Apple squeezes the reception out of Nokia N97 mini

21 July, 2010
Apple seem keen to prove other smartphones have the same reception attenuation as the iPhone 4. And they are getting back with a video of Nokia N97 mini that suffers from the same grip of death as the iPhone...

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  • haha

Lol, my N97 mini's signal strength actually went UP.
On that note, anyone know how to get the GPS working on the N97 mini? I never seem to be able to get the signal to catch on and have never been able to get the GPS working :\ Someone said that the N97 mini's got an issue with the internal GPS antenna, and nothing I've tried has got it working!

  • mobile jj

seriously this is an all time low for Apple...Fix your damn phone problem and stop dragging other manufactors phone in this!

  • Anonymous

Holding it properly..who the h3ll needs to be told how to hold his or her

  • nomorese

There is no fixing this issue. At first antennas were on the top sticking out like they were supposed to. Then due to design frenzy they found a way to build in the antenna in the upper part, on the back, close to the camera (when camera-phones started to appear).
Then there was talk of brain cancer and slow microwave-cooking your own brain while talking to someone. SAR value bacame known and big antenna experts like Nokia and Ericsson decided to lower the antenna part closer to the mouth away from the brain to get better SAR values.
That is why the antenna is built in in the lowest part of the phone and not on top sticking out. And there is no changing that except develop better antennas, something Apple failed to do.

  • ADH

One good thing what Apple did to the consumers is, that other phones are same like them, they concenterate on hi-tech things like os, processer, ram, rom, mulitmedia, etc. But they cleared stated that are many phone, which lack the basic functioning, like good signal reception in the phones. Say take Sony Ericsson, they design devices stylish, slim, and with walkman capablities there recent phones starting from K660 to till now Satio have the same signal problems, dropped calls. After Apple did this in the press conference, its time that all mobile phone manufactures should be fixing on these issues, atleaest in the upcoming phones.

  • Senpai!

I've been using Nokia Phones since the 3210 model...
And I've never encountered ANY problems whatsoever...
I think APPLE have NO IDEAS to avoid the bombardment of user reviews for their iPhone 4...

  • iphone4fan
Holding it properly you can make a call.

4 of those options we don't want anyway.

Like I've already covered before,
Like Flash, i Don't want ads
PDF, i Don't want because there is a reason

  • Anonymous

chlawk, 24 Jul 2010who the heck holds his phone like that?Hey, you did the 1000th post.

  • Anonymous

hahahaha, 24 Jul 2010video call over wifi??? i have to tell the telco to install wifi... moreWhy don't you install Fring and make video calls over 3G then.

Facetime is NOT videocalling as used by phone networks, the quality is much higher as it uses chat protocols.

Skype should be able to do it as well but Skype is very slow at updating, it took them a year to release the Symbian S60v5 version.

  • hahahaha

video call over wifi??? i have to tell the telco to install wifi transmitter all over region now due to iphone sickness...hahaha...what a crap...hahahaha...i cant stop flash support??? hahahahah....i think steve is came from jungle of amazon...he never heard about 3g call over telco..hahahaha

  • yoyo

Apple is lying about all n97 mini never had this try to make their phone looks expensive and it is...The crap are so expensive...they sell the bloody phone at unbelievable price with lack of few 3g call? HAHAHA...china phone is even better in operation and still run at good performance no matter how we hold it...what a advise to apple...please sell the phone cheap as it looks...dont try to make it so exclusive...or maybe steve can install a one meter long of antenna to solve the problem...hahahaha...what a everybody, now you can award steve with a Joker of The Year ( maybe for a 10 years ) award....

  • chlawk

who the heck holds his phone like that?

  • benzas

here is one good apple image

  • Niraj

Saurav, 24 Jul 2010Nokia fans seems to get frustrated with this, but I think they s... moreLol in this video N97mini is showing 3.5G, which only appears during downloading. 2 bars left on 3.5G is equal to 5 bars left on 2G, SO you can still make call. And who the hell on earth hold phone in this awkward way while calling.? Even now Gsmarena is saying on their blog that iphone4 loose signal even in perfect signal areas by just a touch on antenna part.. Clearly Nokia wins here..

  • Saurav

Nokia fans seems to get frustrated with this, but I think they shouldn't be. You have seen the video, it's no editing, so it's proved that N97 Mini also does have the problem. What I think, Apple is far famous and popular brand in US and thus they Americans and others also are very keen to test it with various and rough possible method and that's why the iPhone 4 signal problem came in news very quickly. You won't be able to find a Mixer grinder test or a Fall test with Nokia devices and that's why the glitches remains undetected.
I am neither a Nokia nor an Apple fanboy.

  • Anonymous

if it did dropped a couple of signals, it can still make calls or send sms, plus its on 3.5G which is still a strong signal. no wonder steve puts a feature, video calls over wifi.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]actually,

you, just like many apple fun boy, really need to flame your angry towards that man.

that man is really telling the truth, and he is professional, unlike the unprofessional company in cupertino.

  • Niraj

Anonymous, 24 Jul 2010Here look, from September last year:- moreSorry but Nokia has already fixed that issue on E71, unlike Steve Jobs, who is trying to show every phone have problem while holding in Awkward way. Give an advice to that youtube guy to visit Nokia care..

  • Anonymous

3.5G, 24 Jul 2010the video above is kinda fake why? 1. 3.5 G aka HSDPA(3.6Mbps... moreHere look, from September last year:-

Bars dropping on an E71.

The guy was wondering why calls kept dropping until he discovered this.

So I suppose the iPhone 4 inspired this video, 9 months before it was launched.

  • Anonymous

Wondering which will be next phone after htc xxx, samsung omnia 2, NOKIA N97 mini, motorola droidX??