Introducing the new

10 July, 2015
We've got a brand new design and a bunch of new features that we hope will make your lives easier.

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  • Me

I do not like the new website at all ... the closest thing I can relate this UI is Windows 8. Which is a horrible experience. There is no obvious separations between content columns... looks like a big wall of tiles. Cannot concentrate and follow the flow.

Do not approve 2/10.

  • AnonD-417146

Bring back the old one, where are the user ratings that show like 6.6 7.5 etc. That was very valuable and NOW I CANT FIND IT. Wont use your site much if no ratings...

  • Henrik Karlsen

It's really no improvement over the old one. Feels clunky and messy.

  • rblhawk

Bad move.

  • Anonymous

The tile design in not working well on PC... actually its quite hard and strain on the eyes.
It looks like a pile of mess...
the old one was more streamlined and easy to navigate
w/out fancy color bars and the font size is way too big (again mayb a plus on mob ver but not on PC)
i would think most ppl who visit here are after info not fancy website with click and colors.
Hopefully you do smth about it SOON - either switch it back or give option
p/s someone once advice me: if it aint broken, dont "fix" it

  • AnonD-417091

i hate the new inner face.looks like a mobil version its to plain.bad job.keep the new tools/great job/ but the old look.

  • old school page

plz bring back the old interafec. newone is like old school. IT's look like we are back in 90's

  • Anonymous

I overlooked this announcement.
I thought my pc's browser infected with spyware or some kind of virus.
I don't like the new layout at all. Bring me back the old style please

  • gmc

i like the design now,, before when i first saw it and navigate the website it is really confusing but it is only the first glance but later i enjoy the graphics sometimes i forgot to check the blogs because i used to just click it to the top which is easier but trying to understand why it was changed .. the news is very too long for the website to scroll down.. should be just an ordinary sized i don't like to scroll down in a longer time

  • AnonD-417058

Well, the best way around this would be to leave a button which says "Classic Site" which will display the website in the old view again, it's a win-win for all! They get to keep the new design and the ones who don't like it, get to use the old one as well!

  • Anant

As per all the reviews About 99.9% people Just LOVED the Old And Simple Gsmarena.
So Remove this new user interface and bring back the old one.
If not then you will see people who always visit the gsmarena 15-20 times in a day will stop visiting the gsmarena even one's a month becoause of the highly customized New Interface of GSMARENA.

So give the option of visiting the old one.

be on safe side also....


GSMArena....if you still listen to your would revert back to the old design. I'm sure most of the frequent users have already started going to other websites instead of this one.
It takes ages to load on Opera Mini and the retarded sidebar doesnt work most of the time.
Unless you revert're gonna lose a lot of fans.

  • Sumit V3rma

Agreed with all other members, new version graphic sucks. Learn from gmail why it still follows simple, clean and neat style. People doesn't need chaotic pages..

  • AnonD-157697

Cant say im too fond of the new look at all. Might be nice on a mobile, but looks horrible on a PC.

  • AnonD-98046

i wonder what gsmarena are going to do after all this dislikes...

  • AnonD-354401

old is gold!


we are so used to old. bring back old one!!

  • Anonymous

Terrible, messy, chaotic, unreadable, poor, disappointing, not attractive, ....

  • osamaziadxb

worse. The old interface was good

  • Anonymous

Wtf... Pls bring back the old design.. This interface is completely not useful...