Smartphone market grew 55 percent, iOS declining by 2014

9 September, 2010
There are some good times ahead for smartphones, say market analysts from IDC. Smartphone market share is expected to grow by over 50% and oddly iOS will be declining in the future, with Android and Windows...

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  • Anonymous

I think it should be
ios 20%
windows 20%
android 20%
bada 20%
symbian 0%
other 20%
symbian is like an old sickness you cant get rid off.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Sep 2010Tweaks? Sure why not. [url] moreTo take advantage of those things and get rid of the LOCKED DOWN parts that phone makers and networks load Android phones up with you have to GAIN ROOT ACCESS e.g. JAILBREAK.

It's EXACTLY the same as jailbreaking an iPhone.

So what's the big deal?

  • jjsoviet

Sorry for the problem with the link, here it is:

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Sep 2010You base which company is worth more on their market value.... moreTweaks? Sure why not.


Here is how a Motorola Droid is able to overclock from a relatively humble 550 MHz (processor is usually underclocked from the get-go) to a whopping 1.3 GHz, tried and tested by the Android community. Most other phones could be used for such system tweaks as long as the hardware allows: cache clearing, app task managing, selective startup, etc. Check up on the Market to see how vast these tweaking softwares have become.

Basically, going to Modmymobile's and XDA-Developers' Android forums should satisfy your Android app and theme fix. If you are a capable developer, you could create your custom ROM's and widgets, as well as programs for publishing to Market.

The thing is, Android is so open-ended that there are literally millions of opportunities for both Google and the community to exploit it. What's even more inviting is the minimal skill floor required to engage in such modifications, where you can just download some files and follow the instructions. I was able to flash 2.1 on my Cliq when Motorola is still working on an official version, reading from a guide somewhere off the net. Simple as that.

Apple's main fault with its iOS is the relative limitations imposed upon the software itself. Not much room for customization even with Jailbreaks, since these are just custom apps and scripts to provide a little more freedom on the iPhone.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Sep 2010I guess that's like all the things other phone makers didn'... moreYou totally nailed that one.

It's easy for them to say that Apple only borrowed their technology somewhere else and put it in the iphone, without thinking that other manufacturers do the same thing as well.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Sep 2010They did not invented the technology... They merely adopted... moreI guess that's like all the things other phone makers didn't invent, only "adopted" to use your words.

Everything from camera's to FM radio's to touch screens, to radio communication was used somewhere else before being used in phones.

Your argument fails.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Sep 2010But it's been use on mobile device before Apple iphone4. ... moreIt wasn't used on a phone, Apple did that first.

You fail.

Why don't you carry your "portable" X-box around and make phone calls with it.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Sep 2010hey read carefully the link which u put makes mor... moreOh I see.  So you don't think it's fair that I count Apple's value as a whole because they sell more than just phones.  But you think its fair for you to count all nokia phones from their low end to their high end, and say that symbian has a bigger market share than one iphone.  Wow, you're such a fair person when you want it to work for you :)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Sep 2010No that's not my point. Yes all of those technologies wer... moreThere were no video calling phones ten years ago.

Please feel free to provide a link showing a phone to dispute this, if you don't agree.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Well Apple will not be a large company if their products dont sell.  Their products won't sell if their products are no good.  They're relative.  

If someone said something wrong, then kindly correct them.  No need to call people names.  That's how educated people deal with things.  So I guess you're not educated :)

  • Anonymous

jjsoviet, 10 Sep 2010Heated arguments like these really catch my attention. :P ... moreYou base which company is worth more on their market value.  That's REGARDLESS whether they are successful in all countries or only to some.  Nokia has more success globally than Apple.  But if Nokia is only worth 30 billion something dollars, and Apple 300 billion something dollars, Apple would still be worth more. 

Tweaks? And what tweaks do you exactly do on your phone? I'm just curious.  It seems like those tweaks do amazing things for you.  Can you enumerate some?

So you like to change system settings?  Like what settings?  When you say overclock the cpu, does that mean you can make a 1ghz cpu run 2ghz?  When you say create and publish widgets, does that mean you can create a widget not native on your phone?  When you say patch up existing apps, does that mean you can edit apps right off your phone?  Like improve the coding of an app that you downloaded?  

Please do share all those wonderful enhancements and modificafions you can do on your android phone.  Maybe you can pursuade me to switch to android.

  • Anonymous,2817,2368992,00.asp

Gartner predicted this.. Its more convincing..

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Sep 2010They did not invented the technology... They merely adopted... moreThe most successful software company is microsoft, not Apple.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Sep 2010Gyroscope NEVER seen on a phone before the iPhone 4.They did not invented the technology... They merely adopted it. Apple is only innovative in terms of software and nothing else.

  • Stuntman

What I would like to see is an article in 2014 that references this article to see how accurate these predictions are. Far too often, I see some article that makes some prediction on future trends and then you forget about the article.

I think that every year, they should have a series of articles that looks back on old articles that predict what will happen this year and then show how accurate those articles were. Unfortunately, these predictions will be forgotten in a few months. In a year, there will be another article that makes predictions on trends up to 2015 and that article will be forgotten soon after.

  • deep space bar

XD haahahaha IOS friggin sucks XD it will wither aways like jobs in a few years and then everyone will have to toss out there useless iBricks cause apple will stop supporting it XD

  • therock

Ghost, 10 Sep 2010... and 2012 is coming!!! lol" and 2012 is coming!!! lol" end of the world includes the end of all smartphone

  • Anonymous

Kierann, 10 Sep 2010Let's get this into perspective guys. Apple is going to ... morethat's because apple = steven h. jobs = jim jones, kool aid anyone?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Sep 2010Gyroscope NEVER seen on a phone before the iPhone 4.But it's been use on mobile device before Apple iphone4.

it's been used on sony psp on destop computer, microsoft xbox.

Apple didn't invented that technology.