Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc hands-on pictures and video

07 January, 2011
We got our hands on the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc and we hurry to give you some live shots, video demos and quick screen comparison with two of the most popular mobile screens out there. The Arc is full of...

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  • Anonymous

First camera phone was from Sharp and marketed by J-Phone in Japan in 2001. SE just copied..


Yes, Ericsson was the first to implement Bluetooth, but thats not SonyEricsson, as SE was formed later.

My question still stands....What invocations has SE given to mobile Phone world ? Answer is ZERO.

  • Duel

se, 08 Jan 2011its camera is not going to be good.rumour say it has 8mp fix foc... moreExmor r used first time in mobile phone, what i readed about that and seeing arc YouTube exmor r commercial, it looks promising, maybe we finally get good photos in low light.

  • Anonymous

se, 08 Jan 2011its camera is not going to be good.rumour say it has 8mp fix foc... moreit is autofocus nt fixed lyk nokia
plz correct urself den make comments

  • se

Duel, 08 Jan 2011I'm photo loving person, but not that much :) hell no for N8, th... moreits camera is not going to be good.rumour say it has 8mp fix focus camera which is good but not best.

  • Duel

Anonymous, 08 Jan 2011before 2010 the only segment se was ahead in camera. But after ... moreI'm photo loving person, but not that much :) hell no for N8, this arc phone has almost same features than N8 but Arc is much faster So it's better for future, i also believe arc camera is going to be very good.

  • Anonymous

Nokijus, 08 Jan 2011I still no made decision which best power phones (processor, bes... morego for N9.this phone will change the way we perceive will run on meego.
It will be launch in feb in mobile world congress.

  • Anonymous

before 2010 the only segment se was ahead in camera.
But after the launch of N8 the se is no longer best in camera.
I recommend every photo loving person to buy N8.

  • Nokijus

I still no made decision which best power phones (processor, best screen, specifications) to buy from these bellow:

01. Motorola ATRIX
01. Samsung I9000 Galaxy S
01. LG Optimus Black
01. LG Optimus 2X

Also I'm add Nokia and Sony-Ericsson even they are weakest link in this group compare with first TOP 4 but I'm add them coz i was from beginning Nokia and Sony-Ericsson fan, so I add them is well:

A. Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc
B. Nokia N8

FOR ME MOST IMPORTANT - phone specifications and phone with best photo camera lens.
So if for photos then without doubt Nokia N8 or if for specifications then Samsung I9000 Galaxy S, Motorola ATRIX or LG Optimus BlacK, LG Optimus 2X coz two last LG phones here in GSM Arena with not full specifications.

Or maybe to wait for Nokia N9 or Samsung I9100 Galaxy S 2.

So I got very hard choice or made very hard decision which phone most suitable for me.

  • Ackom

very nice looking phone

  • AMH

distributor, 08 Jan 2011LOL , they said SE made copy , but is u who really made copy . ... moreHehehe, i noticed that but didn't think it was worth replying back to him

  • distributor

[deleted post]LOL , they said SE made copy , but is u who really made copy .

u can copy my name , but u cant copy my symbol - soES-

  • Duel

Very nice looking phone!

I want to see Photos taken by this phone, SE is almost only one which can compete camera quality against Nokia.

Browser looked little bit slow, i think because of flash, Flash sucks.

This phone with WP7 would be awesome!

  • ramin

[deleted post]last years only nokia come to SE forum and bash SE but now NOKIA-SAMSUNG-APPLE-MOTO fans come
i love blackberry fans because they love blackberry but not hate other companies!

  • AMH

[deleted post]It beated Nokia here in Europe before Android and IOS, before 2007.

The Ericsson T36 is the first mobile phone to have built-in Bluetooth wireless technology
Source ;­­CH
Sony Ericsson World's first camera phone T68.
3. Music, maybe not the first, But the best Sony Ericsson Walkman.
4. First major manufactured 2.0 mega pixel with xneon flash and Auto Focus. K750i.
SE was the best inovator, it gave the world something to copy.

  • wayland

cant wait to see this awesome gadget!!!another calibrated technology from sony in advance to sony ericsson!

  • distributor

[deleted post]Rayan STOP it. dont forget i can see ur symbol -PDNf- same opinions u post on X2 forum . u are small boy and racist , we dont forget what u said yesterday .

  • distributor

This is my opinion :

This is indeed the best looking device I have ever seen! But this is not strange since it's a Sony. What's even better is that the 8 mp camera with the new sensor will keep the X10 successor the best android camera the same way the current X10 is.

So this device will have a brilliant camera, stunning display, the latest version of android plus the sexiest design you could ever get!! I don't think it could get better than this, but wait let's not forget it's a Sony which means you will still get the premium and classy feeling while holding it.

The Xperia Arc is a beauty! Also, we will get the play station phone along with the X10 mini pro successor. All handsets will have gingerbread along with very impressive features.

No wonder why we love and believe in Sony, they always impress us! And I mean live innovation not only copy/paste others.

Well Done SE!

  • Anonymous

please compare arc's design with some nokias and motos and samsungs
you will be find that this is not a phone this a piece of art!


what about battery back up......
and videocalling

  • AMH

[deleted post]Your talking with no logic at all.
Nokia is still using symbian and is the reason why their sales are crumbling down, here in europe before Android or IOS, nokia was destroyed by SE.
The reason why they jumped into android is that there is no point in spending millions of dollars in producing a new operating system while you have Android which is free and number 1 world wide in sells according to December 2010 charts.
It's a very smart move, the millions they could have thrown away are being used to make a top SE phone that is 100% Hardware compatible with android.
1..I have owned Nokia 3 times, TRASH is what i can say.
2...Iphone 3GS with IOS 4.. Good, Stable, but it doesn't belong to me, with all of the Restrictions on it, it belongs to Apple, And no I dont want to Jail Break it,No sense in buying a phone and break it's software and warranty inorder to use it.
3... Currently using HTC Legent, Android good, better than IOS, a bit fragmented, but still ahead of IOS, but HTC IS CRAP!, the battery back cover keeps falling off, hardly any updates.
I miss the days of SE such as SE K750i, K810i, Z800i, the best of the best.
But now this came along, and the rest on the way, I see that the millions of $ SE chose to spend on android is paying of.
And Im going to them, no phone company NOT EVEN APPLE IPHONE 3GS or 4
They were the first with Camera, The First with Walkman Phones, The First who implemented BlueTooth.
Sure they fell behind in the past 2-3 years, but thats normal for any huge firm, Microsoft Windows Vista, Apple MAC, The list goes on, But in the end, they made it back UP.