HTC Desire 12 and Desire 12+ debut with tall screens, attractive prices

20 March 2018
The Desire 12 duo brings 18:9 displays to HTC's midrange.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Mar 2018Nice design, I think I like it. Since HTC One M7 which is p... moreHow can AMOLED display WHITE as WHITE without getting red/blue/green tint and viewing in angles it even gets worse.

  • AnonD-372282

acemang, 21 Mar 2018you understand that 98% doesn't know what are you talking ... moreWell said. Thanks.

But still, some idiots will always come and ask for Lexus quality at Corolla price, if you know what I mean..

  • AnonD-372282

AnonD-597325, 21 Mar 2018Positive comment comes from marketing team. ThanksNegative comments are paid by competitors or by HTC haters 😉

  • AnonD-746579

acemang, 21 Mar 2018you understand that 98% doesn't know what are you talking ... moreTruth that! Thank you for expressing this.

  • Anonymous

Nice design, I think I like it. Since HTC One M7 which is phenomenon phones, HTC impressed people with beautiful design but I saw a little protruding camera here, it should not be allowed by HTC, don't be cheap HTC you have your own realm of design. And also this phone will be more amazing using Super AMOLED display, IPS LCD is no match for AMOLED, how can IPS LCD displaying black as black? No pure black, IPS LCD can only delivered you a semi gray black or blueish black and its not good. The performance of HTC 12+ compared to other brand is just average or bit above average. Overall this is a nice phone.

ArxMaverick, 20 Mar 2018There's no saying the 12/12+ will get monthly security upda... moreyou understand that 98% doesn't know what are you talking about right?
i'm an app developer and even when i talk about apps in general, people look at me like i'm an what is an app? for most people, any 200€ will do for them fine. and these 2 devices are for those people. what bothers me is that people want htc phones to have xiaomi prices, with htc quality. htc never was a cheap company. like you will never get a cheap sony device or Apple device. never liked samsung quality, lg is even worst. huawei is marketing well, but their products still don't convince me. xiaomi are behind all this brands (quality speaking), but getting closer every year. i only had apple, blackberry, nokia and htc devices and for a reason. htc products have an fantastic quality, if you want only paper better specs you will need to go to other chineses brands. there are market for all.

r33fd, 20 Mar 2018There seems to be a comun stereotype thinking like: "Oh no,... moreI love all improvements made from google each android version appear. i had the first nexus 7 and 2013 version, i loved the evolution of Android. it was years behind IOS (i had an ipad and iphone also). each year it got closer and closer, right now it passed it with flying colors, but that's my opinion. i'm used to updates and i like them. i don't buy brands that don't update their software...they just put new hardware with latest version and never or almost never update it year if you want new software, hey, buy new smartphone. i had an blackberry z10 with fantastic bb10 OS. they stopped updating it. i stopped buying blackberry. do you know how many improvements a company like google can do in a year work? thats what your missing if you don't update your device. i'm not saying your phone will stop work, or you can't do what your doing all year...what i'm saying is every year, phone is getting easier, fluid, better battery, more secure, more productive, less time doing simple stuff, etc. you still can do all those things in an old device..but slower, less intuitive, less fast, etc. well you can do all this in a 200€ device. you don't need an 800€ for that. in any case i was only talking about buying an old flagship device is usually not my favorite thing to do because software updates nothing more. htc desire 12 and 12+ i doubt also that they will get better updates than an old flag. still there are people that doesn't know how to root, void warranty, and install more apps that they need. for those (98%) any 200€ will do the work.

  • Anonymous

Looks like iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, but with 18:9 aspect ratio!

  • AnonD-746164

AnonD-388073, 20 Mar 2018dude it's not flagship devices. Look at the price tag.for the price it's still not justifiable, they coud've opt for a sd630 for that price range and you're paying $200+ dollars for a low midrange device

  • john

both are greart phones htc desire 12 & 12+....

  • AnonD-597325

Positive comment comes from marketing team.

  • AnonD-713677

Oh Come on, not again...
What is HTC doing ? mediatek and SD 450 for this prize ? Even my enemy country's phones (Chinese) cost a lot cheaper than this. Redmi note 5, Redmi note 5 pro. If you want to get pricier, do a phone similar to Zenfone5.
When will HTC learn ? They have been making the same mistakes again and again. Low specs, higher pricing. Come on.
I really do not want to buy a Chinese phone ever and based on the leaks I waited and waited and waited for these 2 phones and here is what I get ?
A phone like LG Q6 seems far more better than this.
The pain is more cause a company like HTC, who has build great hardware and camera, audio over time is doing this.
God bless them... I have lost hope now. Only Asus and Samsung have my hopes for a non Chinese brands.

  • Gio

HTC stop this stupid naming range.

AnonD-654964, 20 Mar 2018Wth are u talkin about? Snapdragon 450 has the same power a... morePrices vary by market so for some it may be high but for some, it may be a good deal indeed. My whole point is HTC needs to do better to find it's way back since the current situation doesn't help them as perceived by consumers. Every business has the right to command a premium only when they are doing well, not when they are in red as HTC now!

  • piku

AnonD-388073, 20 Mar 2018dude it's not flagship devices. Look at the price tag.They could have at least given a SD625/630

  • AnonD-746110

Finally HTC get it's midrange products price right to compete with the other brands. I hope HTC considers to use slightly better SoC though.

  • AnonD-468012

I think HTC need learn about pricing like ASUS as same Taiwanese brands.

  • AnonD-601940

Seriously ? What is this? :v
Even my Redmi Note 4 is much better than this joke :v :v

  • Anonymous

18:9 screen AND large swathes of bezels?? 18:9 screen is applied only if you can reduce the bezels.. If you can't then stick to 16:9! This will be a weirdly elongated 18:9 screen phone with large bezels LOL

  • Aadrian

I like the design and prices.