Huawei Honor V10 to bring the power of Mate 10 at a fraction of the price

06 November 2017
Early indications from TENAA point to an 18:9 screen and Kirin 970 chipset attached to a more affordable price.

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  • SZtadir
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  • 06 Nov 2017

Honor brings a lot of hardware capabilities for a very good price. I hope that Huawei keeps this sub-brand and at that price range. This will surely overthrow Oneplus. Recently I recommended Honor 8 to one of my friends and he instantly fell in love with the design. He bought it a few hours ago from Amazon.

BTW, the picture is horrible. It could be the next iPhone and you wouldn't be able to tell.

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    • gyc
    • 06 Nov 2017

    V10? hmm next LG V10 :D no no.

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      • AnonD-200528
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      • 06 Nov 2017

      I hope they will install at least 4000 mAH like the Honor 8 pro OR increase it a little!

        But it's not Leica. So not even close to the power of the mate 10.

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          • ZloiYuri
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          • 06 Nov 2017

          OnePlus killer

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            • Vic
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            • 06 Nov 2017

            Hope it comes with 3.5 mm jack.

              I hope honor 8 pro is heavily discounted and this one is priced the same as honor 8 pro's current price

                Will it support sd card?

                  What is this? An LG V30 version 2?