Sony Ericsson XPERIA Pureness is available, has concierge service

15 December, 2009
Just in time for the holidays, the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Pureness is available in stores. And as expected it's got a concierge service to go with it - just like the one bundled with Vertu phones. So you get...

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Dec 2009Nokia worse??? Nokia much much muuuuuuch BETTER than SE. you nee... moreLMFAO Who? Nokia better than SE - U are having a laugh right?


Are those Bluetooth earrings?

  • Anonymous

hey, calm down buddies. We see that SE is getting more and more famous among them. Every SE news attract them to spend their time posting comments. Also notice how gsmarena made mistakes in writing SE news lately. *Pls dont delete my comment again :s*

  • spawner

LOL some noobs think this was a feature phone...

This is obviously not a smartphone that can be compared to other latest smartphones that has
a lots of features...

This is obviously A Fashion phone And a phone that will determine what kind of life standing the owner of this phone has... if your poor enough and cant afford to buy this expensive and featureless phone... then this phone is obviously not for you. this phone is obviously only for those who can afford it without even looking its feature... by this phone its not the feature that counts. its the style and value...

  • RIp

Wow!!! SE have seriously gone off the deep end! Video streaming & viewing on a 1.8" monochrome display? No wifi? for $900???? Lol! I donīt care if it comes with a "French Maid" and offers free Limo Driver service, it sucks big!!

  • yugam11


  • fonehunter

vertu is gold and silver plated at least. this one in cheap plastic.

  • SE

JC, 15 Dec 2009Totally agree... In times where fat cows don't shine it's a r... moreThank You. Good luck to you too.

  • cardoman

SE you have really outdone yourselves this time...absolute rubbish!!!

  • Spectra

I do not like the design. Price is too low for the ultimate high-end.
However it is still LESS futile than X2... X2 is... well... is obsolete EVEN TODAY. The X1 to X2 "software upgrade" is the paramount of SE stupidity.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]hahahahahahahah

dude i'm laughing for hours

  • JC

Anonymous, 15 Dec 2009$990 = 1.8inch , monochrome.... in 2009... Good Luck....Totally agree...

In times where fat cows don't shine it's a risky move.
Hey, but S.E. is used to risk and fail: remember the UIQ (left behind..), the music-express-fail-phone W960 (too expensive), the XPERIA X1 (wonderful device but it came too late), etc etc..

Good luck S.E.

  • Anonymous

concierge service for this phone LOL... this is a joke, right?

  • Anonymous

it's a shame that this futile phone is available now and the x2 was delayed!

  • someone

nokia.. distinctly bold... :D

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Nokia worse??? Nokia much much muuuuuuch BETTER than SE. you need upgrade your brain. 99% Nokia phone is SMARTphone compare 99% SE phone is DUMBphone.

  • Anonymous

$990 = 1.8inch , monochrome.... in 2009... Good Luck....

  • Ratch

What is sony ericsson doing?? a brand new phone that has the specs of an 5 year old phone.. and the only thing that so special about this one is a "transparant monochrome display" ? who needs that?? and how much does it costs? I'm sorry but if sony ericsson is going to challenge with the nokia 8 series etc. they'll have to do better than this..

  • Anonymous

ryk, 15 Dec 2009Concierge service... for what??? What high end feature does it ... moreYou are definetely very poor anti SE fan I've ever met. LOL.

  • pnis

lol @ 990$. Good luck selling these SE.