Microsoft finally runs out of Windows Phones

19 April 2018
No devices running the company's OS are in stock at its online store anymore.

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  • AnonD-819322
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  • 20 Jan 2019

Windows Phone 7 - Smooth
Windows Phone 7.5 - Smooth
Windows Phone 7.8 - Smooth
Windows Phone 8.0 - Better Performance than 7.8, 7.5 and 7.
Windows Phone 8.1 - Not as smooth but still very good
Windows 10 Mobile - Absolute Crap, Lag everywhere.

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    • Scott
    • cN%
    • 09 Jul 2018

    AnonD-708917, 25 Apr 2018I'm still using my Nokia 1020 for photography and it's stil... moreWindows 8.1 was the best and ran really smooth.... Win10 not so much

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      • AnonD-708917
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      • 25 Apr 2018

      I'm still using my Nokia 1020 for photography and it's still going strooonngg.. Runs smooth and isn't laggy, like, at all!

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        • basi
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        • 24 Apr 2018

        Microsoft stopped following android subsystem for windows phone. If it is available for WP we can install or modify the lack of apps by using Project Astoria. But unfortunately they discontinuedit.

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          • Omolomo
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          • 23 Apr 2018

          The best mobile operating system for me. Stable and not buggy. Amazing the choices of platforms we make. Windows Phone was not intrusive. We've heard reports of iOS and Android platform. I'll keep looking for an alternative to these two. Or else get refurbished WP devices.

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            • AnonD-457355
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            • 23 Apr 2018

            Such a shame how Microsoft screwed up WP, back when the Nokia 920 launched they had the best phone and OS on the market, sadly they never got enough app developers onboard and the promised ability to run android apps never materialised.

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              • AnonD-459710
              • XQB
              • 22 Apr 2018

              AnonD-413292, 20 Apr 2018High end windows phones had great design, durabil7and camer... moreTotally true. Currently using 730 (was using 625 previously). Planning to buy an used 1520 or 950.
              Have Nexus 5 as an backup for missing apps.

                Bewildered , 20 Apr 2018Whilst W8 had no issues, W10 during the testing phase crash... moreI still have hopes of a 6-7 inch cellulwr device running full windows as now ARM processors can run it. Snapdragon 835 Windows devices are already shipping and given the fact it is a mobile soc, there should be no issues using it on a smaller phablet device.

                The UI will need to be configured to work properly on smaller devices, but I am sure it can be done. It could run Windows store apps as well as many x86 apps , eliminating the so called app gap.

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                  • AnonD-753822
                  • f0{
                  • 22 Apr 2018

                  My experience with windows phone was pretty good compared to Android. I've never met a lot bug but with Android system, many times :-(

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                    • windows mobile lover
                    • N2H
                    • 21 Apr 2018

                    I was about to finish my collection of all the windows mobile devices when I heard this. feels bad man :/

                      Well i am glad for that.
                      Phone with windows?
                      Thats a really bad idea.
                      Like when combining IOS and Windows also bad idea many things are just not compatible.
                      Everything should run android and all should be perfect.

                        AnonD-4254, 19 Apr 2018I'm waiting for the day Windows 10 PC will be dead. Its ... moreMan in present era everybody is spying on you.
                        No matter what you do or how you do.
                        Buy drone with camera and you can spy even on your neighbours :-).

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                          • 21 Apr 2018

                          I still own a Lumia 535. But now I have a i7+. Was a nice memory with Lumia.

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                            • RTX
                            • KgW
                            • 21 Apr 2018

                            Lols, someone bought the last phone? :D

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                              • 21 Apr 2018

                              FinnishInquisition, 20 Apr 2018Nobody thought it would destroy Android. But people rightly... moreI'm pretty sure if Snapchat had a choice it would not develop for Android either. But android has the majority user share so they had to.

                                nanasi, 20 Apr 2018elite x3 verizon is available yet. Not at the moment.

                                Some may start showing up on Swappa, eBay or Amazon soon, though.

                                  momo, 19 Apr 2018windows os for pc will never die ,, it's like android for s... moreTo the contrary.

                                  Windows PC has had massive declines in sales and revenue throughout the decade as the rise of smartphones came. Android will survive. Windows will not.

                                    AnonD-4254, 19 Apr 2018I'm waiting for the day Windows 10 PC will be dead. Its ... moreThat day will be sooner than you think.

                                    Rumor has it that Microsoft will kill the Xbox division before this decade ends.

                                    Then, PC will be next after that.

                                      whitec0llar, 20 Apr 2018i still have l830 and its camera issue fixed has been by ms.Far too late, though. People complained about the Lumia 830 camera since 2015.

                                        AnonD-731001, 20 Apr 2018Thank god we got rid of malware.Except that IOS, Android, ChromeOS and Windows desktop still have rampant malware.