Galaxy Note8 will be up to $425 cheaper for those who had a Note7

23 August 2017
Samsung hasn't forgotten the owners of the beleaguered predecessor to the handset unveiled today.

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  • Anonymous

Only USA and Korea or Global.

  • Mike

Ouch only USA. How Sad how about the other country that bought note 7 and still have it?

  • AnonD-510098

Why are the dual cameras, flash, hr reader and fingerprint scanner in the same ugly black rectangle box??

It looks ugly. The S8 back is way better.

given that the price is almost £90/$116 higher then the S8+ they will no doubt make their money back anyhow, price is obscene, not all companies are even offering a DEX in the UK with the note8 which makes it crazy high for some

  • Duck

It's good to know but no thanks.
Trust issues with SAMSUNG now.

  • Anonymous

Nice lollipop