3 MP shootout - N80 vs K800

30 April, 2006
You managed to take a look at our 3 megapixel shootout between Nokia N80 and Sony Ericsson K800, right? We would like to hear what do you think which photos are better and why...

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  • Safy

If somebody is looking 4 serious photography then he should wait 4 N93 coz its way better then both N80 & K800 . It has got a 3x Optical zoom + auto focus + carl zies + VGA 30f/s video recording and many more functions like TV out put !!!

  • somebody

if i go for video and camera phone i would wait for the N93,sony k800 is better than n80

  • SJ

I just wish they reviewed how the battery life plays into the camera/video usage and flash. I know this is probably going to be in the individual reviews, but it is important issue, because no power means no pictures.

  • Hippo

SE'S K800 is all in all better. Nokia's N80 has an amazing picture quality as well, but from the snapshots that I've seen so far, k800's picture quality, colour and well since it has autofocus brightness over rules the N80. It is a pitty that the video quality is QCIF though, coming from SE I was expecting better. It is surtain I'm replaicing my SE S7OOi, and I think K800 is just the rite phone to replace it.

  • Anonymous

K800 wins, but is unfair compare a cyber-shot phone with a normal one...

When GSMarena tests the K800 against the N93 that we'll see who's the best brand

  • Tarantula

Nokia buy the technology from third manufacturers, this camera module sensor is made by other manufacturer, the same happen with other features in nokias phones like bluetooth, wifi, etc.
Sony Ericsson go to Cyber-shot experience to develop the tech to his camera phones, this is the main reason for the SE superiority over nokia.
Remember that Cyber-shot makes differents sensors to various DSC manufacturers, sensors type: CCD, HadCCD, SuperHadCCD, etc.
Who says that cyber-shot logo is only advertising, is because he dont know the true about sony cameras and cyber shot brand.

  • Sid

Well, considering SE's experience with digital photography, it is no surprise that its K800 can take better pictures but Nokia, with N80, has taken the challenge head-on and has really shown that it can prove a tough competitor in this field as well 'cuz N80 takes much better pictures than any other Nokia cellphone that I've seen.

Overall, the better phone is N80 without question. I'd buy it right now if I had that much money. Just waiting for the price to come down and then grab it. Cheers

  • sajid dawar

as the name indicates the sony ericsson its the combination of two best electronic companies so it should be clear to all of people that k800 made by sony ericsson is billions times better than the nokia n80.its pics and video and the main thing is the size.so k800 is the best as i am personaly using it.

  • Anonymous

I know that God creat nokia for mobiles .
I know that SE is better than Camera but in other feutures Nokia is better .
I advice people to take nokia .
when you take mobile made in Europe it's diffenetly better than which made in China .
note :sorry for bad English but I'm still learning English

  • Suren

definitely best camera is the SE K800.. but i'm a smart phone fan soo i would if given the choice between k800 and n80 i would go for the n80.. the n93 looks delightful though!


I think that the camera of the SE K800 is better but i'm very disappointed of the video resolution it's so low!

  • Nexus

Nokia N80 seems better to me! personally

  • Anonymous

well i vote for K800 (although i hate the design very much).
In terms of the quality for a beta version it is far too good for N80. ^_^ SE rules... pls pls pls.. do not release such a bad-looking phone again... K750 is one of its best design in its peak.. followed by T610

  • anupam

well i terms of camera SE K800 wins, it takes more sharp images & have much more funcations then N80,,

on the other end N80 is a high-end technology phone with OS Symbian 9.1, wi-fi, great resolution 416 pixles etc...

they dont have any comparison ,, as they are the fighters of different field,
remember N80 is not focused as a camera phone !!

  • N I C H O L A S

I think N80 has a better chance because it comes out first....and it has a built in wifi software...although K800 has a 3.2 mp but N80 3 mp is equally good..and what's so good bout the zenon flash....is it even special...vote for N80....who thinks K800 is better...

  • Anonymous

of course k800 winner,in terms of flash and auto focus,SONY has its technology in it...

  • fonefanatik

there is no doubt the k800i takes better pics and you have to remember that the k800i is only a beta version. i belive that the difference will be even greater with the final phone. i personally will be going for the k800i as i don't like the symbian os i will not disagree that the video is better on the n80 but at the end on the day it is all about personal preferences

  • siki

SE K800 is much bether than nokia N80!


this is unfair... n80 is more of a phone and not a camera...
se wins in the pics but not on video... ill choose n80...

  • Ray

hey ppl, i am new to this web site. erm, i do have some questions on k800i. i prefer k800i to N80. i intend to buy k800. but i have my budget. does anyone knows when k800i will be lunched and how much approximately how much does it cost when it is launched ?? Thx for those who replied... =)