HTC posts 9% revenue decline in April

09 May 2017
The company’s consolidated revenue was NT$4,71B ($155M), compared to NT$5,19B ($171M)in March .

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Keep pricing phones the way you do and you might have an exit coming soon

  • Simon

Renato Oliveira, 10 May 2017Shocking... NO! * Stuck with its UltraPixel cameras for years... moreAnother bingo. I second every word of this. HTC should read that.

  • AnonD-461167

AnonD-538464, 09 May 2017Totally agree with the huge bezels. They do not adapt at the rig... moreIts the opposite. HTC needs to get 4,7" inch phone and fast. See why Iphone sells, 80% of people i know is not Apple but its the size.

If you want a tablet buy a tablet. No point to have tablet size phone. There were times when smallest phones costed most. Ever wondering that there are people around who doesnt need such size. Even laptop manufacturers try to fit 13" screens to 11-12" body. Phone makers somehow try to make phones bigger and bigger.

I just need something what i can fit to my jeans pocket. why the hell i have to take handbag to carry phone...

  • AnonD-461167

Nothign wrong woth HTC screens. Take M10 side by side with Iphone 7 and you see that Iphone screen looks like 6 years old. Apple makes money with Iphone by using old components and rather small improvements over new models. Iphone screen is soo hairy as it can be, pretty poor to be honest for this price where has HTC is sharp as it can be.

  • mohan

lack of volte feture in all htc handset

  • AnonD-607631

Just 9%... I thought it should have been 49%

My HTC M9 has the worst power button placement in the history of smartphones. Do these guys even use their phones when they design them or do they all just use iPhones and Galaxy S8?

  • AnonD-523334

They deserve.

Shocking... NO!

* Stuck with its UltraPixel cameras for years, even when it was abundantly clear that they didn't cut it; poor cameras overall
* No water resistance for their top dogs for a long time, while Sony has it for ages
* Neither Sony nor Sammy ditched the beloved 3.5 jack for water resistance, only HTC did in the Droid world (where we are spoiled for options)
* Outdated CPUs and displays; they take forever to catch up (even now, the U11 is the last of the big Droids, with the possible exception of the Moto Z2 - but, honestly, Moto is in the same downhill path, for pretty much the same reasons as HTC)
* Insanely large bezels; in the past there were the front firing stereo speakers to make up for that, but not anymore, and for quite some time now
* No innovative devices for quite some time now
* Confusing lineup - which is the top dog, the One, the Desire or the Butterfly? There were some years when this wasn't a simple question to answer; this pulverizes sales and marketing efforts
* At the same time, lineup not covering all segments
* Many wtf choices - phone shell that looks like a $2 case with glitter? Seriously?
* Very low marketing expenditure
* They used to dictate what a well built phone is, but today even cheapo Chinese ones can equal or beat it in that regard too
* Nuckin futs price, usually among the most expensive in their hardware class, in a time when the HTC brand isn't what it used to be

They all happen simultaneously, in all categories. So, the lackluster profits are no surprise.

  • Simon

ssbatman21, 09 May 2017Sony and htc with their huge bezels, even with a good hardware t... moreBingo. I know some people will disagree, but as far as market success, it's exactly at least 70% of why their phones don't sell.

  • HaHa

Klangite, 10 May 2017For a company that prides itself on making smartphones with supe... moreIndeed, music lovers will rejoice when they are both in the lake.

  • Klangite

For a company that prides itself on making smartphones with superior audio qualities, HTC has to annoy music lovers by removing the 3.5mm jack. It costs extra to have to make a specialised USB-C earphone and bundle in an adapter for free at a time when they can least afford to. This is a company that will only have itself to blame for biting the dust. Le Eco is another company that rushed to ditch the 3.5mm jack and it's also losing money. HTC and Le Eco might as well hold hands and jump into the lake together.

AnonD-538464, 09 May 2017Totally agree with the huge bezels. They do not adapt at the rig... moreI think the last phone that htc advertised properly was htc one m7

  • Seremban

So, ditching the 3.5mm jack in all your new models to ape Apple didn't do wonders for you ha! Why don't you just eat humble pie and bring back the useful and beloved jack?

  • AnonD-538464

ssbatman21, 09 May 2017Sony and htc with their huge bezels, even with a good hardware t... moreTotally agree with the huge bezels. They do not adapt at the right moment. And sometimes they follow the wrong one like the headphone jack. Did they do actual FGD's or studies to make them decide that removing the headphone jack is the way to go??? HTC phones have great build. I mean even the 10 feels really great when you hold it. But it was a bit small for me. Seems every year people anticipate it to be the year HTC rises up again and then.....meh....I'd love for them to just go for it! Also they need to really spend on advertising. That's where Samsung and Apple eats them up alive, I think.

  • AnonD-538464

Not surprised.

  • VasiliS7edge

I want Samsung, iPhone, HTC and Don't in the market. Everybody just stop trying. Even Huawei please stop.

  • AnonD-510098

LOL. They deserve it all for trying to get rid of the 3.5mm headphone jack!!!!

  • AnonD-656847

Anonymous, 09 May 2017Help This Company....hahaahhaah u r so inovative ;))))

  • AnonD-259152

Shallow minded CEO