Unbreakable AMOLEDs coming from Samsung in two years

21 July, 2010
Samsung is developing unbreakable bending AMOLED units, which are supposed to enter the mass-production cycle in two year. You should definitely check their awesome video demo...

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  • Anonymous

Good job samsung!! You are really advance in technology. No copy cats please!!

  • Anonymous

not only the screen can bend. did u guys realise the thickness of the new screen? it is as thin as paper!!!!!

  • mayko06

amoled need less power so long batarie life

  • Anonymous

This is great!. In two years every one would have the chance to get a phone that is a few inches long when it is closed (folded - flip phone style-), But twice the size when you unfold it to browse or play games, chat, etc. This means bigger screens with out the hassle of those phones that can not fold their big displays.

  • Anonymous

wooooooooooooow is that real its amazing i havent seen or expect such technology best of luck to u guys

  • jaromes

I can imagine a some touchscreen mobile with small buttons under this display. So when you write you could have real key-like feedback. Like motola zine zn-5, rokr....

  • NuroN

Don't worry guys Blendtec total blender will blend it! :DDD

  • Anonymous

old video la...gsmarena.com this video appear on my face book longgggggggggg time before you did....saddddddd

  • Rajan

Welcome to the Initiative and Cost effective laucnh of unit, Let the same also enters into Home TV and Computer Screens , Inspite of that If the unit has Inbuilt Solar Cell / Capacitance based STorage sells etc with is more welcome , Appericiate the Technology and the brains of Semiconductor Doping and Display manfuacturers and R&D Engginers for thier efforts ..!! Myself un-lucky person just can be user of the product and not being part of R&D Team. From Bangalore India

  • Michael

Wow, having watched that video, I don't think that there's a need for destroying other regular LCDs... That isn't good for our environment...

  • Anonymous

ian, 21 Jul 2010good idea, specially for people who always cracks up a phone, ye... moreThis. We need more outdoor phones, at least those that can be used in rain, snow, hiking, forest, sports etc, etc. This should be cool.

  • moonraker

omg, gsmarena you blow it this time. this video is avaible on youtube since end of 2009 or so. i dont know about the text, but video is extremly outdated.

  • salman

Shrek, 21 Jul 2010I dunno who has posted this , the display is flexible but the ha... moreyeah bt this is their achivement

  • Anonymous

Monty, 21 Jul 2010Yeah that video would be more convincing if they hit the flexibl... morehahahahhaa, I know

  • Shrek

I dunno who has posted this , the display is flexible but the hammer treatment is fake , you can easily makeout when he/she bangs the hammer on the so called unbreakable display ders no disruption/distortion on the image/video playing which is practically impossible , ders no such display invented where in if u pressurize the display with great force n u dun see the rainbow colors on the screen :0

  • arturas

Anonymous, 21 Jul 2010Hm, the idea is flexibility. If you could bend LCD screen like t... more"Hm, the idea is flexibility. If you could bend LCD screen like the way shown on the AMOLED, then i would say AMOLED have achieve nothing." -- Obviously you haven't seen amoled in real life if you say that, so you have no idea what you are talking about.

  • armin

very cool

  • Anonymous

Woah looks cool!!! I remember ppl complaining about crack screens for their phones before so this would be very useful. Well done Samsung!! Samsung FTW!!!

  • Craig C

That's great and wonderful and all but in all my years of owning countless phones not one of them have ever cracked from being dropped...

9/10 times the phone fails because of something else, charging / regulator, usb connector type thing, or the memory fails... but other than that looks good very good, i'd love some kind of bracelet type thing to wrap around my wrist with video calls and stuff :D

  • Anonymous

good to know that you have developed a flexible lcd screen. but what about rest of the cell phone? if the screen remains unharmed and the rest gets broken then? have you checked it with water? try something that will stop water damage to the circuits of the cell phones.... then it will something innovative....