Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc hands-on pictures and video

07 January, 2011
We got our hands on the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc and we hurry to give you some live shots, video demos and quick screen comparison with two of the most popular mobile screens out there. The Arc is full of...

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  • dillema

everyone complaining when SE put fast port and use memory stick duo because SE is not a copy cat. Now when SE use google OS, not SE's own OS, they said SE did copy cat. So, what SE suppose to do for people like them?

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]i remembered 2 years ago, many people here said that SE will soon expired. And now, you can see what SE does. And now you say within 2 years SE will collapse. Just wait and see. LOL.

  • Anonymous

Tottaly Agree

  • Anonymous

another generic smartphone by SE...

  • majid asadollahpour

[deleted post]yes I agree with you.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]core i 7 cpu?!
yes in february 2020 samsung will release this phone

  • Anonymous

meh... us galaxy s owners need not be jealous of this.

  • Jm

Cool design, 08 Jan 2011But i am unsure to get this one or other tegra2 phones. I am ... moreSE already apologized about their mistakes last year and learned their lesson. With the SE Arc we can expect a short time of future updates, the reasons why SE X10 takes a long time to update is just because the Mediascape. SE decided to exclude the mediascape to Xperia ARC so that updating its software doesnt takes too long.

  • Cool design

But i am unsure to get this one or other tegra2 phones.

I am sure bravia engine and all other stuff will have bugs and se will update them in ages :(

  • Jm

Common! Look Guys! in ALL CES Android Phones Released Samsung Infuse, Motorola Atrix, Atrix 4G and Sony Ericsson Arc i can only say that the Sony Ericsson ARC is the most interesting and talk of the town android phone in CES.
source: GSMARENA's user's opinion­705.php (samsung infuse with only 68 comments) (motorola atrix with 102 comments)­hp (motorola atrix 4g with a modesty 45 comments)
and real king­-3619.php (sony ericsson arc with 737 comments)
well Sony Ericsson Congrats! i am your sure ARC buyer soon.

  • majid asadollahpour

SE phones are the most complete phones.they have the best camera and sound quality and also the most clear displays etc.I dont care what the words and numbers say but I notice the real quality.
se you can destroy all of the opponents.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Moto is so so so much innovative so why they dnt have a proper U.I in all phns that u have mentioned.... huh...??
i had a crush on razr but when i used it i just said f...k off...!!!
no proper U.I as compare to S.E or nokia...!!!
i think moto should invest to get a proper U.I...!!

  • Grover

What an awesome phone .
Photographs of if look great on my iPhone 4 . Well done SE !

  • Anonymous

naveet, 08 Jan 2011the most beautiful phne ever by sonyi agree
most beautiful phn from any company... :)

  • naveet

the most beautiful phne ever by sony

  • Anonymous

Laxus, 08 Jan 2011slim so what?if for me ,i will go for Lg optimus 2x,because it d... moreLG haha that doesn't have a proper file manager in their phones :D

  • asad

After seeing this beauty i think smmy n nokia's fans are out of their mind thats why they are bashing here n make this phone so popular haha :D

  • Laxus

slim so what?if for me ,i will go for Lg optimus 2x,because it doesn't have any single lag at all !

  • cefy

as beautiful as x10

  • sree

world 1st ever seen super thin slim phone like this,i am waiting for 2 purchase this model.