Weekly poll: which screen type do you prefer, LCD or AMOLED?

06 August 2017
Quantum dots are also in the running, but (unfortunately) eInk is not.

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  • AnonD-261377

imRGZ, 07 Aug 2017No technology carry forward the same issues that bogged them in ... moreThere are LG amoled screens that use AMOLED as single pixel backlight and filter-polarise it to suitable color, that way we dont get uneven pixel life span, but here we see how many people are blind with working eyes...and #$%@& with working brain...
Curent Samsung AMOLED suffer burn in effect in few moths of heavy useage...
Maybe it will improve since AMOLED do have superior display quality, but still suffer from this burn in...

Anonymous, 07 Aug 2017Punchy color is not true to real life, but don't know why some r... moreYou can change colour tone to real life, amoled is most accurate in colours, at least from s7 or s8, but people prefers to have punchy colours like me, so you can have both

Anonymous, 06 Aug 2017Amoled has already dominated, especially when the iPhone 8 comes... moreDo the fact Ferrari sell less cars make it inferior in quality and performance to honda? just saying..

ProJames, 06 Aug 2017I don't know what you're talking about. I have a device with a S... moreViewing angle usually talk about brightness and yess amoled dont loose brightness but you cant say colors dont shift and change thats would be a lie.

  • AnonD-683214

ithehappy, 07 Aug 2017It shows who is the uneducated or whatever. Most accurate monito... moreThat is an innacurate statement. "Oversaturation" and color inaccuracy are not inherent issues of any screen technology; but issues of manufacturers color calibration techniques. And by the way, the reason there are more color accurate LCD's out there is because once you go beyond the 10" screen range OLED displays are far more expensive to create than LCD's. Thus, less manufacturers use OLED panels altogether. The reason there are "more" color accurate LCD displays is because there are MORE LCD displays as a whole, especially for larger screens. The idea that OLED displays are inaccurate because of "oversaturation" is ridiculous. The only reason that a screen might be oversaturated would be because of poor calibration. An improperly calibrated OLED display will probably look oversaturated because of OLED displays stunning absolute blacks and (generally) wider color gamut.

Your argument against OLED displays due to "oversaturation" is simply a criticism of manufacturers ability to properly calibrate screens, and if anything, is a compliment toward AMOLED display technology and its ability to create a wider range of colors and absolute blacks.

  • Anonymous

ithehappy, 07 Aug 2017It shows who is the uneducated or whatever. Most accurate monito... moreAccuracy is nothing more than display quality and calibration. Both amoled and lcd can be high quality or cheap and well calibrated or poorly calibrated.

They both can have near perfect color accuracy.
The difference is with the high contrast, wider color gama, blacks, superior angels and reflectance.
Amoled for those reasons is technically superior accuracy.

  • Anonymous

Marorun, 07 Aug 2017excellent viewing angle for luminosity but the colors get trashe... moreThey don't get trashed. And generally is much better than lcd. Some amoled have that tint but some lcds do as well. No color shift on my s7e.

Vewing angels are amazing on amoled. Can be on lcd too.
But usually better on amoled. As well as with contrast, colors, blacks, and power efficiency.

And the bigger displays get the more apparent these advantages get. Up from 4 to 6 inches makes a differences.
Then from 12 to 20 even more so. Then on a large TV scale the differences are just amazing

  • Anonymous

likes AMOLED, but dislike the diamond pentile subpixel layout

AnonD-345931, 07 Aug 2017I can't believe some people still believe that LCD is better tha... moreIt shows who is the uneducated or whatever. Most accurate monitors in the world are LCD LoL. AMOLED used in mobile has its advantages mostly in power efficiency because its a mobile device where power efficiency should be one of the most important thing.

  • Simon

Marorun, 07 Aug 2017Real Quantum dot display will be the future. all the advantages... moreIt has nothing to do with OLED, and none of its advantages. It's just a step forward for LCD.

I can't believe the amount of ignorance in this comments section, really. Please, use OLED first, then come back, and you will be talking very different things and I guarantee, (unless you keep your mind closed) you will not be able to go back to LCD.

Anonymous, 06 Aug 20171st of all about amoled is your technically lying they have exce... moreexcellent viewing angle for luminosity but the colors get trashed more than on LCD..

Anonymous, 06 Aug 2017useless 4k lcd display that doesnt support daydream ?Quality LCD can achieve 240 fps wich is more than enuf for any VR.
The problem is its will drink battery like crazy,

Amoled colors change over time and its has danger of burn-in eventually.

So i go with quantum dot ( Real one not the fake one samsung try to sell as tv ) its will have best of both world.

Anonymous, 06 Aug 2017Amoled any day IF only it isn't prone to burn in. Then it won't... moreReal Quantum dot display will be the future.
all the advantages of Amoled none of the defect.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Aug 2017You can compare it to TVs LG is leader on OLED since years N... moreStop misleading people.

Sony Ips display is better than LG, you probably don't see any 4K display in smartphone.

  • Linas

Whereas quality and colour accuracy can be discussed there is one reason why AMOLED are the only way forward for mobile devices - it is energy consumption. I prefer AMOLED screens anyway, but what matters most is that that are from 30% and up-to 60-70% more energy efficient. On touch screen devices where screen can consume most of overall energy this is huge saving. Even if some premium LCD panel can give 1 or 5% better colour accuracy (like IPS) it would not matter considering power consumption. I understand this might be important on professional displays connected to the grid, but not on battery powered devices.

Anonymous, 07 Aug 2017Punchy color is not true to real life, but don't know why some r... moreBecause you can tune the display mode into "accuracy " or "Basic" mode, where the accuracy is excellent thanks to a wide color gamut. It's as simple as a switch in the settings of a phone. But obviously the phone comes out of the box on the punchy colors mode.

  • Dgg

Earth is not flat, but does not suffer from colour degradation and burn in like OLED. Numpty.
Just go to the retailer and check out the S8 screen with the icons burned in. Yes Extreme conditions but still a problem.

  • piku

most of people think AMOLED are crap because Samsung and some manufactures uses inferior pentile amoled with over saturated displays on their mid and low range phones while in reality RGB AMOLED are way better than cheap AMOLED display also AMOLED displays are way easy on batteries

  • Anonymous

TheHater, 07 Aug 2017Just because none of your smartphones with AMOLEDs got burn in, ... moreResistance is futile.

  • AnonD-345931

I can't believe some people still believe that LCD is better than AMOLEDs. I mean, Displaymate has already proved that SAMOLEDs are the best display out there. SO if you're gonna ignore the facts and pull another "Earth is flat" with this one, then just go ahead. And before you say that Displaymate is biased, I'd like to see you come up with factual evidence that proves that LCD is better. Just your personal opinion doesn't mean jack.

And burn-ins happens when you keep your phone screen on 24/7 under sunlight. That's why phones in the showrooms might show burn ins. But in real life with modern AMOLED phones, you'd pretty much never face this issue. And AMOLEDs are NOT oversaturated. People choose that option to amp up the saturation. There an option in the display menu to choose to show natural colors.

On;y uneducated people thinks that LCDs are better than AMOLED.