Google working on a Snapdragon 710-powered Pixel smartphone for early 2019

02 June 2018
This could be the rumored mid-range device from the tech giant we've heard before or an entirely different phone.

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Anonymous, 03 Jun 2018Tesla sells 35k-110k $ automobiles which is low end for aut... moreTeslas Fully Loaded Model S can Cost upto 150k $ and their Upcoming Roadster will be even more expensive.

Even 35k for that Matter is Expensive when it comes to cars the cheapest Tesla will cost you 50k with Taxes and Add ons.

35k Tesla will be possible only in dreams its just the sticker price to attract Customers.

So if 50k$ Tesla is Lowend then what do you call the Chinese cars that you can get for 10k$.

The comparison here is that the 10k$ Chinese Knockoff car is Xiaomi and the 50k$ Tesla is pixel.

You can buy both depends which one you prefer.

If you can by a 1000$ phone on carrier and installments why can't you buy a 50k$ car on mortgage.

Its just a comparison.


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    • 03 Jun 2018

    Merwyn Fernandes, 02 Jun 2018And who told you that Pixel Is mass market , Did the people... moreTesla sells 35k-110k $ automobiles which is low end for automobile. Pixel sells 700$ -1000 $ phones, which is high end for smartphones. How are these 2 comparable? Pretty sure I can afford any high end phone on carrier subsidy or by working half a week, can't say the same for high end cars even if I work half a decade

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      • 03 Jun 2018

      Techfan21, 03 Jun 2018can it beat the 821 or the 835 though? Probably beats the 821 by a margin of 10%-ish performance. The current 636 beats the 810 in all benchmarks, the 660 beats the 820 and performs around 5-10% worse than the 821, but keeps the battery usage maybe at 30% less of that of the 821's. So to answer your question the 700 series should in theory be better than the 821 and perform about 25%-ish worse than the 835. The reason for this disparity is that the 821 is a 14nm transistor size utilizing CPU while the 636, 660, 710, 835 and 845 are all a 10nm ones, which reduces dye size, raises the TDP, allows the CPU makers to clock CPUs at higher frequency, while reducing thermal throttling, makes them run significantly cooler and using less energy.

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        • 03 Jun 2018

        That's not a good idea.
        Pixels are suppose to have the best specs available.

          Techfan21, 03 Jun 2018can it beat the 821 or the 835 though? SD 821 will be surpassed because it was a quad core chipset, and this midrange SoC is an octa core same with 835 but different components and GHz used.

            Geric.770, 02 Jun 2018Nah, it's still a midrange. Scores will surpass the old fla... morecan it beat the 821 or the 835 though?

              Thesis86, 03 Jun 2018Only thought Sailfish worked with Sony devices? Buy the OS if you are not using a Sony device.

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                • 03 Jun 2018

                xXENDER FREAKXx, 02 Jun 2018Based on the scores of SNAPDRAGON 660 smartphones in AnTuTu... moreYeah!

                And while you're at that, lets call the 415 a flagship too as it scores the same as the galaxy S4!!!

                  By the time you get your hands on 710 ,they will release 720 processor and then you will feel like it's already old ,the way mobile processor are evolving in less than a year ,your new latest phone with latest processor seem to be be old ,I got myself the one with 636 and now when I hear about 660 or 710 I feel like my phone is already old even though it was latest processor couple of months back

                    Geric.770, 02 Jun 2018Just wait for Fuchsia OS. Or just pay for Sailfish OS (it's... moreOnly thought Sailfish worked with Sony devices?

                      [deleted post]Honey, you're saying??

                      Oh yeah I forgot. I don't even know who you are, and I don't care about you anyway.
                      Sweet dreams, happy trolling! :D

                        Phones with over 400$ price tag is high end phones. But not every high end phones is flagship phones.

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                          • 03 Jun 2018

                          This is pretty cool, especially if it's going to be a Pixel smartphone, because as of right now all Pixel smartphones are Daydream compatible VR devices, and support the 3 dof controllers. Plus they use AI for their cameras. So I expect no less for this Pixel smartphone.

                            Anonymous, 02 Jun 2018600$ is new middle range... so it is quite possible price... moreOver 100k scores are middle range that already starts under 200 euro.

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                              • 02 Jun 2018

                              Ron, 02 Jun 2018just give us a mid-budget powerful sub 300$ phone & cal... moreDouble it and then we Are starting to talk...

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                                • 02 Jun 2018

                                LG Superfan, 02 Jun 2018That would be awesome but too expensive my guess is $600 atleast600$ is new middle range...
                                so it is quite possible price... much less than 1000$

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                                  • 02 Jun 2018

                                  YoloBS, 02 Jun 2018Don't we have android one in mid range!Whay there is nokia 7 plus or nokia 6.1

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                                    • 02 Jun 2018

                                    xXENDER FREAKXx, 02 Jun 2018Based on the scores of SNAPDRAGON 660 smartphones in AnTuTu... moreMaybe a toned down flagship. SD710 if it is too powerful might be renamed to a higher number or brought directly to 800 series. That did happened before with 600 series.

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                                      • 02 Jun 2018

                                      Pricing of the device would set the fate for this one. As Pixel 3 will be like six months old by the time this device releases, so the price set by Google has to be set accordingly, otherwise one will go for Pixel 3 as it would have dropped from its launching price by then.

                                        Anonymous, 02 Jun 2018You are comparing those buggy pixel phones to Ferrari and R... moreYeah Really Buggy phones.

                                        With the Best Build quality and the best Smartpohone Camera and 3 Years of Software Updates.

                                        If You are coming with Xiaomi then maybe Pixel is the Ferrari.