Microsoft finally runs out of Windows Phones

19 April 2018
No devices running the company's OS are in stock at its online store anymore.

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sumdumguy, 20 Apr 2018I never liked Windows Phone (aka Windows Metro) but I see t... moreYou are correct, of course. Tech mainstream media is lying to the people in saying that there is competition.

Fact and the matter is that there is no competition in the smartphone space as of October 9, 2017. And the price points of the best smartphones on the market prove my point.

  • Gee

Anonymous, 20 Apr 2018I never really liked the UI the mobile version of Windows o... moreYes it's funny how people like other things :P

  • AnonD-731001

Thank god we got rid of malware.

i still have l830 and its camera issue fixed has been by ms.

  • Anonymous

I never really liked the UI the mobile version of Windows offered, so that's why I never made the switch from Android. Funny how many others seem to actually prefer WP's UI.

  • AnonD-413292

High end windows phones had great design, durabil7and cameras. Also a lot of great features, but lack of apps killed this platform.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Apr 2018The main issue Windows Phone struggled with is that people ... moreGuy you'd better do some thinking before writing any funny comments, every people around world knows that ios is the one which is full of limitations, if you be having an unlocked iPhone you will not even get a SMS delivery without a jail break, android is open source and WP was sth moderate, it didn't have useless weird restriction and limitations of ios neither the complete freedom of android, about tiles every single people who had WP had liked the tiles and the ecosystem and design, if not then they would buy any android phones around or iPhone, although there were some that just bought a WP to make others be wow what's your phone its cool ๐Ÿ˜‚ and I'm using my 5 year old Lumia 925 and it has never let me down never slowed down just the battery and its very normal because its 5 year old now ๐Ÿ˜‚ the main reason which caused WP to get out of game was unfortunate support from developers and late response and try of Microsoft to help is survive

abigfanoftechs, 20 Apr 2018You're getting 2 days because you don't have any apps on ru... moreI would not go so far to say that. But I am not a gamer or some social butterfly sucking my battery dry with facebook tweets and what not...

I usually have 3 exchange accounts syncing. MyTube, I stream Groove music from onedrive, I use mTalk every day for forums use which has 3 accounts, not to mention daily calls and messaging. On a good run I get 2 days worth of use on a charge. The standby drain on the 1520 has always been crazy good. Even better than the 950 XL IMO.

Some forget how well Windows 10 Mobile allows you to manage Apps and Services. You can turn almost all apps off either in the background, data, etc...
If you interop unlock the phone you can uninstall any app and if you want remove legacy junk like HeyCortana or others that don't run well on Windows 10 Mobile.

MarcioR, 20 Apr 20182 Days without using it i guess. I got a solid 8-10h of SO... moreSwap out the battery...

  • Anonymous

Are we to expect a new device then? (Because... stock clearance?)

  • AnonD-259324

MarcioR, 20 Apr 20182 Days without using it i guess. I got a solid 8-10h of SO... moreWhy can't you guys appreciate something?

Lumia 1520 has a quite old 28nm processor vs OnePlus 5T has the latest 14nm power efficient processor, while having similar display and battery. OnePlus 5T wouldn't hold a candle to the 1520, if it had the same processor as the 1520.

Also, he is talking about Windows 10 mobile, if we compare Windows Phone 8.0, it would smoke the hell out of your OnePlus 5T in terms of smoothness and battery efficiency on the same processor.

And so what if you get that much battery backup out of your phone? I get even more with my Redmi 4x. Does that mean it's better than your beloved OnePlus 5T?

  • Bewildered

Aslipundit, 20 Apr 2018A tragic end to a modern, user friendly and smooth mobile O... moreWhilst W8 had no issues, W10 during the testing phase crashed ALL Windows 8 phones and simply behaved like malware even in the 950 on which it was supposed to run out of the box

Instead of not releasing W10, Microsoft did just that
Imagine Apple releasing a bug infested ios..
Windows 8 could have been incrementally updated, W10 could not even after 2 years if trying

As you can see there is no updating any W10 device as that implies a fix

Windows 8 is viable and still works, indeed W8 can be upgraded, W10 can't

Microsoft stopped selling phones as this added to the complaints

Had Microsoft bit the bullet and not released W10, Windows phones would be alive to

A vast majority of features promised for W10 simply failed and we're removed

Through all this remember that Windows 8 phones are 100% secure no monthly security updates

  • sumdumguy

I never liked Windows Phone (aka Windows Metro) but I see this as bad news for everyone. We've come to a point when buying a phone the choice is either Apple or Android, nothing else. Two never make a healthy competition... see: Intel vs AMD, MS vs Linux etc.

  • Anonymous

Jerbust, 20 Apr 2018Such a shame that Windows Phone is dead. Windows phones ope... moreI agree. Windows Phone used so run so smooth, and it was beautiful. It was a great and unique creation but the lack of apps was that one big problem. Microsoft shot themselves in the foot by killing off their Android app porting program, which could've seen APKs run on WP. I used to have Nokia Lumia - it was the most perfect phone one could ask for, but lack of apps eventually made me move to the droid.

AnonD-669148, 20 Apr 2018Windows 10 was unusably slow on my Lumia 640, so Windows 10... moreYou got faulty device then. Lumia 640 was my first windows phone to try OS out. 10 was butter smooth.

  • Anonymous

Tucking Fypo, 20 Apr 2018every forum that has windows phone news has die hard fans f... more...because AVERAGE PEOPLE far outnumber the SMART PEOPLE.. no brainer... where u belong๐Ÿค—

Anonymous, 20 Apr 2018Even Windows XP works fine now without any update. My favor... moreI use the Embedded variants. They have longer support.
XP Embedded POSReady is still supported and patched (and you can enable XP 32-bit to have these patches).
7 Embedded POSReady is still supported until 2021.
8.1 Industry Pro until 2023.
Yes I want to avoid Win10 as long as possible

  • Anna

Anonymous, 20 Apr 2018There was ubuntu phone which was superior to wimdows mobile... moreThere will be linux based phone for $600 from purism next year. They had already crowd-funded the project & got over whelming response from the community. Looking forward for the same.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Apr 2018support for Windows 7 will be over in less than 2 years, it... moreEven Windows XP works fine now without any update. My favorite is Windows 8.1 it is very fast.

  • MarcioR

nate0, 20 Apr 2018I am still using a like 5 year old Lumia 1520 and going str... more2 Days without using it i guess.
I got a solid 8-10h of SOT but with heavy gaming, heavy usage.
The Lumia couldn't even handle 3H what i do to my oneplus 5T