New Symbian^4 concept screenshots surface up

15 January, 2010
Three Symbian^4 UI mockups found their way to the surface. As compared to previous leaks, now there are semi-transparent menu overlays and richer variety of sample homescreen widget. But the pictures show...

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  • Lucas

These photos are MOCKUPS, not actual screenshot's of the new Symbian OS. Stop complaining about how it looks.

  • Recca

Well it's a good thing that phone makers are now really working their A** off to become competitive and win the hearts of market. With these recent efforts from Symbian and other emerging OS, I guess credit should be given to Apple, because it agitated the entire phone market. Now everybody's at full-throttle to keep up with the rest of competitors. As for the case of Symbian, its been quite a long time and I don't think it would be easy to dump the 'old dog'. millions of people around the world are using fones running on symbian, they've been comfortable with it, so even if there are a bunch new os out there, it's gonna be close to impossible to convert every symbian user to another.. Nice work symbian. At least you know you need to do something to keep your loyal users..

  • GillyRocket

Welcome new symbian maybe a
R.I.P for androids soon...

  • apt.pupil

therock, 16 Jan 2010iphone users and nokia/ symbian haters get lost. Symbian OS i... more"Symbian has more freedom than any other OS."

Can you play flash video content on Symbian?
Does it support regular .zip and .cab compressed files natively?
Does Symbian synchronise files, contacts, and emails with windows computers without the need of manually launching and running third- party software every time you want to do something?

symbian is a good BASIC OS, but when it comes to the more advanced features you can see smartphones using, Symbian is simply not that good. I a happy to use symbian s40 in a phone that doesn't try to be more than a mobile phone. s60 is ok for a feature phone, but lacks the stability required to run a touchscreen smartphone.

Vodafone AU has their own Nokia N97 support forum set up specifically to assist the people plagued by problems. Another N95 situation

  • Anonymous

These are screenshots of a OPERATING SYSTEM, not a mobile specific mobile phone.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Guys, if you are surfing with Firefox, use it's ImTranslater to English his text, it's interesting how they translate LGNokia or NokiaMotorola, where hi actually did mention about LG or Motorola!

  • therock

Hello, 17 Jan 2010I am not sure of this new concept.....I am using Iphone 3GS and ... morefiddle your n97 and get to know it. if it freezes there are ways to unfreeze it. perhaps, your n97 freezes due to bad signal.

  • nuwan

Anonymous, 16 Jan 2010Nokia's totally gonna die really soon!! They'll probably only se... morefriend you are right. because that's thing we can see. but in mobile technology Nokia is doing every thing. All mobile phones companies using nokia technology for there phones. Nokia is the only one company spend lot money for there research. Do you know apple iphone have used nokia technology?
Do a google search for that.

  • Hello

I am not sure of this new concept.....I am using Iphone 3GS and Nokia big problem i found in Nokia is that....once u install afew software, the phone is getting slow and start to hang so easily...not the matter of the look of the operating system...It is just about the performance...I found Nokia is easy to get freeze and stuck...Iphone seem to handle very good...I install almost 100 softwares and put alot of movie...the phone still fast and work as stuck...32GS of iphone, i have been using around 24GB already...still working fine...32GB of Nokia, i have been using only start to slow down the phone.......well that what i have found in Nokia N97...Hope the next nokia generation..should focus more on performance...

  • blah

Qadir, 16 Jan 2010can i see the specification of this mobile? i love nokia Nokia phones are not popular amongst indians obviously.. If you have any amount of class in yourself, a Nokia phone will be found in your pocket. :)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Jan 2010Nokia's totally gonna die really soon!! They'll probably only se... moreBeing a hardcore Nokia fan mate your bonkers Nokia to good there the top Dons of the mobile industory i own the N900 and that phones a Beast a total power house but i do agree the need there processors to be better i think Meamo 6 will just totally lock it off never under estimate the NOKIA >>>>> NOKIA RULES

  • Rowde

Anonymous, 16 Jan 2010Nokia's totally gonna die really soon!! They'll probably only se... moreJust because North America does not use Nokia phones much, doesnt mean the whole world doesnt. Do you have any idea at all how HUGE Nokia's worldwide market shares are? Yea didnt think so.

  • idiots

How is nokia going to dye thay are now using maemo better than android by far. The future it very bright with maemo. I know i work there.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Jan 2010LG prada man LG prada. it was released and announced before the ... morehow long before?

two weeks, three?

iPhone has had semi transparency for almost three years.

Nokia is still trying to catch up.

  • Anonymous

tgm91, 16 Jan 2010I totally agree. I am not an iPhone fan, but the iPhone inspi... moreLG prada man LG prada. it was released and announced before the iPhone

  • Anonymous

i love nokia two..........
best of the best

  • tgm91

Iuve, 16 Jan 2010Think before you talk. The iPhone only came into the game three ... moreI totally agree.

I am not an iPhone fan, but the iPhone inspired the new mobile phones ... i mean until iPhone, How many touchscreen phones were on market ? Answer: lot of china phones (bad quality), a few smartphones with winmo and a few from LG...

  • tgm91

Anonymous, 16 Jan 2010Are you joking? Android have first to proof it.Symbian was is... moreAre YOU joking ???

Symbian was NEVER Open Source !!! Open Source is when even you , if you would want, you would be able to make a small application for it !!! Can you ? NO, becouse you need some development kit (that is NOT FREE) and you need to sign every shitty application before installing it. On the other hand Android is OPEN SOURCE: You have the FREE development kit WITH AN EMULATOR to test first your applications on PC , also, no shitty signing process needed.

Also Android OS's interface (even without Sense UI) is much better than any S50v5 .

AND there are around 7 devices with S60v5 .... Count the Android devices (Only HTC have already 5 devices including NEXUS ONE)

And i don't understand one thing: What will happen with 5800 when S^2 , S^3 and S^4 will come ? do tou think Nokia will give it an update ... LOL dreams, the 369 Processor is outdated and if NOW have lag even in menu, Don't expect to see S^4 on it (same goes for N97 and the other phones). I am still watiting for menu transitions and more animations for my N82 (N95 , N95 8GB, N82 and E71 were the best phones made by Nokia, not the ones that are made now)...

Aaa, did I mencioned thandroid is supported by Google ? Every man with at least half of brain knows how powerfull is Google

  • Iuve

Nokijus, 16 Jan 2010Look at your (F**) Google/Android sales first week. Your Android... moreThink before you talk. The iPhone only came into the game three years ago or so and are selling like mad having only launched 3 phones by the company (not hundreds)! Secondly, if Symbian is so good why is the whole mobile industry trying to imitate the iPhone and its user experience? Who cares about 100s of functions? A few geeks in a lab? What the masses want is a good user experience!

If Apple was in the phone game as long as Nokia I think they'd be well ahead of the Nokia-Symbian combo.

Nokia and symbian are actually very good - but please don't make baseless fan boy comments - please provide quality.

  • Anonymous

maybe can be uddated from s60 v5, be a big update, but nokia for monster phones use MAEMO a Linux OS, running firefox as web-browser.