Nokia 5.1 and 3.1 unveiled with tall screens, new chipsets, Nokia 2.1 tags along

29 May 2018
The Nokia 5.1 and 3.1 will receive software updates for two years, security updates for three. The Nokia 2.1 is an Oreo Go Edition phone.

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  • Anonymous

Testy , 29 May 2018I think that most will be disappointed by the (again) Micro... moreDo you buy budget phones or your just another troll about updates ?
I for one who buy phones that cost under 250 euro only then i am looking for hardware i get for the money and not how much updates i get with it. And i dont think that people buy budget phones for the reason to get updates. There 5.5 inch screen phones are as big as 5.7 inch screen phones. New large bezel phones in the time when everyone sell as thin bezels as possible for low price.

Will these beat my Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 AI ? I dont think so and especially as i got it for 170 euro and i have used it only a week so far. Even if it does not get Android P or One i dont care much for it. I can root a rom on it that does, if i really need that for some feature i just cant live without. With under 250 price budget you can buy every year new phone for just to get the latest OS on it.

I have had most of my phones Nokia phones. Back in the day when Nokia was still a Nokia and you got the best for the price in competition. Now that it's nothings special cause it has Android on it like every 100+ different phones out there with different brand name.

  • Testy

wooty, 29 May 2018MediaTek processor? Nokia you're making a huge mistake!Well, they obviously aren't reading our comments here that's for sure! Mediatek are about as popular as toothache ot seems!!!

  • Anonymous

What the eff is with the minimal batteries?? Is THIS the future, (notches, no 3.5mm and) small batteries?

  • Testy

The only selling point for the 3.1 and the 5.1, let's face it, are the two year android updates and the three year security updates. These phones may be good for a back-up device, but surely no one from this site would buy any to use as a daily driver?!

  • Anonymous

peachy001, 29 May 20184000mA needs to become a standard feature on phones over 5.... moreWith 18:9, you reach 5.5in faster than you think. The iPhone X with 5.8 is almost as small as the iPhone 7 with 4.7

  • Andy

I see it didn't take too long for them to start using mediatek chips. Other than the 7 plus, all these new "Nokia" phones are average at best

MediaTek processor? Nokia you're making a huge mistake!

  • Testy

Sushant Sic, 29 May 2018The Smaller Phone have bigger Battery and Bigger Phones hav... moreDepends if you consider two year android updates and 3 years security updates a "fail"?

  • Katt

Sushant Sic, 29 May 2018The Smaller Phone have bigger Battery and Bigger Phones hav... moreLook at the ridiculous memory and camera in the 2.1 with bigger battery. All of them are a fail if you compare them with their competitors at price range. A see them more to watch how many technically ignorant people will buy them due to the brand name...

Other models are interesting, no the best for your money but good ones like the X6 now in China, the 7 Plus too although it still must drop its price more.

Seems that Nokia made a step back to release the same crap they did at the beginning with the highest price possible.

  • Anonymous

Can't believe those phone r Nokia's products..

  • Testy

I think that most will be disappointed by the (again) Micro USB on all of them and a Mediatek running on the other one. But the one thing the 3.1 and the 5.1 have over ,say, some of the cheaper Honor phones, are the Google 2 year updates. When push comes to shove most peeps looking for a cheap mobile will go with these Nokia updated versions for that alone.

  • Anonymous

Arvind7955, 29 May 2018What have you done Nokia. Very disappointing. Such a shame.... morehmd global*

Anonymous, 29 May 2018MediaTek is better than it's believed to be.With just 9.7 monthly updates missed by avarage annually and horrible graphic processors? Uhm. No.
I use a mediatek phone (Meizu Pro 7 High edition) and while this specific model has 85% of the graphical prowess of the Apple A9 SoC. Many MTSoCs use measly amount of cores that belong to Mali. They are small. Really small, that's why you can reach numbers like MP18, MP12, Et cetera.

  • Anonymous

Lots of disappointment

  • msm5

Releasing such a Disappointments is a sort of bankruptcy

The Smaller Phone have bigger Battery and Bigger Phones have Smaller Batteries... Should we consider 5.1 and 3.1 as a Fail Products?

livmatus, 29 May 2018microUSB and MediaTek processors... a BIG disappointmentWhat did you expect for these prices. USB C and Snapdragon processors like that junk company Xiaomi.

For Nokia the processor doesn't really matter the only drawback with Mediatek is the custom ROM support.

And Nokia won't let you unlock your bootloader in the first place also they are faster than Pixels in certain cases when it comes to updates.

Don't think your satisfied with single block of 6000-series anodized aluminum built like a tank and guaranteed updates for 2 versions of android and security updates for 3 years.

What have you done Nokia. Very disappointing. Such a shame. No X5,X6,X7 announcement.

looks outdated with that bottom chin and no X-Series for global market. shame. they are always too late to launch global. it is not late they will be lost among other chinese manufactures. launching everything in china is not only the option. these days every other company bloody launches their china-exclusive devices. don't even mention xiaomi,vivo etc.. who launches new model like every month.

  • ankush

Where is your hands on video dor nokia new phones