Counterclockwise: OLED screens challenge old-fashioned LCDs

02 December 2017
Growth has been relatively slow and it could be due to lack of suppliers - not preferences - that is holding it back.

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  • Rafi

Does Super Amoled makes Eye Problem.

  • PhoneGuy

I work at a popular ISP shop that sells a ton of phones a month, and I can say that SAMOLED or just OLED display has a lot more issues than LCD. Almost every third customer has a on-screen burn problem that walks in, and some even have contrast or brightness issues. My BlackBerry Priv has on-screen burn and decreased brightness with unbalanced colours, where my Huawei P9 has so far no problems and 100% still the same quality as I bought it the first time (I owned both phones the same time and use both equally at 50% brightness for a little more than a year now). As for battery consuption, my P9 last by far much longer but that is probably because of a more sufficient CPU. My next buy would definitely be a LCD phone, it is just more reliable in my experience.

  • Anonymous

I was excited about receiving a Galaxy S4 from my sister last month as a gift mainly because it is my first phone with 1080p resolution and Super AMOLED technology. I tried to enjoy the display but I can't help but notice the PenTile arrangement on the numbers on my clock on the topright corner and I just realized last night when usinv Instagram that my keyboard burnt in so I was a bit disappointed with it but nevertheless, the S4 still serves me well despite the dusty camera and flawed display.

  • Vishwas B

I have been using Samsung phone since Galaxy S and never faced an issue about screen burn in, always prefer OLED over LCD but now this issue has been marketed for no reason

  • Anonymous

AnonD-696746, 05 Dec 2017Got to love Fanboy who do not listen. My essential scree... moreWow. You talk all that crap when it's you who is so clueless.
As stated igzo can be used with oled and LCD. You are a fool.
You talk about burn in but LCD can get image retention and have backlight issues that oled doesn't.
So that's a fake argument.

And oled can and does indeed go past 60hrz like 120.
And your essential screen is not more color accurate either.
And the irony is you tell others to research lmfao!!!!!!!!!!!!
And we would love to see where you get your efficiency numbers from.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-696746, 04 Dec 2017Care to explain why my essential PH-1 screen use like 50% o... more Care to share where you got those numbers lol

AnonD-696746, 05 Dec 2017Got to love Fanboy who do not listen. My essential scree... moreBy the way genius IGZO is not even a screen panel it is TFT back plane technology for driving screens, can be for BOTH LCD or OLED. Prety much your all comment is B.S. IGZO can't be better, cause it is not even a screen panel. So next time don't comment if you don't know what to say

AnonD-696746, 05 Dec 2017Got to love Fanboy who do not listen. My essential scree... moreTypical genius, do you even know how it uses power? Any proofs? I am more smarter than You, very easy to say, but do I have proofs? Oled is a future for now and it is definitely better than IGZO for NOW. 120 Hz stuff it's gimmicks and irrelevant on the phone, microleds is immature technology to early to talk about it

  • AnonD-696746

Vegetaholic, 05 Dec 2017How do you know? IGZO uses rear minerals to manufacture, so... moreGot to love Fanboy who do not listen.

My essential screen use half the power of same size oled display you dumbnut.

Ofcourse oled have better contrast that not something i put in doubt but the cost of that is less durability and burning or a change in the colors after much less usage than a LCD.

Go read how igzo work before speaking.
As for the material its use its not really a limitation there is others material that could replace it.

Its also more colors accurate and easily more durable and also support 120 frame rate ( oled cant go more than 60 frame rate as of now)

As others said microLED is the future.. all the Oled and LCD strenght and none of the bad side effect of both tech.

  • Anonymous

Kashaf ahmed, 04 Dec 2017oled is nothing but a gimmick that is making everyone one f... moreYou are not very updated on the latest developments aren't you?

  • Love the Community

Sony is in the right path especially they're already using MicroLED on their screens a.k.a. Triluminos Display.

AnonD-696746, 04 Dec 2017Good igzo ips panel from sharp use less power than any oled... moreHow do you know? IGZO uses rear minerals to manufacture, so production cost will be sky high in no time, plus it is LCD, it can't match in contrast or sharpness of oled and power efficiency is NOT better than OLED, after all IGZO is still LCD

Ah, the days of x120, I remember my friend showed to me at 2004 and we could not believe a punchlines of colours and crispinies of display. Was wondering what kind of LCD display it was, but it now makes sense it was oled :)

LCD is best

  • AnonD-67138

LCD is dead.

  • Kangal

Anonymous, 04 Dec 2017No it’s not."No its not"
Wow, you put a lot of effort in your argument. Well, I'm convinced!

OLED controls individual pixels, LCD controls arrays of pixels.
They're different on a fundamental level. LCD is much more mature, yet OLED can still compete with it. And when we figure out how to make OLED displays using synthetic diodes, it will dominate the landscape (given price is competitive, of course).

  • AnonD-696746

AnonD-292864, 03 Dec 2017Who said OLED screens are not color accurate ? DisplayMate ... moredisplaymate is a pay for review website.

  • AnonD-696746

Anonymous, 03 Dec 2017It is not HMD tech. Nokia 8 probably uses the LG G5 scr... morei would say LG G6 screen tech.

  • AnonD-696746

Anonymous, 03 Dec 2017IMO LCD is not going away anytime soon. Except Samsung,... moreGood igzo ips panel from sharp use less power than any oled of same size in day to day operations..

my essential phone screen use easily 50% less power than a S8 screen ( similar size )

  • AnonD-696746

Imperator Neubaticus, 03 Dec 2017I personally prefer the vibrant colors and true blacks of o... moreCare to explain why my essential PH-1 screen use like 50% of the energy a S8 screen use?

Igzo ips LCD use less power unless all your phone is in black and you never do anything with more colors lol.