Qualcomm starts shipping 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragons

1 June, 2010
Qualcomm's has just started shipping its latest generation chipsets to manufacturers. Offering two application processor cores running at 1.2 GHz, integrated graphics core and 1080p video...

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  • Jose M

Why more speed I want a better battery power. My HD2 drain the battery in like 7 hours to 8 under medium usage. People reported on the HTC evo that the battery drains in like 3 hours on 4g. Why have this devices packed with speed if it doesnt even last a day under Ok usage.


This new processor sounds amazing!!

What phone will be using this?
And when will it be realised?


  • mojo

@Mini MeReport
"So i guess, in 2011 we could really see a mobile phone with an intel processor and a nvidia gpu. WOW"

well its pretty likely that this year or the next, nvidia will announce the introduction of mobile gpus because this is where the money will be in the next 2 years or soo. Intel already announced a Atom dual core like processor and the partnership with Nokia only states out the obvious commitment to mobile platforms. I hope in the next year or so i could play WOW on an intel powered device with nvidia graphics and a 4G internet connection. Pretty possible if u ask me. As for battery life, YES, it is still a very big issue, advancements must be made in this region, if not, you will carry the dual core SD/intel in one hand and a Lith/Polim laptop battery in the other. That would be a site for sour eyes.

  • core

One opinion is that cpu of phones must have more cores to do more and more stuff withe better usage of battery and for faster processes in all aplications (in better and worser optimised).

  • danny200

This is Awesome !! I think that smartphones must be more & more powerfull because all the people must have high-end devices in my opinion, this devices with such powerfull processors will be very good for fast internet browsing, for HD videos, and even for gaming. That's really cool ! :D

  • Anonymous

A lot of strange comments, making a better battery might sound like a great and easy solution. Right? Current battery technology just isn't that great and is most likely too expensive and will be detrimental to making money off the sale of hardware, would offset the cost in a bad way. Phone manufacturer rarely if build OS(BB, Apple and Palm) are a select few, everything else runs on either windows OS or Android OS. Android is the core of choice for many of these new and powerful phones as it's constantly evolving.
Someone complained about Android phones having battery issues, the newest Android powered 1Ghz phones pull better usage than the best Iphone can and the Iphone is using a more optimized OS(debatable) and with a lower clocked CPU/GPU and does 6-8 hours. Sometimes you people like to spout off but are just biased toward a brand, Apple faithful are the worst offenders. Iphone is a very good phone, but there are other phones which tech stats are clearly above the Iphone, does more things than the Iphone and gets better or comparable battery life than the Iphone, yet it will get condemned. Iphone and Apple get a free pass for having you tote your charger around to keep your Iphone powered, because it's a fact Iphone will not last the day on a single charge.
Qualcomm is pushing the bar, and Google is definitely behind them trying to make sure their OS is on par with the power of these chipsets, in under two years Android OS is very viable and is now up there with iphone OS. I too would like my phone to last more than a day, but the simple fact that we have phones that do 10 times the amount of stuff they did just a few years back, i'd take battery life that stalemates with older batteries, than one that goes backward. Froyo updates seems to be giving the N1 a bit better battery usage, as long as Android keeps up with optimizations, battery life will continue to climb slowly. I say if the 1.2Ghz phones gets comparable battery life as the 1 Ghz phones, whats the problem? It will be incredible if they get even better life, that will mean that the chip itself is better with power consumption. You can't move forward by attacking one front, you have to attack multiple points to make headway, if one point you are stalled at try other points a little harder until at some point either you overcame the other sticking point or found a better way around it.

  • Virus

This is cool that people has realised that the biggest problem for mobiles is battery life. Maybe companies will do the same.

  • Anonymous

Why is nokia x6 on the picture? lol that phone is not to see a snapdragon.

Besides .. if anyone is interested in buying it .. DONT. I got this phone for 4 weeks - i only had it in my posession for the 1st week - the rest of the time is spent at the servis fixing all the issues this phone has. Phone is nice but only if u get it for free and if u live close to the servis where they fix your phone every second day..

Besides cant wait to get more powerfull phones altho 1ghz snapdragons are doing great jobs just fine. I do agree its time the companies started to amplify and optimize battery life and consumption. It is a rather big issue having to look for a plug-in all the time where the phone just lasts over a day of bit more than avrage use - as the phones today are not meant just for calling and txting anymore.

  • Luke

I really hope they'll have better graphic performace and will overcome the AV sync issue with the current 1GHz SD.

  • FireDragon

I am sure we will be needing these powerful chips in near future. Besides it these chip are build with focus of tablets-like devices where it is easier to put larger batteries.

  • Dinesh

it is useless to have such powerful processor ... what we need is just a phone which is fast and the first thing is the battery life which should atleast last for more than 3-4days will be very good ...i wish this people stop making new processor and make some decent long lasting batteries

  • A

We don't need over 1ghz cpu.
it's not necessary for mobile phone, it must be for laptop& pc...
"sorry for bad english"

  • fu$1

Do i need this huge processing power ? well nope i don't think so its too much for me without a good battery its useless and its a shame not so many companies are focusing on battery power maximization. Most touch screen devices out there are really powerfull and have great features but can barely last for a day. I remember great devices like the e71 with low resolution and a fairly fast processor with a light os lasted for good solid 3 days of heavy usage and it could almost do everything these modern touch screen devices can do .

  • seabass978

''with great power comes great responsibility''.

  • Anonymous

who is going to buy devices with this chip? noone unless the manufacturer build an apple product competor. there are 10s of devices with 1ghz cpu, did all of them combined sold more than iphone? i dont think so.....

  • mktg82

How long will the smartphone battery last with this CPU?

I hopw the whole hi-tech industry will go for power management efficieny or we will be forced to charge batteries every 12 hours...

  • Anonymous

How powerful is the GPU? I guess this chip might to too weak for some hardware-accelerated systems. However, it will do 2D very well!

  • Mini Me

So i guess, in 2011 we could really see a mobile phone with an intel processor and a nvidia gpu. WOW

  • Anonymous

holy sh*t! this is amazing!

  • ur dad

when they cook this thing up?