Hands-on video of Xperia Z5 leaks, confirms rumored specs

31 August, 2015
The Xperia Z5 Premium is said to have a 5.5-inch 4K display.

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  • AnonD-38518

S 810.

AnonD-174721, 31 Aug 2015Very disappointment.. SD810 with 4k display-__- it will laggytroller

  • AnonD-430843

I don't know why all of you're complaining about the 4k display , they promised you of 2 days battery , and about the price we will wait for them to announce the prices , still even with these gr8 specs I'm sure it will be cheaper than the overpriced IPhone 6+ and s6 edge+
, and about the SD810 chipset I don't they will make the same mistake they must've solved the overheating problem , Anyway wait for the device to show up officially and judge it based on actual using not based on some specs

  • AnonD-341019

the james bond's phone

  • AnonD-3689

People like you are ready to give lot of free advises. We don't know how much it takes to build a phone. What right do you have to comment, I really doubt if you have ever used a Sony phone even if you have used don't talk like a stake holder. Samsung prices are far extreme than Sony yet missing features that Sony includes by default.

  • Vaezi

Congratulations on Sony which always has the superlatives in their products.

  • Anonymous

Dreed, 01 Sep 2015I totally agree. 5.2" at 1080p is good enough for me (... moreSONY will lead in 4k displays / battery performance and cell software to perform at its peak performance. .. and all others follow!

  • AnonD-22824

Sony what abt the z5 ultra 6.4" iam waiting :(...

  • Anonymous

Does anyone know what (if any) carriers will have this phone when it releases in the U.S.?

  • Dreed

DenisXD, 31 Aug 20154k screen? By the gods why?! It's not a tv we are talking a... moreI totally agree. 5.2" at 1080p is good enough for me (provided that the phone chassis doesn't come too big with wide bezels). 2k display is mostly unnoticeably clearer, and with the caveat of consuming more the battery, and more stress for cpu and/or gpu. 4K is nothing more than bragging rights. Its crazy.

  • Anonymous

Time Will Come that 4K would be a standard integration no matter what.

If I'm not mistaken, Dell released a phablet way back and among the criticisms to it, is the Size. But now, we even have 6inch++ phablet and they are surviving in the market.

No matter how we Love or Hate it, that's the future of smartphones, just like when we THOUGHT THAT FHD SCREENS are Overkill.

SEE IT. USE IT. Then Judge it.
You Are Not Among Gods.

  • Anonymous

don't worry... Bond will use XPERIA Z5 PREMIUM in SPECTRE, for sure... of course Q had designed a special chipset...:-D

  • Anonymous

maybe they will use Intel's soC for the Premium one.

  • AnonD-352420

Anonymous, 31 Aug 2015Either the Z5 premium doesn't have Snapdragon 810 or it doe... moreThe adreno 430 is the strongest gpu on the market, its the only soc that could run the 4k resolution

  • AnonD-248150

Deepak, 31 Aug 2015If i am buying an expensive flagship, it must have USB C po... moreUSB C ?
Does your pc have also USB c ?
With how many cables do you travel?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 31 Aug 2015Are you freaking kidding me ? !! That ( SD 810)overheating ... moreYou never had a Sony
You are a Samsung or an Apple fan that is scared from the competition,
a troll.

  • AnonD-435647

.alpha, 31 Aug 2015Hahahahaha, all QHD Android phones just got outdated. Andro... morewell if it wasn't for the spec then go and buy an old nokia phone with java system and 1.3 camera and cpu and gpu god only know how much it was , get out kid go and play outside u dont belong here.... XD

  • pt020

Anonymous, 31 Aug 2015I'm very sorry but I had a xperia z2 for 1 month (yes thats... moreI have the Z3 Compac alread 11 month, and it looks and works as new,must be something wrong with you...

  • AnonD-435644

For me Sony is the best phone !

4k screen? By the gods why?! It's not a tv we are talking about it's a tiny 5.5 inch screen! People won't be able to tell the difference so it's useless. I won't even mention the downsides.
Snapdragon 810? After what happened with z3 version 1,01 (z3+) they are asking to get low sales. Maybe the devices will be fatter in order to overcame heat, but if they are as slim as the previous Z phones.. well expect a good small heater for winter.

Z5 has a 5,2 1080p screen? finally something good! As 2k is not needed and people can hardly tell the difference.
23mp improved camere? we will see about this. Having more megapixels is hardly an improvement, thank god the superior auto is finally using the full resolution as well as other resolutions though. That was a must.