Asus releases the Zenfone 3 in Malaysia - the entire range of models

06 August, 2016
Prices start at MYR 799 ($200) for the Zenfone 3 Max, and top out at MYR 3,299 ($820) for the top-trim Zenfone 3 Deluxe.

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  • lol

amd said their rx480 msrp is myr 800 but all local seller sell at myr1200

  • AnonD-460686

I'm from Malaysia and I think the Asus Zenfone Delux will not be purchased by Malaysian cause it is too expensive....... Average Malaysian worker has MYR 2,000- 3000 of money a month...... But hey, rich (sorry if offended) people can buy anything what they want. I can buy the Zenfone Max only..... MYR 799 is just fine for me.

  • anon

AnonD-552914, 06 Aug 2016zenfone 3 ze552kl for myr 200? read before posting gsma teamThe article says '200myr on top of that, which means 1499 + 200

  • Max

NOTE 7 IS WAY BETTER THAN Z3 DELUXE and this time all zenfone 3 models are costly than last years

  • pat

I have Zenfone 2 5,5 inch . I bought it because of price and when Asus was praising it will take care of service and updated for its customers with their product. Long time ago they said Zenfone 2 is getting Marshmallow 6.0 Being in Canada I can't get that update until today. How old is Marshmallow now? And I am still unable to get update?? For the top money Asus now asking, I will go next phone with Samsung, where is much less hustle with updates and great phones for the higher price Asus is asking now. Different people, different views, but service and delivery is important to me.

  • Anonymous

These phones are severely overpriced imo

  • AnonD-552914

zenfone 3 ze552kl for myr 200? read before posting gsma team

  • Anonymous

Way too pricey.......should learn a thing or two from oneplus

  • Kiram Suku

Wow, the pricing sucks, guess i have to go for Note7.

  • AnonD-286474

Naming is not confusing enough, try harder ASUS

  • Anonymous

I hoped the 820 version of the deluxe would've been $500-$550. Will the prices in EU and US be the same as Taiwanese and Malaysian prices?

Asus took 2 months in releasing these phones to the market and used the "sony approach" when pricing their phones. Good job asus. Now let's see the suckers who will be buying your phones instead of the competition.