Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc hands-on pictures and video

07 January, 2011
We got our hands on the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc and we hurry to give you some live shots, video demos and quick screen comparison with two of the most popular mobile screens out there. The Arc is full of...

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  • Shino03

[deleted post]Stupid. I clearly said the first to announce and not the first to release but SE still should be given credit for that(8mp and 12mp) but for the 16mp and continouos-af, the credit is definitely to them..

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]cough
reality display
bravia engine
exmor r sensor
all in one phone. oh and we use our own display unlike nokia, using amoled

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Jan 2011there are new leaked pictures of x10 mini (pro) successor o... morethanks

  • Anonymous

there are new leaked pictures of x10 mini (pro) successor on esato

  • Jm

Sony Ericsson Arc is the best android phone on land!
Cant wait how the Reality diplay of Sony Ericsson will put on shame the Retina of Apple, Super Amoled Plus of Samsung, S-Led of HTC, Nova of LG and the OLD LCD of motorola!
Nothing let say none of today's mobile phone can compete to ARC's 8MP camera, Classy and not copycat design, and the Reality Display.

  • Anonymous

I don't care about what the people here are saying. I will definitely buy this beauty!

Kudos to SE for creating this hot and sexy android phone!

to pdnf, you don't need to bash SE just for people to appreciate nokia. We have our own preferences. If you can't respect that, then don't expect others to believe or respect you.

  • Anonymous

robbyt, 08 Jan 2011zmost of nokia boy are crazy because se will have world fir... morethey have! it is s006, but it is japan only.

  • Anonymous

HTC Sense is not OS... Lol!!
How pathetic this 300's comments discussion ((:

  • robbyt

zmost of nokia boy are crazy because se will have world first16 mega pixel camera while nokia just release n 8 with 12mega haw can they say se copy cat

  • jm

[deleted post]Yeah SE phone can use that specially the former UIQ phone OS (P990i, P1i, G700, G900, W960) with 3G only network! I remember 2 years ago, i used my SE G700 as a substitute for my Huawei 3G USB modem. Wanna know the result? G700 as 3G a modem is faster than 3 mbps usb modem.

I think SE Should improve or upgrade the UIQ OS make it much Smarter than iOS or Android OS. i remember the P- series days! That series pushes more sales to SE if im not mistaken

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Jan 2011First camera phone was from Sharp and marketed by J-Phone i... morePity that you're oafish..
1st, Sony ericsson was the first brand to implement xenon flash on a mobile phone which was first on k800i.
2nd, SE was the first brand to put fm transmitter which every manufacturer copied(W980)
3rd, they were also the first to have a QVGA recording capable phone..
And many more which you don't know!

What the heck is the problem of the people here? They're so rude!

  • AMH

Open Source is the way to go.
Android is the first mobile OS to be widely spread all over the world from nearly every phone manufactorer except Nokia and Apple.

Android is the first OS to be implemented successfully in a TV, and being tested on cars as a replacement for system info.

It's setting new aspects for every other manufactorer and Soft-Developers.
Android is the Future, SE saw that and went for it

  • AMH

true se fell behind the couple of years, i admit it and so does every se fan.
but saying it didn't give anything to the mobile world!! thats back stabbing to the company that always produced:
best camera phones with best autofocus & xneon flash
best phone music players
best audio quality.
so go troll somewhere else

  • TMachine

I like my IP4 but was always itching to get back to a worthy SE phone and I believe we have found each other! Like the Miz......this is just Awwwwwwweeesome!

  • Anonymous

him, 08 Jan 2011as a true mobile guru without any biased. Se fans if u wan... morei agree, but se will have to release their phones and updates on time to regain peoples trust. if not, haters will continue to bark.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Sony Ericsson is a joint venture established on October 1, 2001[1] by the Japanese consumer electronics company Sony Corporation and the Swedish telecommunications company Ericsson to manufacture mobile phones. The stated reason for this venture is to combine Sony's consumer electronics expertise with Ericsson's technological knowledge in the communications sector.

The JV parties agree to develop, for a finite time, a new entity and new assets by contributing equity. They both exercise control over the enterprise and consequently share revenues, expenses and assets. There are other types of companies such as JV limited by guarantee, joint ventures limited by guarantee with partners holding shares.

i think i know my stuff. if not internet can help.

  • distributor

This is my opinion :

This is indeed the best looking device I have ever seen! But this is not strange since it's a Sony. What's even better is that the 8 mp camera with the new sensor will keep the X10 successor the best android camera the same way the current X10 is.

So this device will have a brilliant camera, stunning display, the latest version of android plus the sexiest design you could ever get!! I don't think it could get better than this, but wait let's not forget it's a Sony which means you will still get the premium and classy feeling while holding it.

The Xperia Arc is a beauty! Also, we will get the play station phone along with the X10 mini pro successor. All handsets will have gingerbread along with very impressive features.

No wonder why we love and believe in Sony, they always impress us! And I mean live innovation not only copy/paste others.

Well Done SE!

  • him

as a true mobile guru without any biased.
Se fans if u want to save se in future ask them to start their own OS.
The e.g. Is samsung.
They r investing heavily in their bada OS and they will have fewer phones this using android to just gain money.
In the end of 2011 shipment of android phones will decrease becoz every phone manufacture want their OS.
Similary same thing goes for LG.
As both se and lg are struggling in market.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Jan 2011First camera phone was from Sharp and marketed by J-Phone i... moreericsson = sony ERICSSON
xperia arc is a product of the two, or it will just be the sony xperia arc.

  • se

Anonymous, 08 Jan 2011First camera phone was from Sharp and marketed by J-Phone i... moreu r absolutely right.
They have given the world a bunch of good phone but not best phone.
No phone from se has cross ten million mark.