Microsoft announces the all new Windows Phone 7 Series platform

15 February, 2010
Well, the wait is over. Microsoft finally let the cat out of the bag and Windows Mobile 7 (or Windows Phone 7 Series) as MS calls it, is now official. The first phones should start selling by this year’s holiday season...

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  • Iphone 4g baby

I'm gonna actually give a one up to Microsoft for not copying the iphone as far ui goes. Finally somebody's doing it, goodness gracious.

  • Pavan

Hope MS are launching a free update for HTC HD2. Cant wait to get one....

  • simple user

Anonymous, 18 Feb 2010HTML 5 is not a product and not about making $$$ nor is it ... more" why is Apple trying to take on the Internet? It's a silly and arrogant move on their part."

Because all others want to take over the world (read as Internet). To name a few: Microsoft(+yahoo), Oracle(+Sun+MySQL), Adobe(+Macromedia), Cisco (:-) and finally in the list but currently on first place Goggle (+gmail+android+buzz+...)

Everyone can easily notice that big players are trying to seize major customer base and influence Internet. Because the latter is no more "big global village", but it is big global market, where you can make $$$. :-)

  • Anonymous

Cootified, 18 Feb 2010Looks like Windows Media Player shrunk to fit the phone... ... morehang on the i-phone dosent have gps, hello people it has a-gps

look into it its designed to assist the gps but as it dosent have gps its a bit silly n therefore not acurate at all.

  • Anonymous

Bob, 21 Feb 2010Don't like it one bit, no stylus, no resistive screen, mass... moreI didn't know there WAS much to like about the current WM... I think it's the most complicated OS to use, and screw customizations.

  • Bob

Don't like it one bit, no stylus, no resistive screen, massive icons and keyboard that takes up over half the screen.
It's not a PC is right, it will have to be extremely good at whatever it's supposed to be good at, because it's pretty much going to kill everything current WM users like about WM.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Feb 2010i dont understand y pple like u alwez mumbling of 16M color... moreGuess it depends what you do with your phone.

If you only use your phone for phone calls/SMS, any color or even mono display doesn't make any difference.

I got my Milestone on Monday and last nite I tried to play a clip on Youtube....whew, the color was just as good as if I watch thru my own computer.

I do have another phone running on WM6.0 and the display is much darker and it seems to provide many "squares" when playing action stuff...

  • Barcode

rich, 18 Feb 2010please please dont get sybian its horriable, to many menues... moreYa I heard thats why I am waiting to see what the new Symbian has to offer before I decide to switch or not. I'll just stick with my N900 and Droid for now lol

  • rich

Barcode, 18 Feb 2010lol thanks. Yeah I might try out Symbian because currently ... moreplease please dont get sybian its horriable, to many menues and not user friendly you will regret it i will never use it again!

  • Barcode

winmostillcraplikebe, 17 Feb 2010good choise & will be perfect if you choose maemo &... morelol thanks. Yeah I might try out Symbian because currently I have the Droid and I actually am really not that impressed with android OS to be honest. There really isnt too much customizing and other things you can do on it. All you can do is put a bunch of icons everywhere lol. The web browser in android is also garbage compared to the N900 as well. I'll wait for the new symbian to be released.

  • Anonymous

Cootified, 18 Feb 2010Looks like Windows Media Player shrunk to fit the phone... ... moreWhy people buy the iPhone

People DON'T buy the iPhone because the player loads under 1 minute, they buy it for the iPod brand. The trust the brand and hence believe it is the only mobile phone with a decent music player. It's an iPod.

People DON'T buy the iPhone because GPS is oh-so accurate. It's no more accurate than other devices. Most people with the iPhone don't even know HOW to use GPS let alone install apps by themselves.
The iPhone, before the AppStore, was revolutionary because of its intuitive interface, multi-touch features and 'kinetic' smooth scrolling.

The ability to sell apps was the cherry on top and helped boost sales, but it didn't start the trend - it kept the trend going.

And yes, people buy the iPhone for the brand - Apple is niche, Apple is "clever", Apple is simply "none of the above" when it comes to the other mobile manufacturers. There's just only one iPhone (with various updates).

And no - I'm no Apple fanboy, I don't even own one. But I recognize its success for what it is.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Feb 2010No flash and it's poor performance has been known for years... moreHTML 5 is not a product and not about making $$$ nor is it up to retail companies to decide how quickly it gets implemented.
Most consumers don't understand what "HTML 5" is and therefore misunderstand its purpose, which is what Apple uses to falsely advertise HTML 5.
The W3C is solely responsible for ensuring that HTML 5 meets accessibility standards and is universally implemented as a web technology standard, be it in 5 years or 10 years.

The actual purpose of HTML 5 is to improve development of web based content and to provide a stable framework for the World Wide Web. Individuals and companies alike will benefit by improving development time of websites and providing a more stable customer journey on a variety of operating systems.

Apple are using HTML 5 as an excuse to avoid Flash, and this excuse won't fly since over 70% of all web pages *right now* contains some sort of flash item, be it banners or otherwise.

Apple also don't have any control of what websites want to use proprietary plug-ins, like Microsoft's Silverlight, so why is Apple trying to take on the Internet? It's a silly and arrogant move on their part.

  • Cootified

Looks like Windows Media Player shrunk to fit the phone...
But the OS is not the main thing that is important. To compete with iPhone you must AT LEAST have these features:

- Ultra-smooth transitions between screens/windows/objects.
- an open app store with at least 50,000 apps.
- The ability for the user to search, find and read a review about an app all under 2 minutes.
- The ability for the user to purchase, install and run apps under 2 mins.
- the ability to load Google Maps with exact GPS current location within 1 minute.
- The ability to load the music player (ipod) and play music all within 1 minute.

As you can, those are just some of the reasons why people buy iPhones, not because its made by Apple.


Oh My GOD..!! There's too Many OS was born in this world, i think at moment all the software Provider is confuse to decide which Side they will stand.

  • Ambotu

Windows Mobile is no longer the OS we can wait for. There are far better options in other Mobile OS. Good bye Windows Mobile. Its the end of your era.

  • phreak

Em... the phone is a computer!

Oh, and the dev will be done via XNA.

  • winmostillcraplikebe

Barcode, 16 Feb 2010Thank god I left Windows mobile and went to Maemo and Androidgood choise & will be perfect if you choose maemo & symbian

  • ffares@vodacom .co.t

how can we get it especialy someone like me who am in tanzania!its has been so atractive to me.

  • faraja fares

its all good we believe on ur product still on making difference

  • me

Remember in the advert they mentioned "seamlessly" which to me means smooth and flowing, not lag But tbh - I dont trust a word from that advert. Windows will always have that Horrible, fidly, unimaginably UGLY interface behind the frontfacing menus