iPhone 6s rumored to sport 2GB of RAM, Apple SIM too

04 March, 2015
Apple's next generation smartphones will bump up the memory capacity, a new report claims.

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  • Anonymous

How much ram does it have now?

AnonD-1825, 04 Mar 2015Looks like no optimization for 6+ in that video yet, well i... moreShould I reply now with "excuses" term too?

Dont bring samsung into the debate, cause it is the worst android OEM, and is not representative.
Apple users always compare to samsung...
There are better androids out there most certainly

AnonD-1825, 04 Mar 2015Excuses over execuses :D didnt expect anything else. But... moreI prefer answers over term "excuses"...
Please answer...
for a debate, you need all factors included...

Repeating excuses term is not a factor in this debate...

Android apps need to support much more different chipsets, so are bigger packages, the bigger the package the more ram and processor power it needs to load
Games support multitude of devices, with multitude of resolutions and mutitude of SOCs, so bigger in size, more for SoCs and ram to swallow...

Fortunately I do not xperience any lag in games on my 720p 2 gb android device, but some with 1080p and 2 gb just might, just as that iphone6 plus does...

Is this explanation an excuse to, or do you have sth smarter to add?

  • AnonD-1825

darkraver, 04 Mar 2015Enyoj your frame losing iphone6+ https://m.youtube.com/wat... moreLooks like no optimization for 6+ in that video yet, well it was from same month when new iPhones came so its not surprising.

Ok so lets take one of game from that video.

Here is same guy posting game comparison video about modern combat 5 note4/s6/iPhone6/6+ http://youtu.be/HGFfhK7ciR4

Same game but optimized for iPhone 6/6+ You see how much difference it can make?
So which ones ran that game great? :) both iPhones have excellent performance with stellar 60fps, both samsung devices lag as usually and S5 lags a lot

By the way that game uses that metal graphic api too ;)

  • AdamBoy64

CE, 04 Mar 20152GB of RAM and 1080p resolution is not high-end smartphone.Depends on the OS. On Android, it's not.

  • CE

2GB of RAM and 1080p resolution is not high-end smartphone.

AnonD-1825, 04 Mar 2015IPhone 6+ performance is superior too. Funny u tried that t... moreEnyoj your frame losing iphone6+

  • AnonD-1825

darkraver, 04 Mar 2015What resolution screen m8 has? How many drivers does an ap... moreExcuses over execuses :D didnt expect anything else.

But good you actually admitted that iPhones are faster even with that 1GB :)

I know those android devices are very power hungry piece of crap, no wonder why Apple is number one in smartphone business selling over 70 million iPhones in one q. People want real performance and not excuses like you android users always give. What customer does with those execuses? :D

AnonD-1825, 04 Mar 2015Iphone 6 vs htc one m8 http://youtu.be/SS7zdH4TLU0 IPhone w... moreWhat resolution screen m8 has?
How many drivers does an app have to swallow on android?
How many apps on android working in background?

Every app on android is bigger in MB merits, so of course it loads some ms slower....but I am not talking about app loading here

Have you compared the responsivnes and fluidity of UI?

And a Thing you should comprehend is...you can have every apple app on android, but not every android app on iphone. Get it?

  • AnonD-1825

darkraver, 04 Mar 2015Funny you said that, bcause they are best in up to 720p res... moreIPhone 6+ performance is superior too. Funny u tried that typical excuse.

Remember the time when retina came and Apple had biggest res screen, still even then it ran every game perfectly when android devices not. Nothing have changed since and not going, because android devices never cant get optimization like iOS devices. So their performance always going to be under iOS devices.

And lets not forget the Apple new Metal api which gives even bigger advantage for iOS gaming performance

  • AnonD-357689

AnonD-1825, 04 Mar 2015Iphone 6 vs htc one m8 http://youtu.be/SS7zdH4TLU0 IPhone w... moreYea comparing a smartphone with twice the size of resolution. HTC has twice the pixels and pushes twice more pixels.
1080p (HTC) vs 720(Iphone 6) makes so much sence lol! You fail mate.
Check this, both Note 4 and Nexus 6 beat Iphone 6 plus in games benchmark http://youtu.be/-hmPQq3lwd4?t=1m13s

I should also mention:
- Note 4 has way better battery life than Iphone 6plus:

- Better screen and higher screen resolution.
- And most importantly cost $300 less than your overpriced Iphone 6 plus.

  • Anonymous

Looking more and more like a Samsung from 2012.

AnonD-1825, 04 Mar 2015"But play some heavy game and see ram deficiency in ac... moreFunny you said that, bcause they are best in up to 720p resolution category, how about you run a game in up to 1080p on iphone?

  • Mike

AnonD-371185, 04 Mar 2015lol apple sim? u serious?i bet there will be SAMSUNG Galaxy S SIM if apple does it. LOL

  • Anonymous

How is it dated? iPhone 4 with 512MB Ram was running a lot smoother than your 2GB android lol. Its not about 4GB of ram, all about the OS and we all know iOS only needs whats required to run it. :) Look what happened to Samsung, all they did was SPEC SPEC and now its all about copy apple. In the presentation they couldn't stop talking about apple, yet apple barely ever talks of another competitor. Samsung does it because they are not proud of their product and because they suck. :D .. Samsung S6 looks like Z3 from the sides iPhone 6 from the bottom and top and iPhone 4 from the front and back. Same capacity of storage and oh WAIT same Touch ID like security.

They can't back up their own technology.. got rid of Removable battery, MicroSD card, Fingerprint scanner and half of the crap they threw in from S2-S5 (ex: eye scroll, and etc..) .. When have they ever improved on their own innovations ? At least when apple copies they perfect it. like seriously Samsung PAY? you kidding me right? they just god damn copy apple and thats it. Apple made record sales and Samsung is losing sales. tells you a lot about the company. It has nothing to do with iSheeps, its just a good product.


  • AnonD-371185

lol apple sim? u serious?

  • AnonD-1825

darkraver, 04 Mar 2015Nope, take any 2gb xperia or htc and see them performing ev... moreIphone 6 vs htc one m8 http://youtu.be/SS7zdH4TLU0 IPhone won 8-5

Can't wait to hear your excuse :D

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]hey dont cry here go to fandriod pages ahahahah

just because ur awaited phone sucks!

  • AnonD-1825

darkraver, 04 Mar 2015IOS doesnt multitask IOS is an app drawer, its screen reso... more"But play some heavy game and see ram deficiency in action"

Did you just said that? Funny because iPhones are very well known about the fact their game performance is superior and easily best in business.

By the way GPU is which matters most in gaming ;) you just proved that you android users really hardly never know anything about tech, you just talk and talk and make yourself look stupid, sorry to say it but its fact.

  • Savor

A8 is really catered for single task duties using single core proccessors. Look at the benchmarks. That is the area they excel at. And since iOS is so bare bones and lacks real multi-tasking like Android, of course it can appear smoother.

The iPhone 6/6+ will age the worse like the iPhone 4 and its single core did in 2010. The iPhone "s" is always the superior twin. Better internals is what really matters longer in the end.