3 MP shootout - N80 vs K800

30 April, 2006
You managed to take a look at our 3 megapixel shootout between Nokia N80 and Sony Ericsson K800, right? We would like to hear what do you think which photos are better and why...

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  • viperkid

well done GSMarena team! that's what i call a balanced and quite fair review! both K800 and N80 shoots great still photos and i think u will hardly see d difference when printing a 4 x 6 photo.. on d other hand K800 is doing better on poor lighting conditions and closed distanced objects, obviously bcoz of d auto-focus and d xenon flash on d contrary for me N80 has a better white balance. i still prefer N80 bcoz it has a more well balanced and feature rich function, all in one device than K800 (symbian 9.1, wlan, cif mpeg video, better screen res, etc)! still photo quality is not d only consideration... : )

  • Edmund

With respect to the quality of photos, I agree that K800i is slightly better that N80. But, a mobile phone is not equivalent to a camera. I personally prefer N80 since it has all-round functions that K800i is lacking of.

  • jony

k800 is better because it has a performant digital camera .it's a cybershot incorparated in a phone

  • iNfiNite

K800 has only camera 3.2 Sony Cyber-shot...!!!

but nokia N80 has Wireless and sybian 9.1 and 330mhz processor...!!!

K800 is phone with camera but N80 is Smartphone with 3.0mp camera ;)

  • as

In my opinion, you(GsmArena) are asked to make good review on SE, and you will know how will public reagate to the review. It would be nice to know why such a question appeared in "NEWS"..?
However, i think Nokia is better on video, and the differences in photos are not so big;)

  • Gabi

Definatelly SE K800 is better than Nokia. The image stabiliser, the Xenon Flas, the "red eye reduction" (that relly works not like Nokia's), the AUTOFOCUS, the macro mode, "Best Pic", more, more...
Nokia wins only at video.

  • Stefan Fuchs

Sony would be onto a winner if they included a better OS, it seems that they only like to incorperate it into their PDA's, wierd! imagine the K800 with the ability of a P990i, they would definitly increase market share. They need to concentrate on more than just camera quality I think. NOKIA have a great selection of series 60 handsets witch offer decent camera quality but they have not lost sight on advancing the core processing abilities.

  • Anonymous

i agree with the writer of this article...the k800 takes better pictures but the video is absolutly terrable..the k800 seems a good chocie for me because video is not really what i want to use the camera for

  • freddy

my faworit only k800i and SE wonderfullty...........thhis is terribble phone is nokia

  • Liaw shing ginn

that day i got to try using n80 camera, not bad, but 1 thing is n80 dint have auto focus, so some place have dark it take out picture will become a bit black, but it can using night mode. k800 while it haven released, but using w800 camera testing, w800 auto focus make that place more lighter, so if i choose, i will choose k800, k800 camera maybe will more good than n80 ^^

  • Anonymous

first of all SE k800 is older than N73 and N93.
i hope that they will soon send this phone on the market.
if they will do this i think that it would be the best phone:)
if SE put in phone the same camera like it's in Sony's digital cameras i think that it would be the best. i vote for SE K800i

  • adrian

k800 is definately better than n80 ..

and who says n93 will definately win k800?

  • Me

this is my Q to gsmareana. what were u thinking comparing N80 to K800 in camera? I mean if N80 would have won, i would have donated a million dollar to the red cross. well, here's a good idea. close this thing down and make a new review named "3MP shootout- N73 vs N93 vs K800. This would make so much more sense. To all the nokia fan- N80 camera is not as good as k800. To all the SE fans- K800 is not as good as N80 all together.

Live with IT.

  • Anonymous

n80 will win anytime k800 is not godd i will vote nokia n80 and thats for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • name

N80 is not Nokia imaging phone, just an all-round one! And its camera quality is SLIGHTLY worse than SE FLAGSHIP model k800. Pity, bot SE is looooosing..... Not to mention n73 and n93 will beat k800 anytime.

  • Anonymous

k800 camera is far better than n80 iam fan of SE but it doesn't offer any operating system in their fones

  • Ktulu

Even though I`m an almost Nokia fan and I currently owe one (but for other reasons), I`ll vote for the K800.
Nokia should try and improve their cams.
And yes, there should be a comparison between pictures taken with the N73 and the ones with K800.

  • Dennis

k800 is a phone that is SEs cameraphone, so there should be a test vetween nokia n93/n73 vs k800, because they are nokias cameraphones.

  • hell boy

k800 is far much better it has better result ,battery life and better sound quality east or west se the best nk sucks!!!!

  • Andre

Well, i would say the Sony is far beter! The quality is AMAZING! I would say one should upgrade from the K750 to the K800, not just for the picture quality, but also for the 3G, Video Calling ... I have always been a samsung fan, but this sony has got my vote!!