Introducing the new

10 July, 2015
We've got a brand new design and a bunch of new features that we hope will make your lives easier.

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  • AnonD-419586

I'm fine with the new design but can you bring back the ratings tab?? ( The with the individual ratings for design, performance, and features)... Please..

  • alex

seriously?! The new website looks more crowded, less intuitive, and more ugly. What type of designers gsmarena has. This is a totally disaster.I wanna know in numbers how many less readers you have know.

  • AnonD-262433

By the way where is in the news link on phone spec's ???

  • AnonD-194758

It looks like the guys at GSMArena read our opinions and count on them, I'm so happy to see they fixed the thing I advised them - the ability to close the image viewer by clicking somewhere out of it! :D You're awesome guys!!!

  • AnonD-3689

Reason to get out of my GSMArena Addiction

  • siddhss

not impressive boss.........aand can't adjust... old design was very easy to read and very simple.....remember always ... simple is always better....

  • AnonD-344826

Very bad design. You should fire the design team. Previous design was the best.

  • Man

Hate the new design. Not good on the eyes. Just too much everywhere. Whoever designed your new site, need to learn that: Less is More. See all the negative comments you've got so far, and revert back to the old one, until another design company can come up with a new, clear, easy to see and read, design. Hate the new design, and will read other website until you removed the present one. Bye gsmarena.

  • Jim

WHy GSM, why, now I have to use other mobile websites. This makes my eyes bleed!

  • Francisco

Please for the love of the Web, revert back to the old theme or loose many readers for good!

  • AnonD-238303

Dear gsmarena,I have been your readers since years and look what you have done now.Seems you dont deserve a new design or anything.Hate this shitty design and image viewer diplays picture too small.I mean you dont deserve anything new

  • Anonymous

BAD, BIG, spread all over. DO not like NEW @ all. What happened with "information on you palm"?

  • Hypercane

Oh NO!
What happened to GSMArena interface?

I agree about the voting section is inaccurate but I really loved the old one version.

I use to save a review to MS Word 2013 for personal use.
I can't believe that the old version has gone.

Please GSMArena I'm begging you to bring back the old version specially in the review section.

  • AnonD-417588

This is what happend to internet with this new "Simplified for Tablet user" Interfaces What is wrong with you people, bring back the more detailed interfaces. pleeeese, we dont need big buttons, and flat buttons and Mobile devices like Menu i have to click. PLEEEEEESE bring back the old interface.

  • X

Wtf....... I CANT VIEW messages like "sam in reply to sam2".When i press to view the messages...... Ps:i used 4G connection

  • XXXtreme

instead of this new design YOU better add filters like sapphire glass;battery removable/built in;4gb ram;ddr3/ddr4..................................

  • AnonD-416958

Me, 14 Jul 2015I do not like the new website at all ... the closest thing I can... moreagreed, it's like they're trying to follow suit and become homogeneous with the rest of the win8 experience rather than having the stones to be different.

  • Anonymous

Classic example of a design that superficially looks simpler, but is in fact less user friendly. All this redesign does in mindlessly follow current (bad) design trends for flatter, more horizontal layouts, which look lean but make it harder to find specific information.

Please create a GSMArena classic link, so people can get the old layout, if they prefer it (which seems like most people in the comments).

  • AnonD-185105

so hard to find things....confusing!! bring old one

  • AnonD-228000

Actually it looks like I'm the only one who loves the new layout, and even more the quickness and lightness of the new face. The old one was actually from the stone age.

Just keep up with the good work and welcome to 2015! ;)