.

And read nothing that shows this? So this is your first day on the internet?
How about GSM's battery tests alone? And they lied about the Ultra Power Saving Mode as well?

And you do realize that this was the first time there was any reall change in battery life since the 4 right? The battery has stayed almost the same size since the 4. By the 5s had only grown about 100MAH. And that's not because the device could not have greatly benefited from it. But because Apple loves their profit.
And it still really only increased enough to benefit the larger higher resolution display.

It's not just personal preference. That's the issue here. It's the fact of how horrible, greedy, thieving, and scamming a company apple is. And how much the majority of people here and around the world are in snooty self righteous denial of it and think they are best everything and invented everything.

When in reality it's a half stolen, over priced, scam. From a company that's a wannabe welfare version of umbrella corp.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-356282, 05 Mar 2015The experience is what people are after, not necessarily the har... moreThat's nice except you just like everyone else just side tracked on purpose to try and dodge their factual point and proving wrong of the false claims from the apple followers here.

And "You wouldn't buy a gaming computer for $5000 if all you do is browse the web and do the occasional Photoshop/"
Seriously???? Did you forget that in your little scenario there that the $5000 machine "Android" in your little claim is in fact the cheaper or same priced offering with the higher added specs and functionality compared to vastly over priced simple machine "iPhone".

And as far as the "experience" goes, they are putting plenty of horsepower to push the higher resolution displays for gaming like you said. So if all you do is basic things and the phone costs the same or a little cheaper, then there is nothing wrong with choosing the better. And 1080p and QHD on a flagship will not drop frames making a phone call or checking facebook.

Plus as far as the experience goes how is it better when you paid more for less, the apps crash significantly more, and the bugs are in much higher offering. And with Samsung and Lollipop security is higher too.
Plus even where iOS should have higher security it's been proven apple "accidentally" leaves major security holes.

So mind explaining all of that?

  • AnonD-341196

Anonymous, 05 Mar 2015Then why is it beaten by numerous phones? And lags far behind in... moreAtleast they dont have to wait months for updates. When is the galaxy S3 getting lollipop?

  • AnonD-341196

Anonymous, 05 Mar 2015I actually feel bad for the people with apple sim. It's an unloc... moreI feel bad for people who don't like Apple devices yet insist on coming to every Apple article to cry. The very definition of fanboys.

Well, not really, I find it hilarious. Let the hate flow through you :)

  • Anonymous

Duel, 05 Mar 2015"In anyway, benchmarks have little value in real life perfo... moreThen why is it beaten by numerous phones? And lags far behind in multi tasking. And has world lead in app crashes.
And anyone who actually uses iOS knows how many bugs there really has been since iOS 5 and then back in 7 and 8 that apple has to release multiple weekly and monthly patches and fixes for to get to a more stable 8.1.

But it's sooooo perfect. And most these points are well known and proven before or even brought up right here...But you and all the others keep dodging them.

You claim it runs best and specs don't matter. When shown proof it doesn't run the best or fastest then it's only because something has higher specs and benchmarks and tests don't matter...

Then you purposefully act like the proof was never brought up and talk about it being the fastest and best again.